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Wednesday, January 4, 2011 - Dream A Little Dream with Me!

Cozy in our blankets and ready for a night of profound interpretation, viewers listened intently as Alex Gellman, PhD., Doctorate in Natural Medicine, Practitioner of Homeopathy, Iridologist and Grief Facilitator from the Universal Oneness Spiritual Center gave dream analysis a metaphysical spin. 

"Everything in the dream is a reflection of the body; a mirror image." remarks Alex.  "I have a dream that somebody steals my purse.  What part of me is the thief?  A purse carries a woman's identity, her keys, her money; all valuable to a woman.   If I'm the thief, what am I not doing to support myself?  Am I not taking care of myself with food?  Am I not getting enough rest?  Am I abusing myself in any fashion? Am I sabotaging my dreams or sense of self-worth? Everything in the dream is about the individual."  

"People can dream up to twelve dreams per night," states Alex.  "I've worked with patients that can record eight or nine dreams."  Attributing their success to being centred and present, Alex conceives,  "When we're not present, how can we remember our dreams?"

"We have dreams directly resulting from everyday life.  It's an overflow of the day's activities, resonating to chakra one (base/root chakra) and  chakra two (sacrel chakra).  Indulgences such as food, alcohol, in addition to harmonal fluxuations in woman, such as PMS and Menopause", can manifest involuntary cryptic images and sensations during sleep."

Symbolism is another type of dream created by our subconscious.  "It is a message to be interpreted.  It is coded, for those who don't want to know the truth." theorizes Alex. "We were all born with a divine, spiritual plan and life mission.  When we go off the road, the dreams are to get us back on track.  If we don't, the intensity of the dream increases."

"Visionary or Prophecy Dreams; the intervention of our higher self, our universe, God, nature, higher powers, intervenes with messages of prophecy about our lives or the lives of others."

"Lucid Dreams are an advanced form of dreaming known as dream control," notes Alex, viewing lucid dreaming as reenacting and correctional therapy.  Changing the outcome of your dream can be as effective as the Law of Attraction.  However, Alex cautions us not to "escape" or lose ourselves in a dream.
"There are many people in life who have become spectators," Alex says, "They are not participants.  Regarding the Avatar movement; it's a wonderful concept.  If they feel they are too skinny, they create an image that they're strong or sexy.  They need to carry it forward into real life."

Astral-travel or out of body experiences are attainable through lucid dreaming," informs Alex.  "As an advanced dreamer you can create the story you want; 'I'm going to go to Mars, Jupiter or Hawaii.'  When you dream you can travel." 

"You can use lucid dreams to correct past emotional trauma and stimulate creativity. The story of Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde; that was a dream."  Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson (13 November 1850 – 3 December 1894) "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", based on a dream was written and in print within 10 weeks.

Whether it's Jekyll, Hyde, the Bogey-man, monsters or death chasing us at night, re-occurring nightmares can be erased by lucid dreaming.

Tonight, when you are cozy in your blanket, have no fear!  Remember, you CAN take control.  Find meaning in your dreams.  Together, we'll continue to explore the magical world of dreams.  I welcome dream a little dream with me!

Click here to view our interview with Alex Gellman. 

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