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Wednesday, January 25, 2012 - Soul Harmony with Crystal Healing

Gemstones and crystals are infinitely a part of our history; a component of earth's creation. 

"The crystal healing itself is an ancient modality," imparts Veronica.  "All ancient civilizations, Greek, Atlantis, and Eastern had the knowledge to place the stones on the body in order to restore its mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health."

Crystals with their metaphysical properties, were also used for spaces, attracting positive energy (Feng Shui) and tranquility.  Adorned by many, crystals were set in jewellery not only to beautify, but to empower, heal, increase vitality, and to forge connections beyond the veil.  Derived from the ancient Greek word krustallos, crystals expand our spiritual journey while enhancing other healing modalities.

"Crystals combine well with any other energy practice," explains Veronica, "Reiki, Past Life Regression, Readings, Meditation, and any other hands-on healing modality."

"Crystal meditation requires the use of crystals for grounding, concentrating your third eye energies (they need to be activated).  Any crystal or stone which has a dark colour would be beneficial for grounding, such as Tektite and Jet (lava stone). Set a lot of dark stones around the area of your body to ensure you'll be grounded during meditation."

Holding crystals in your hand during meditation can bring you to a higher frequency.  Veronica describes the fundamentals of energy transference from body to crystal, theorizing the crystal is best placed in your left hand.

"Energy comes in through the body from the left side, goes around the body and out through the right side.  The left hand is your perceiving hand; receiving energy, impressions and any information you might need.  You grab it with your left hand and throw it away with the right hand; your power hand."

"Crystal healing can do many things," Veronica tells us. "Starting with the physical level; you have a pain somewhere, you put a crystal on it, the pain is gone.  The emotional level (for example, feeling negative towards something); there are specific crystals to heal the emotional side.  The mental level; going deeper to establish why that person feels poorly all the time.  There's a mental blockage at some point; where the person thinks negative, triggering the emotional.  Beyond that is the spiritual side; healing the essence of somebody's soul.  Working with crystals is timeless.  Whether it's healing the past, present or future, it's information the person needs to know."

My visit to Phoenix Crystal Healing prior to our show gave me the opportunity to experience the wondrous energy of Veronica's crystal room.  An Energy Healing Practitioner, a Master Practitioner in Crystal Healing, a Past Life Regression Therapist (apparently I was a High Priest in Ancient Egypt), IET - Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner, also offering Rife Vibrational Technology Therapy and Healing Touch, Veronica offers a wide range of specialized healing techniques. 

Using an Aura Video Station, Veronica photgraphed my aura, giving positive insight to my aura and aura colours.  Intensity and colours of the aura, especially around and above the head have very special meanings.

"The orange and yellow signify two frequencies.  The orange belongs to your navel chakra (the sacral chakra); the yellow to your solar plexus.  You are a personality that combines creativity with joy.  You are a wonderful, energetic energy."  Just as your DNA carries genetic information, your aura is your spiritual blueprint.

Back at the studio, Veronica displays an array of crystals, such as Tiger's Eye (best used for aligning the spine and improving digestion), Amethyst (for the crown chakra), Purple Flourite (originating in Brazil, is associated with Archangel Michael), Copper, Citrine (solar plexus), Kyanite (does not require cleansing), Black Tourmaline, Selenite, Red Jasper, (resonates with the root chakra), Carnelian (best stone for emotional body; who you really are), Epidote (heart chakra), Emerald (heart chakra), Turquoise (throat chakra), Lapis Lazuli (Indigo frequency; worn by Cleopatra; best stone for 3rd eye and healing energy), Malachite (used to create organic makeup) and Phantom Crystal.
"With the Phantom Crystal, you can see a structure inside, parallel with the outer surface," notes Veronica. "The inside structure grows and stops, then grows again.  Everytime the life of the crystal stops, it starts again, like tiny phantoms.  Whoever touches it, the Phantom Crystal puts them in touch with their own evolution as a soul.  Every time you had a life, it was recorded in your energy blueprint."

"Crystals are used for everything we need," educates Veronica, "If you consider a crystal for heartache, think of a crystal that resonates with the heart chakra.  The heart chakra emits the frequency of green or pink.  It's important to seek the cause of the heartache, as it may be related to other combinations (such as grief).  There are stones that heal the emotional side (the heart) or the mental side based on the symptoms."

In choosing the perfect stone for you, Veronica recommends The Crystal Bible.  Love Is In The Earth by Melody is another favourite.  "It is more advanced, and includes techniques for crystal healing."  Crystal Prescriptions, by the same author of The Crystal Bible, is an A-Z guide to over 1,200 Symptoms and their healing crystals.

"Crystals and gemstones are tools for us to work with," concludes Veronica.  "In our lives everything is crystal or quartz based.  Without them we'd cease to exist." 

Originating from Mother Earth, crystals and humans are forever intertwined.  Therapeutic for all aspects of our lives, crystals continue to mesmerize us with their exceptional beauty and powerful healing energies.

Click here to connect with Veronica Ianceoglu.

Click here to view our interview with Veronica Ianceoglu from Phoenix Crystal Healing.  (Video is presently unavailable.)

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