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Wednesday, January 11, 2012 - Empower and Heal Your Life - Past Lives and Spiritual Journeys

Thirty years and 19,000 personal journeys later, Allan Green, Master Past Life and Spiritual Journey Facilitator, shares his experiences on past life journeys, spirit guides, and the dearly departed.            

"There's no reason to do past life regression unless you understand it's practical and available to what's happening in your life now," advises Allan.  "If you're having a conflict with somebody, it may have started in a past life.  If you go back to the past life and see what that conflict was, and clear it up then, there's a strong possibility you can clear it up now.  Karmically and spiritually, even if that person's at the other end of the world, when you go back to find out about that person, their spirit is obligated to go with you."  Subsequently, both participants heal at the same time.

Unlike the circular movie screen from a near-death experience where many different scenes appear as a hologram flashing by at tremendous speeds, your past life review is no different than watching a movie in remote viewing.

"It's fascinating; I learn something new every time," Allan reflects, "Often couples come together for a past life reading.  If some revelation, major change or healing happens, it's better they experience it together.  One particular lady had a problem all her life where she wasn't able to hug around her neck.   When her mother tried to hug her as a child she'd scream in terror.  Her brothers, sisters, father, cousins; nobody could hug her around the neck.  She married a beautiful man.  He couldn't hug her around her neck.  Her children couldn't hug her around her neck.  She believed she was hung or strangled in a past life."  As the story unfolds, Allan demonstrates how past life journeys can repair a present situation

"She found herself on a big steamship headed towards the New World," recalls Allan, who simultaneously experienced the journey.  "She was an Irish immigrant coming to North America.  We confirmed the ship wasn't the Titanic."  (During past life regressions, Allan has seen 14 people who were on the Titanic.)  "Her husband had gone across to New York for a job, giving him money to bring her over.  She was in economy class with other women, sleeping in bunks in the basement.  She'd never been on a ship, so she was very seasick all the time.  On her way to get something to eat, she tried to walk along and not look at the ocean, but the rolling of the ship made her sick. 

For three weeks they had to feed her food in her cabin.  Finally she'd had enough, and at three in the morning decided to get up and get some fresh air.  She put on the long corset and dress, both which fit up to her neck, along with her big, heavy coat.  She opens up the door to the North Atlantic and I feel this 'woosh' of cold that hit me.  Looking up at the full moon she puts her hands on the railing. I could feel the elation in her; she's going to meet her man and start off in a New World.  Excited, she's looking at the moon and everything is perfect.  Then she looks at the ocean and the rolling waves.  Heaving, she's sick and falls over the railing.  The weight of the water and her heavy dress pulls her to the bottom."

Without fear of cold water or drowning in this lifetime, Allan surmises the woman's clothing rose up and suffocated her at the neck.  She passed out and was gone before she reached the bottom.  In the present, Allan instructed the woman to place her hands on her neck.  Her husband placed his hands on her hands.  With Allan's hands on the husband's hands, they worked together at healing her neck; repairing broken bones, torn muscles and tissues.  Following more past life regression where she met some of her guides, and after 37 years of marriage, the woman was able to accept a hug (around the neck) from her husband. 

Allan attributes his 95% success rate to spirit guides and a higher self' who work behind the scenes.  "The guides have already planned what's going to happen when we come together.  When a person comes to me they're already primed and ready to work."

"When you meet your spirit guides, you can talk to people who have passed over.  If a person died of cancer and were heavily drugged at the time, chances are they won't realize they have died.  They'll be trapped between here and Heaven.  When we realize their energy is not very high; if they feel sad or angry and haven't crossed over, we send them into the light."   (Allan often works together with his wife Cathryn, offering healings from their log cabin home in Ompah, ON.) 
Assisting souls in crossing over isn't restricted to humans.  Animals sometimes need a little help too.  A large African Bush Elephant named Jumbo (1861 - September 15, 1885) found himself trapped between worlds. 

"Jumbo was a huge elephant; massive.  Living in England, he could take a teeny peanut out of a child's hand.  Kids fell in love with this elephant.  Barnum and Bailey took him all around the world.  They took him to St. Thomas, Ontario for a show.  They went to put him on the train and took him down the wrong ramp.  A train coming the other way killed him.  A shockwave was felt all around the world."

Travelling to St. Thomas for the first time, Allan experienced a weighted sensation while driving under the railway tracks where Jumbo died.  Turning to his wife, he said, "Cathryn, I'm feeling so much weight and pressure right now. I have a talk tonight and I don't think I can give the talk.  I don't know what it is, depression?" 

Allan took Cathryn to visit Jumbo's Monument, a three-ton memorial celebrating the pachyderm's life.  Being very intuitive Cathryn said, "Has he crossed?  Allan, you need to free that spirit to the light."  Allan attributed the heaviness he was feeling to heaviness of the elephant.  "I closed my eyes and pictured him beside the momument," recalled Allan, "Then I called on the bright light you go to when you cross over.  All of a sudden there was a trumpeting sound, and he went right into the light!"  After 120 years, Jumbo was finally at rest.

With drumming circles, past lives and sing-a-longs, Allan entertained a group of twelve people at the Journey Within Retreat in Nellie Lake.  Placing a red and white fishing float and weight on a string, he created necklaces for everybody.  When asked what they were for, Allan replied, "Everytime you're talking about somebody, think, are you uplifting them and helping them float, or are you dragging them down and sinking them to the bottom with the weight?" 

"There are three gateways," continues Allan, "Before making a decision or saying something to someone, ask yourself, is it true, is it necessary, is it kind?  If you can pass those three gateways, then say them.  If not, be silent."

Live each day empowering and healing not only your life, but the lives of those around you.  Embrace this wonderful journey called life, for it holds the key to all your dreams, aspirations and knowledge.  No matter which road you're on, or where our paths cross, at journey's end, together we'll discover Heaven on earth!

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