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Wednesday, December 28, 2011 - Angelic Awakenings

Angels are with us throughout our lives, offering unconditional love, guidance and protection. At a young age, Jill Michelle's inner voice gave her cause for reflection.  "Do you hear voices telling you where to go to be safe?" she asked her mom.  "Yes, everybody has those," Jill's mom confirmed.  Yet over time it became clear to Jill, in respect to voices in our heads, many of us simply aren't listening.

How many of us conceive our child's imaginary friend to be nothing more than an overactive imagination?  Playing hide and seek, Jill's innocence allowed her to trust her unseen companion who suggested ideal hiding spots.  "Angels would tell me to hide behind a tree," she reminisces.  "It was such an obvious place; in plain view.  I was certain this person would find me.  They never did."

Whether hidden by branches, or a feathery cloak of invisibility, Jill surmises angels are always nearby offering guidance and protection.  "As early as I remember I heard angels," she tells us. "They've helped me a lot through my life."

Awakenings, aka state of consciousness, occur for many reasons:  heightened awareness, transitioning into new energy, traumatic experiences, miracles, spiritual enlightenment, and quite simply put, touched by an angel. 

In 2001, Jill experienced her own Angelic Awakening.  "I was riding a horse during a jump lession, having just gone over a jump.  The jumps weren't spaced properly.  We were going at a fast pace.  The horse, galloping along, tried to take off.  Caught up in the jump, her hind legs sent poles flying.  I landed, lying immobile, flat on the ground with my arms pinned under me.  I thought I'd be crushed.  The horse was going to land on me.  I didn't know if I'd die.  I knew I'd probably be maimed for life from the weight of an 1100 lb animal. 

As I lay there I felt invisible hands (similar to a hover craft touching my shoulders) pulling me out of the way; moving me forward.  I heard the horse fall to the ground.  I felt her breath on the back of my neck; her legs in front clawing at the sand.  She got up.  I got up.  We were both fine," sighed Jill.  "That was a really strange experience.  I thanked whoever helped me." 

Saint Jerome said it best, "How great the dignity of the soul, since each one has from his birth an angel commissioned to guard it."  It's reassuring; no matter where we go, or what we do, our guardian angels remain close. 

It is not known how many angels visit our earthly plane, yet I imagine, just as their love is limitless, so are their quantities.  Communicating through dreams, signs, sound, light, colours, and animals, angels have a lot to say.  They are very social; not to imply they like hanging out at parties.  Dull conversations and obvious pick-up lines aside, angelic messages are enlightening, entertaining, and more often extremely benefiical!  Don't knock the guy smiling at you from the bar.  In their efforts to engage, angels also appear in physical form.

Should you be searching for your "dream guy", may I suggest Archangel Michael? An angel for every occasion, Archangel Michael offers safety, encouragement, inspiration, unconditional love, understanding, patience, security, hope, support and courage.  Describing Michael as a "real heart throb", Jill notes, "He comes to me in beautiful blue clothing; he's just gorgeous!" 

Often seen carrying a sword and shield, Michael is considered a protector, cutting unwanted cords; healing old wounds; sheltering us from danger. "There was someone attempting to harm one of my kids," recalls Jill.  "I saw Archangel Michael leading him away.  He protects everyone." 

Sharing our consciousness, angels listen to our thoughts.  "Angelophany" is the art of perceiving angels.   Deep relaxation enhances ESP and psychic abilities.  Jill recommends meditation for being "quiet within yourself".  Grounding is also important. 

"Clear your mind, focus on your inner-being; your soul.  Information flows.  Night time during sleep is best as you're not focused on everything that happened in the day."

"Frère Jacques", a lullaby sung by children around the globe, may resonate spiritually, and for good reason.  Estimated to be set in the mid-nineteenth century, "Frère" translating to "Friar" is a song about a religious monk named Jacques.  "Frère Jacques, frère Jacques, Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous?"

How conscious are you?  Are you awake, or sleepingDormez-vous?

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011 - The Akashic Records - The Library to Your Collective Consciousness

The Akashic Records, otherwise known as the spiritual library of past-life existence and historical knowledge can be accessed through deep meditation, daydreaming and prayer. However, to do so one must respect God's will and ask permission to enter the vault.

"Available to seers, mystics, oracles and people of higher consciousness, the Akashic Records were, until recently, unknown to most." Cris Ann Mulreed of Wilton, Connecticut aspires to change this. "Now that the energy is moving and people are raising their consciousness," comments Cris Ann, "More people are ready for it."

"The Akashic Records are a vibrational record," Cris Ann tells us. "Every thought, word and deed the soul ever experienced on its journey is recorded in the Akasha; the primary substance from which all things are made. The Akashic Records (stored in the Akashic Field, also known as the Zero Point Field) are everywhere; in another dimension of consciousness." Dreaming and sleeping are examples of other dimensions of consciousness.

"As children, some of the things we do at playtime," derives Cris Ann, "Soldiers at War, Cowboys and Indians, King Arthur and the Knights, may be reflective of a past life incarnation. People are tapping into Akashic Records all the time without realization or intent."

"Transcending religion, you can find the Akashic Records in Judaism, Catholicism, Egyptianism and even the Bible.  The records are also known as The Book of Life, the Hall of Two Truths, God's Book of Remembrance, and The Rolls of Graphael."  

"Known as The Sleeping Prophet, Edgar Cayce performed over 14,000 Akashic Record readings while in a hypnotic trance," recalls Cris Ann. Known best for his ability to heal, Edgar Cayce is believed to be the founder of the New Age movement.

The Lords of the Records or Keepers of the Records (a group of nonphysical Light Beings, never incarnate),  maintain the integrity of the records.  Masters (with you since your soul's birth) and Teachers (lesson-specific; may be with you for many lifetimes), and passed Loved Ones, information from the Akasha is revealed only if pertinent to a situation you are experiencing at present. In reference to an Akashic consultation, Cris Ann advises, "It's on a need-to-know basis. Too much information would be overwhelming. Not all information is available to everyone at any point in time."

An Akashic practitioner, Cris Ann works with prayer to establish a pillar of light to connect to the heart of the Akashic Records.  "The most important thing I'm doing is first bathing the person in Akashic energy, which is therapeutic, and  second, retrieving information. Through the spoken word the energy comes through, allowing some to have a paradigm shift in the moment. I found past life readings to be very healing, as knowing past lives can eliminate fear in the present."
Prior to our show I connected with Cris Ann (by phone on November 15, 2011 at exactly 12:01 p.m. EST). I'd like to share my Akashic Record Reading with you:

"Energy comes in from the Heart of the Akashic Records  18” inches above the crown chakra and connects to my heart," shares Cris Ann. "From there it forms a beam between my heart and the client's heart.  Acknowledging this person by their common name I ask the Lords to SEE this person through the eyes of the Lord of the Records and to know this person through the Light of the Akashic Records."
"You have a gift of understanding; the ability to see truth and light. Most people entertain life with their glass half full yet yours is 95 percent full. Having the ability to see light in any situation you are more conscious than most. You were born knowing, a result of many lifetimes of evolution. Getting to the quick of things you can see through any muddle, having a strong sense of what is, and what is right. Having a broader perspective/broader vision, you are keener and sharper. You trust your intuition and heart to guide you. When talking to people, your voice and selection of words carry a healing vibration, enabling you to help others take in info they might otherwise not be open to.

You've spent many lifetimes raising people's consciousness; historically and selflessly, time and time again; sometimes at the cost of your health and relationships. Radiating and embracing light, you help people find their true selves. It's a natural evolution where you've always champed for a cause. I also see writing and performing experienced in many past lives. I see a book being published; it's already in the works and it will help the masses."

Words can’t express how amazing Cris Ann’s reading was, however, I will do my best:

I think we all wonder why we’re here and what our true purpose is. In my heart, I’ve always known, yet it was Cris Ann’s words that affirmed I’m on the right path. Once the Akashic Records were “open”, I felt very emotional, and more importantly VERY close to Heaven. It was such an uplifting experience. It reminded me that life here on earth with its many challenges, doesn’t have to be feared. We are NOT alone, we have a divine path, and we’re simply heavenly bodies living the human experience.

For myself, I’ve always felt a calling to help people as far back as I can remember. Apparently, I’ve had the intent to raise consciousness through many, many lifetimes. I’m at peace now, knowing I’m right where I’m meant to be and that I have Heaven’s full support. Thank you so much Cris Ann. You are truly an angel on earth, and I’m so glad we connected!

Click here to contact Cris Ann regarding your own personal Akashic Record Journey. Cris Ann invites 5 or 6 of our viewers to join her in studying the Akashic Records. If you're interested in this great opportunity, please contact Cris Ann at

Click here to view our interview on the Akashic Records with Cris Ann Mulreed.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011 - Vibrational Harmony and Loving the Game of Life!

On the cusp of the Millenium, doomsayers feared the end of the world, while new age positive thinkers practised Laws of Attraction. Beverly Nadler, a dynamic speaker, reprogramming coach, and author discusses her newest books, Vibrational Harmony and Loving the Game of Life!

Inspired by those who couldn't comprehend the power of metaphysical energy, Beverly Nadler, in the year 2000, envisioned Vibrational Harmony.

"There are specific Laws of Energy we are subject to while living in the 3rd dimension," Beverly remarks, "Vibrational Harmony teaches those laws in addition to reprogramming our subconscious."

"In life, we must be in harmony and resonance with what we wish to attract to ourselves," notes Beverly. "It's based on the Law of Attraction, but there's so much more involved. There's the Law of Cause and Effect, (also known as Causality), and the Law of Polarity, also known as Law of Duality, which often confuses people. Polarity tells us this is a dual-dimension. With every negative there's a positive. With every up, there's a down. With every joy there's also unhappiness. This is what exists in our universe. We need to learn how to participate knowing these laws exist."

The Law of Rhythm, Beverly defines as cycles. Things are good (being what we want) and things are bad (being what we don't want). Sometimes we're healthy, sometimes we're ill. Finances are better, or at times, worse. Relationships thrive; relationships fail.

"There's the Law of Relativity," Beverly adds, "We look at things and say 'that's terrible', but when we compare it to something else perhaps it's not terrible at all. Maybe it's actually good compared to something else. We may look at something and think it's big, yet compared to something else it's really quite small."

Beverly explains, these laws are "very important ways of looking at the world. This is explained very clearly in my book, Vibrational Harmony."

"As we evolve and expand our levels of consciousness, we have more mastery over our emotions. Even though some things cause us to feel disturbed, depressed or fearful, we're able to control that, release the negativity and move on."

"Everything is energy.  We are conditioned to  believe in the Material Model, which means everything (including life itself) is hard and unyielding, and things usually cannot be changed no matter what we do,"  teaches Beverly. "Creating and attracting our life has to do with energy fields, vibrations and frequencies, all of which can be changed.  Therefore, we need to replace our belief in the Material Model with the Energy Model."

"When we learn how to better use our mind, we can change our energy and shift things that appear to be negative. Some amazing things happen even though outside circumstances remain just as they are. When we embrace that, without being frightened by it or angry, something happens in our outer environment that supports us in a very different way."

With a sense of urgency, Beverly implores us to contribute positively to the world. "What we do, what we think, how we behave has a tremendous affect on the entire planet. We must learn to manage our emotions. It is up to us to determine how we respond to life."

Understanding negative emotions send negative energy to the entire universe, Beverly reasons, "Some people are in such a state of fear, anxiety and resentment, when we're around them we can feel it. What separates us from being aligned with our spiritual self, are negative emotions." This conjectural wall interferes with communication between our physical being and divine self. Only when these negative emotions are released, can we accomplish what we want in life. "Life changes dramatically."

A transcendent journey, Loving the Game of Life validates we are spiritual beings living the human experience. Trusting evidence from metaphysics, physics, quantum physics, philosophy, psychology, ancient and spiritual teachings, Beverly notes, "People will understand they are infinite and eternal with no separation from them and the power that created the universe."

"Every human being has come from the state of spirit, not in their physical form." Beverly believes we choose certain experiences that ensure spiritual growth. "It is important that when we awaken we ask questions, 'What do I really want in this life?' 'How can I bring my vibrations into the highest possible frequency so I can attract what I want and in the process support the universe and help it evolve?'"

Beverly assures us the universe is evolving. Are you ready? Shouldn't we all be loving the game of life?

Click here to view our interview with Beverly.


Beverly is a weekly guest on "Joyce Barrie & Friends" radio show, airing Monday-Friday at 11:00AM Eastern time. Beginning in January, Beverly will be on every Thursday. All previous shows are in the archives.

Beverly teaches a variety of subjects, including Universal and Mental Laws based on the laws of energy, Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind, Holistic Health and Expansion of Consciousness. To read about and order her books see below.

Read about Vibrational Harmony at Beverly Nadler book and testimonials at Book testimonials.  Due to technical issues, please contact Beverly to order the ebook. 

Here's what Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of New York Times Best Seller series, Chicken Soup for the Soul says about Vibrational Harmony:  "If you're ready to effortlessly achieve your heart's desires, read Beverly's brilliant, insightful and easy to do book.  Do what it says and get it all!"

Read about and order Loving the Game of Life at the website. (Be sure to read what others have to say about this life-transforming book!)

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011 - LIFE AFTER LIFE with Dr. Raymond A. Moody, M.D., Ph.D.

At what age do we begin questioning our faith? How many of us, whether devout believers or on-the-fence have asked, "What if this is all there is?"

For me, the age was 13. Growing up Anglican in a small town offered little resource to a young girl who knew there was more, yet at times feared there was less. It was during this period of anxiousness, that Dr. Raymond A. Moody's book, LIFE AFTER LIFE presented itself. Looking back, I believe divine intervention played a role, for this book changed my life!

Author of 11 books (which sold over 13 millions copies), Dr. Raymond A. Moody coin-phrased Near Death Experience in 1975.

"A near-death experience is a spiritual experience taking place when someone is near death; where they're in an accident, have an injury, infection, incident of childbirth, or trauma in which they are nearly killed," explains Dr. Moody. "Many of them undergo a cardiac arrest from which they are resuscitated. When these people are revived, they give us very vivid descriptions. Very often they tell us they hear their doctor, nurse or someone present say, 'Oh my God, he's dead' or words to that effect."

In sharing these extraordinary stories, Dr. Moody answers the question, "What happens when we die?" From his patients' points of view, the similiarities are astonishing.

"They leave their physical bodies, entering a state of consciousness so profound, there are no words to describe it." No matter how articulate, or how many languages they speak, Dr. Moody suggests the best way to summarize their experience is to keep things simple.

Journeying through a tube or passageway described as a tunnel, patients find themselves in the presence of a brilliant light. "They say it's far brighter than anything we've experienced while we're alive, and in no way is it uncomfortable to their eyes." Dr. Moody continues, "They feel complete comfort, joy and peace." Many recall loved ones or friends passed, welcoming them on the other side.

"They undergo panoramic memory . Every event in their life, or action taken, displays around them instantly. Like a hologram they see everything at once. They later relate it to a sequence, yet in the experience, it's not sequential at all. Everything is there at once. "It's like you're looking at another person. When you see yourself doing an action, you remember the action. When that action has its consequence, you find yourself embedded in the consciousness of those with whom you've interacted. So if you see yourself doing a mean or unkind action to one of your fellow human beings then you feel the sadness you brought about. If you see yourself doing a kind-hearted and loving action toward someone else, then you feel the good feelings you brought about."

Returning to their physical bodies, many claim to have no transitional recollection. Many were told they had to return to complete unfinished business, while others were given a choice. "It's not surprising that many want to stay in that light," concedes Dr. Moody, "Yet the most common reason for returning is to raise their young children."

Aftereffects of this journey consist of acceptance of an afterlife and an understanding that our presence here is to "learn how to love."

"That is a structure of a near-death experience which has been studied by physicians all over the world. We find these common patterns of experience unfolding by people who almost died," concludes Dr. Moody. "We now have genuinely rational means of investigating this in entirely new ways, that are not pseudoscientific. The real problem that has vexed the investigation of life after death since the time of Plato is not scientific. It's logical. The logic we have in the West, the statements about life after death, don't compute given that logic. This was pointed out by David Hume, a friend of Ben Franklin's. The notion of an afterlife is just not commensable or computable with the logic we have. To quote him, 'By the mere light of reason it seems difficult to prove the Immortality of the Soul.' Some new species of logic is needed for that purpose; some new faculties of the mind, that they may enable us to comprehend that logic.

Until recently that has been regarded as an impossible task. What I'm confident in saying now is that problem has been solved. This opens up entirely new ways to explore life after death. I'm ready to stand up for that. You have to go through a lengthy process of thinking through a very complex case and that's going to be essentially impossible for those who are already in this. A new era is coming in the investigation of life after death. We will soon have entirely new ways to investigate this question. I feel we are closer than we have ever been in human history to a genuine rational process. It's going to create an entirely new generation of people who are going to investigate life after life in totally new ways. We are on the verge of great things."

We welcome you to take a deeper look into Dr. Moody's investigation into this phenomenon by exploring his many books, such as Life After Life, Life After Loss, The Light Beyond, The Last Laugh, Coming Back, Reunions: Visionary Encounters With Departed Loved Ones, Reflections on Life After Life, and his latest book Glimpses of Eternity.

Please click here to view our interview on the Ask Your Angels Talk Show with Dr. Raymond A. Moody, M.D., Ph.D., which originally aired December 7, 2011.

A special thank you to Dr. Moody, for helping me find my way so many years ago, and for joining me on our show. It was truly a dream come true!

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011 - REIKI, Your Spirit Life Force

Registered Reiki Master Teacher, Kerri Fargo, B.A., RT-CRA from Waterdown's Circle of Light Reiki Centre joined us this evening to discuss a Japanese healing form of alternate medicine.

"Reiki is a two-part word, the rei meaning universal life force and the ki is energy," defined by Kerri as our energy, and the life energy flowing in all things.

In the latter half of the 19th century, Mikao Usui developed Reiki during a 21-day practice on Mount Kurama (Kushu Shinren).

"This enlightening experience, Usui wanted to share with other people," Kerri explains, "Resulting in the Usui form of Reiki."

A busy mom, Kerri encourages Reiki on the Go. "I tell my students, you don't need the massage table, the music, the candles and that hour to yourself to enjoy the benefits of Reiki." Giving herself ten-minute Reiki healings throughout the day, Kerri informs us, "There's no such thing as too much Reiki."

From bee stings to weak immune systems, skate-boarding accidents, behavioural issues or sleep disorders, Reiki is an effective alternate for healing children. "My son was stung by some bees while playing outside," recalls Kerri. "It's the first time I reikied someone other than myself. I held him by the hands. His eyes were getting so big; my hands were getting so hot. Then he tried to pull away because he was fine and wanted to go play. All that remained were three little red dots from where he was stung."

Performing Reiki on others is safe, without risk of draining your personal energy reserve. Kerri describes this as "plumbing".

"You're the tube the energy comes out," she explains, "Consequently people feel better after performing Reiki because the energy runs through them first, giving them a boost." Kerri assures us Reiki transference is completely safe as you can't absorb anyone's illness.

Being empathic, Kerri admits experiencing pain from those she's treating. "At first I didn't understand it until a few years later when I met another empath. She assured me this was normal for those who are sensitive." Seeing the value in Reiki, Kerri reasons, "It's a wonderful tool for everyone to practice on themselves. If we all feel better, and our energy is better, we're going to give more to the people in our lives who need us."

Did Jesus perform Reiki? Kerri surmises, "He was operating at a very high frequency. He could lay his hands on someone and they'd have an instantaneous healing. Most Reiki practitioners would like to get to that point where they can guarantee healing with other people. However, Reiki doesn't interfere with anyone's free will. People heal at their own pace." Subsequently Reiki doesn't interfere with other remedies, treatments or medications. "Reiki, though very gentle, is also strong and powerful."

Comparing Reiki's many developmental degrees to Ice Cream Sundaes, Kerri advises, start with vanilla icecream before adding whipped cream and sprinkles. Building a solid foundation is key in becoming a Reiki Master.

For more information, please click here to view our BlogTV interview with Kerri. (At this time, our video is being processed and will be available for viewing shortly.) We welcome you to visit Kerri's website at

* Kerri will be joining us again in the Summer of 2012 to discuss her exciting trip to Glastonbury, England*

Kerri's Itinerary:

'Return to The Heart' Retreat
Glastonbury England ~ Summer 2012

Dates: July 1st-11th 2012
Glastonbury is a very special and sacred place. It is considered the HEART CHAKRA of the earth!
JULY 1st: Pick up from Gatwick. Transport to Glastonbury. Evening Group Dinner.

JULY 2nd: Tour of Glastonbury.  (The Abbey, Chalice Well, The Tor, Holy Thorn Tree, Gog and Magog)

JULY 3rd: Day off in Glastonbury to enjoy the shops and many healing centres, or to revisit the Abbey, or any other sites you want to spend more time in.

JULY 4th:  Tour of Avebury and Crop Circles and Merlin's Mound at Malborough

JULY 5th: Tour of Tintagel.Day tour to Tintagel, to include hermits Cell, Merlin’s cave and Arthurs Castle plus a visit to The Hurlers Stone circle
and the Chessewring. Overnight in Cornwall.  

JULY 6th: St Michaels Mount, Lands End,  Meno tol stone circle.

JULY 7th: Tour of Stonehenge with private access into Stonehenge after hours( we will be alone inside the stone circle and able to experience the healing energy of this place(it is normally roped off to the public).  Woodhenge.  Salisbury, plus any crop circles.

JULY 8th:  Tour of Wells, Bath and Stoney Littleton Long Barrow. Bath Spa (optional-extra cost)

JULY 9th:  Day off in Glastonbury to enjoy the shops and many healing centres, or to revisit the Abbey, or any other sites you want to spend more time in.

JULY 10th: Day off in Glastonbury. Evening Group Dinner.

JULY 11TH: Return to Gatwick.