Thursday, August 2, 2012

Your Path - Keep Positive with a New Perspective!

"Boat" and "Land"; two little words defining Perspective.  Is the illustrator intuitively innocent; wise beyond their years?  Or did it take decades of knowledge and wisdom to come to this conclusion?  Young or old, people with this mindset are brilliant!  They get it!

Changing your perspective allows you to take responsibility for your life.  It also creates opportunities.  If you knew you signed a contract prior to this lifetime, would you view challenges in the same light?  As a spiritual being living the human experience, your purpose for being present is to advance your soul.  It's an education process.  Breezing through life; having everything handed to you on a silver platter won't bring value.  Where is the lesson?  We must meet obstacles head on. Find strategic solutions for crossing barriers.  The results; positive, rewarding achievements.  If we are here for our souls to learn, aren't these hurdles blessings in disguise

By signing a contract pre-carnation, you're creating a strong foundation for success.  In every setback there's knowledge and understanding.  Therefore, you can't fail.  From a human perspective you may feel unproductive; yet spiritually you have opportunity.  Ask yourself, "What did I gain from this situation?  Where is the blessing?"  Life's journey is also about helping others find success.  Contracts between souls create a support circle.  If they feel their presence is beneficial, soulmates return with us.

Many believe a soulmate is our "significant other". Mate translates to friend; a travelling companion. A soul twin (aka Twin Flame) is our defining half; separated from us eons and eons ago. Twin Flames are an equal balance of masculine and feminine energy. Together, they make the perfect whole. Some of us devote our lives searching for the one who'll complete us. Until we find them, we experience separation anxiety; feeling completely and utterly alone.  You are never alone!   You always have your angels!

A Guardian Angel, assigned to you at birth, is your new BFF; best friend forever! From the moment you take your first breath, until the time you revisit the spiritual realm, this Divine being is at your side. Angel specialists come into your life for a short time, or long time, depending on your needs. No matter which path you choose, your angels and soulmates are always near.   

With this vast support network on your team, how can you lose?  It's all perspective.  Instead of blaming God or someone else for your lot in life, take responsibility.  YOU chose this path.  Even if you didn't consciously choose it; everything happens for a reason.  It's the domino effect.  Every action generates a consequence.  At present, you're right where you need to be.  There's a lesson in everything!

Look back on all the challenges in your life.  Did you suffer a loss?  Were you abused as a child or adult?  At present, can you help others in similar circumstances?  Can a person feel compassion, if they haven't experienced pain or suffering?  When you see a bully, do you condemn them?  Or do you look beyond their appearance to reflect why they hurt others?  Everyone has a story.  Don't pass judgement.  We are all on a life-changing expedition.

Hell is a manufactured illusion.  We, as inventors, share the incredible ability to create Heaven on earth.  Take responsibility for your life!  You are not a victim; do not live your life as one!  CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE!  Manifest your dreams!  Instead of focusing on negativity; wars, pain, heartache, loss; view the world positively.  See the wonder around you.  Honour nature.  Embrace miracles; big or small.  Be thankful.  Trust your Divine purpose.  Accept others. 

With every step we gain insight into ourselves, the world, and those around us.  Perspectively, we are all in school, striving for straight "A"'s.  Reviewing your journey as "sheer hell"?  Congratulations! You've graduated!

By changing how you view life, you can greet each day with euphoria.  Cheer up!  You never know what's coming just around the bend.

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  1. Dear Christine,

    You have brilliant spiritual insights and you express them so well. Keep up your writing, for you are truly gifted. Love,


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