Monday, September 10, 2012

Another Angel in Heaven - Our Little Animal Whisperer

It was only few days ago I asked the question, "How does a mother survive the death of her child?"  For my friend facing the greatest challenge of her life, the question remains unanswered.
My first meeting with Noah took my breath away.  A very old soul, he projected a tender tranquility and wiseness beyond his 6 years.  It's no wonder animals were drawn to him.  "Spikey", his pet bearded dragon, more often was found hanging from the front of Noah's t-shirt as the little boy went about his business.  Such trust and devotion was inspirational.  Beyond a doubt, I was in the presence of a great animal whisperer.
Like his namesake, Noah could lead the animals anywhere, be it on an ark in the midst of a rainstorm, or calm, shallow waters off a sandy beach.  "Love at Fish Sight" reflects the true beauty between father, son and their new-finned friend.  Animals sense a kindred spirit.  Perhaps it was Noah's whisper compelling deer to follow and snakes to rest quietly in his little hand?  A true respect for all things wild, Noah protected his animal friends from harm.
Isn't that what we do; protect the ones we love?  Sometimes, even with the best intentions, this isn't possible.  Tragedy can strike quickly leaving those behind shattered, grieving, and falling into a dark, black abyss from which they may never return. 
On Saturday, September 9, 2012, after what seemed like a typical day at play, Noah, the great animal whisperer, took his last breath.  Those of us whose lives he touched, will never be the same.  We'll feel every emotion, disbelief, anger, outrage, sympathy, fear, remorse, grief; all individually dealing with our own pain; silently or verbally.  United, we'll support, comfort, reflect, heal, and find strength in each other to continue our personal journeys, wherever they may take us.  With the highest intentions for a positive outcome, forgiveness, peace, understanding, and unconditional love for all, may we put the pieces strewn across our hearts and minds back together. 
Inevitably, there will always be a piece missing.  The only place we'll find that piece is in our hearts; held there forever; cherished and protected for all eternity.
RIP Noah Kosalka
For his mother Tanya:
Two Souls; Forever Connected
 In so much pain; my little friend died.
I’ve seen him cross on the other side.
Although it gives some peace of mind
How do we survive; the ones left behind?
Innocence lost; a lifetime to heal
Please, someone tell me it isn’t real.
To love so much, yet take life away
My confusion builds with each new day.
A mother distraught; words unspoken
Can you mend a heart completely broken?
I pray for her strength to continue on.
It’s too late to right this terrible wrong.
Yet a glimpse of an angel from heaven above
Reflects there’s no end to undying love.
A mother and son; forever they’ll stay
For NO ONE has the power to take that away!

To my friend Voy,
Together you've experienced all the wonders of earth.
May you continue your journey together, discovering all the magic of Heaven!
RIP Voytek Wojciech Kosalka

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