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Wednesday, April 25, 2012 - Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children

"It is important we go way beyond assessing labels or categories to these special children," imparts Mojan, an internationally renowned spiritual healer, psychic and medium empath.  "Reflecting where we are currently, the Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children mirror the greatest possibility of the whole; the collective consciousness.  It's a great way for us to focus on relating to each other in an open, honest and sincere way.  If we use the 'labels' to separate us, it defeats the whole purpose of why these children are here; to unite us!"

"From other planes of existence, planets, realms and higher dimensions, Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children most often come voluntarily to usher in a new, higher vibrational frequency or energy.  Their goal is to awaken the masses, evolve our consciousness and prepare us for a new phase of life.  Some people call them the 'Bringers of the Light'.  It's a very exciting time!  They come at a perfect time; we need them more than ever.  Healers of the earth, their light shines upon us so we can remember who we are!"

"You don't need to believe in Crystal, Rainbow, Indigo children to know something different is going on.  You can feel it!  Many people are going through things.  People who never had access to their emotional being are starting to tap into it.  It can be very challenging for certain people.  The intention is completely benevolent!"

What can Mojan tell us about Indigo Children?

"In my third eye, I see warriors.  Very strong; simultaneously they have much vulnerability.  To be in a third dimensional body is a challenge.  Their consciousness is of a fifth dimension.  It's very difficult to squeeze in all that knowledge, wisdom and understanding in this tiny little body.  The challenges, as difficult as they appear, are hurdles.  By going over these hurdles we get to jump up, raise our vibration and do great things.  The pain is not in vain.  Many have worked through it, or are in the midst of working through it as we speak.  Highly sensitive and psychic; they experience this emotional turbulent healing."

"Looking at these hurdles visually; you're on a trampoline," illustrates Mojan.  "Before you jump high, find your rhythm.  Jump a foot.  Once you find your balance, rhythm and get a little wind under your sails, you soar higher and higher.  Relating it as something to help you move higher, while in the moment, may be difficult.  Keep trying, jumping and reaching.  Create ways; back flips, forward flips with confidence and support.  Indigos need a lot of love.  Sometimes they have to create it within themselves, which is very rewarding."

"Opalescent purple auras; in photos, the purples just burst out of Indigos.  Extremely strong-willed and highly energetic, Indigos will reject authority.  Setting the stage for a new beginning, they're here to clean slate.  They have a deep desire to help the world in a big way."
"Born in the early 1990's; incarnating in the late 2000's, Crystal children are here to clean the energy of our souls and planet, dispersing negative energy; recycling it into a more positive, balanced energy.  Highly sensitive, Crystal children need lots of love; to be held, nurtured, and supported in music and artistic endeavours.  Extremely empathetic, they are very in tune with others' emotions.  Of all the Star children, they are the most sensitive to food and chemicals.  Crystals are like plants; they absorb and give energy."

"Rainbow children have no Karma.  They don't feel anger," expresses Mojan with amazement.  "Incarnating for the past 4 to 5 years, the Rainbow Children are our hope; our beacon of light.  Their being, energy, existence, and evolution are exactly what we aspire to be.  Representing where we are headed, what we're evolving to, and what our possibilities are, these children are here to help us save ourselves.  It's good news they're coming in NOW.  Rainbows correlate with our chakra systems."

"I think of them as Care Bears; inspired by colours of the rainbow, bringing joy and harmony to their families.  The happiest children incarnated in a very long time, Rainbow's enthusiasm is contageous!  These children can reach up to the nineth dimension of consciousness, which is all purity.  Sending out specific gifts with their heart chakras, Rainbow children will help us align with our highest self. If we can tap into their energy and help them hone in to their natural gifts, there will be a chakra cleaning.  We can live from our hearts!"

"There is a sense of being different; unique.  It's beyond the label," Mojan surmises.  "At the age of 7, they understand society's material third dimensional energy.  Without the balance of knowing where they came from, something shuts down.  Dialogue is extremely important."

"For parents who have Rainbow, Crystal, or Indigo children, it's beautiful to invoke their soul memory.  'Do you remember who you were before you came to mommy?  Do you remember what you were doing?'  These kind of questions and dialogue gives the child a deeper understanding of who they are, allowing them to tap in to their true selves."

Children diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, ASD and Aspergers, under the spectrum in a RAINBOW (one must note the irony); may in fact be Star children"Just because these children are untraditional, doesn't mean there's something wrong with them," advises Mojan.  "These children are helping us align into this state. We must be very gentle, kind and nourishing. Labelling supresses them and makes things worse.  They don't respond to aggressive methods.  There are more holistic options; readily available to us if we're willing to use them." 

"The Indigos are ground-breakers; tearing down the barriers and old patterns. Having the hardest job, they cleared the way for the Crystals to come in; who then cleared the energy and foundation of what the Indigos broke down; leading the Rainbows, who continue to build a high vibrational plane of existence on top of what the Crystals cleared."  
Stars of hope, Rainbow, Crystal and Indigo Children light the way to a New Earth.  

"Our perception will be different.  We're all going to tap into what is inately our birthright.  We'll realize how much unconditional love has remained here; dormant.  There's a shift that can't be denied.  We need to let and assist these children in helping us. We also have the ability and power to help ourselves.  Ultimately, we need to remember we are all one.  Collectively, we and the new Earth children, are the answer to our prayers."

The Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children show is dedicated to a little boy (diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder) in efforts to raise $24,500.00 /year  in tuition costs to send Dorian to Missing Links, a special needs school in Burlington, ON.  (Donations accepted from 2012 to 2017.) 

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012 - Grief and Hope; Our Search for Serenity

Saying goodbye to someone we love is never easy.  Swept away; a vortex of sadness and grief leaves us numb; seeking answers.  Anger, fear, sadness, confusion, despair, trauma, grief, compassion, helplessness and acceptance all have their place, as we desperately search for serenity.
Afraid to Die

by Dr. Ann M. Ragobar

My days are numbered; this I know for sure.
The pain within my body is teeth-grinding.
There is no medication that can relieve the pain within my heart;
Afraid to die.
My days are spent in deep reflection.
I think upon the life that I have lived.
I think upon the afterlife of which I know nothing;
Afraid to die.
I was taught that there's a hell.
I was taught that there is nothing beyond this life.
I was taught that God punishes badness.
Before I take my last breath, can someone please, please tell me
If there is life beyond this one?
I am so afraid to die.
I reflect upon my family.
What happens to my house? What happens to my car?
We've worked hard for what we've had.
I did not plan with death in mind.
I did not make a will.
My eyes will close for the last time.
I worry about that family of mine.
I was always their rock.   I was always their strength.
Who will see them through this very sad time?
Can someone please, spare me some time?
I am afraid to die.

 "These are some of the thoughts people experience during their last stages of life," reflects  Dr. Ann M. Ragobar, MBA, BSc. Ph.D., Minister, Lecturer and Author, knowing firsthand what it means to lose a loved one.  "Four years ago I lost my husband; soulmate to cancer.  It was difficult to go through this process.  I was searching for information, yet there was never anything right at my fingertips."

Married for 18 years, Ann speaks of her wonderful life shared with Wayne.  "We did everything together; laundry; grocery shopping.  Never sick a day in his life, he was diagnosed in January, and gone in March.  My life did a complete 180 degree spin.  I'd taken a week off work. Returning to my corporate job monday morning, I was fired for being away.  It was a blessing.  It put me on the road to what I'm doing now; helping others with this process.  If I can alleviate one ounce of fear that families and their loved ones undergo, my soul purpose will be accomplished."

Never Alone

by Dr. Ann M. Rogabar

At times we feel the loneliness.  At times we feel sad.
At times we think that no one cares.  We are never alone.
At night when darkness surrounds us; at night when sleep is thus denied; we are never alone.
Our ever-present friends are our angels and our guides.
They quell our fears.  They soothe our restless soul.
Their presence can be felt in various ways.  We are never alone.
Our angels and our guides walk with us, each and every day.
They help us in every way.
They guide our thoughts.  They guide our steps.
They teach us life-lessons.  They keep us safe from harm.
We are never alone.
So when darkness falls and the night surrounds us,
our angels and our guides will abide with us, if only for a while.
They will even sing us a lullaby if we would only ask.
May we always remember that we are never alone.
May we always be thankful to our angels and our guides.
For they will make sure that we will not face life and its challenges alone.

"That was one of the messages Wayne drummed into my head before passing," recalls Ann.  "He said, 'No matter what Ann, you will never be alone.'  I understood we have our guides and our angels.  Yet they're not exactly phsycially here to get a hug from.  The physicality is what we, as human beings, miss when the person passes on."
Pets, Ann tells us, share our expressions of grief.  "I didn't realize this until my husband passed away.  Our cat would just sit there, motionless.  I had someone come to fix the computer, sitting at the same desk Wayne would have sat at.  Hearing the gentleman's voice and mistaking him for Wayne, Ferbie ran to the desk.  It was heartbreaking.  Pets also go through the process.  They feel it the same way we do." 

"Pets cross over to spirit form; similar to that of humans", concedes Ann.  "I have seen them.  Our pets, on the other side, are most often with loved ones; a grandmother or great-grandmother.  They are usually all together."

To many, pets are like children, yet nothing compares to the loss of a child.  "It's perfectly acceptable to grieve that loss. That parent has lost a part of themselves.  Their heart is breaking.  They need to be able to vocalize; talk about the little one and their dreams for them.  After two months, no one should judge, saying 'It's time to get over it.'  Everybody goes through this process at their own pace; in their own time.  Much patience is involved in helping loved ones through the process of losing someone; particularily a child."

Children need help coming to terms with the death of a parent.  "If you are the person speaking to the child, make sure your emotions are in check.  Be fully engaged with the child; very plain and simple in explaining what is happening to mom or dad.  Let the child know their feelings, like everyone's, will be taken into account.  Ask if they have any input.  Maybe they'd like to say some words at the funeral?  Maybe there's a special song they'd like played?  Take all their thoughts and whatever concerns they may have into consideration."

"Open communication is vital.  If there's a riff in the family, please don't wait until someone's at the end of their life for that rift to end.  There is not always opportunity to say to the person (to their face, while they're still breathing), 'I'm so sorry, please forgive me.'  Every case is different.  I encourage the families to talk to their loved one; say everything they need to say.  As long as the patient is of sound mind, their input is necessary.  Come together on a common ground."

Meditation is Ann's first step in helping someone cross over.  "I meditate before entering the room.  With my right hand I make a physical, energy connection by holding their hand or touching them in some way.  With my left hand raised to the higher power; the divine source, I connect with the patient's higher self and guides to make that transition a little bit easier."

"Never give up, and never say 'die'."

"Not too long ago, I heard of a woman in England who was in palliative care; diagnosed with cancer.  She had hours to live.  Gathered around, the family heard the doctor say 'It's time to say goodbye.'  This lady is still alive today.  She had a miracle.  All of her cancer is gone from her body.  Until they draw their last breath, anything is possible." 

"There are a lot of miracles out there...just waiting to happen!"

Serenity of Hope is dedicated to the patient as well as family caregivers, providing them the emotional and spiritual support that is necessary when dealing with advanced illness, death and bereavement.
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - SCENT From Heaven - Herbal Remedies for Natural Healing

When you think of "Herbal Essences", you may recall the popular 1972 Herbal Essence Shampoo.  Herbs may harvest a lustrious growth of hair, yet they offer so much more! 

"Herbalism is an alternate medicine consisting of plants (you can grow in your garden), trees, bark, leaves, bushes, flowers, stems, roots, nuts and seeds," educates Jennifer Poutruff, Homeopathic Physician and Clinical Herbalist.  "Herbology stimulates the body to heal itself.  Using a remedy to strengthen the body allows your body to naturally work on its own, without the use of synthetic chemicals."

Predating human existance, these organic properties cured ailments throughout history.  "Herbal essences started by people observing animals in the area; checking to see what plants they used for different issues.  They created a collection of herbs for various ailments.  This lead to the Doctrine of Signatures; the plant helping the associated body part.  For example, Lungwart  and Mullein (see Verbascum sinuatum below) represent the lungs; Wormwood (the leaves look like little worms) dispells worms."
"Marigold can be used for skin issues and stomach ulcers; typically for healing wounds.  For a cut I make an ointment or compress.  A quarter teaspoon of Bee Pollen, high in vitamins and minerals, can be taken daily.  Chamomile smells nice and is great for the stomach.  Lavender is soothing and can be taken as a tea to calm nerves."

"If someone is allergic to ragweed," warns Jennifer, "They'll have a reaction to chamomile or echinacea; being from the ragweed family.  If on medication, an herb may interact negatively.  This is why you need a qualified Herbalist." 

"Herbalists work holistically," explains Jennifer.  "We're not just going to deal with symptoms.  Looking at the whole individual, we strengthen the body so it may heal itself.   Western Herbalists; we tend to use herbs we have access to on a daily basis; anything you can grow here; lemon balm, rosemary, peppermint, dandelion, echinacea (see Echinacea purpurea 'Maxima' below).

"Years spent checking to see what herbs work well with particular systems and aiments, Herbalists go with what we've learnt through training.  We also use intuition.  When forming a "blend" for someone, I'll go with my gut feeling as to what I want to use; cross-referencing to ensure it doesn't interact with any medication.  Chinese Herbalists also use different herbs that accompany various body systems and ailments.  In addtion, they incorporate Ying and Yang, hot and cold, dry and wet; using the herbs to balance those systems.  It's a different philosophy." 
Not all herb types are created equal.  "You want to make sure you're getting your herbs from a reputable supplier," Jenn tells us.  "If they're wildcrafting, the herbs aren't grown organically.  You want to ensure the supplier gives back what they take from the earth.  For safety, note where they're coming from.  Are there really good regulations in place?"  In regards to Green Tea, Jennifer agrees it's known for weight loss and speeding up the metabolism, yet concedes if acquired from the wrong location, it could leave a really bad taste in your mouth.

"It depends on the formula.  Using Valerian; a very strong taste and horrible smell, we'll flavour the tea with something, counteracting that taste.  Choosing flavourful herbs you want in your formula, like peppermint and lemon balm, ultimately changes the taste.  Flavouring a syrup I'll add vanilla, lemon or orange extract to give it a better taste."

"Individualizing formulas is necessary," shares Jennifer.  "Everybody is different.  If someone is pregnant, there are certain herbs they need to refrain from.  Raspberry leaves can be taken prior to and throughout pregnancy.  Blue cohosh and black cohosh can be taken 4 weeks before due date; preparing the body.  Do not take sooner as it can induce labour.  For thyroid issues, you want to stay away from herbs which stimulate the thyroid; adding to the effects of the person's meds.  Ensuring you have a qualified herbalist to work with, you can determine which formula is best for you."
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Wednesday, April 4, 2012 - Iridology - Iris Recognition for Systemic Health

Iridology, aka Iridiagnosis, is a holistic approach to examining a patient's systemic health.  Returning guest Alex Gellman, PhD., shares valuable insights on preventative care,  maximized vitality and overall well-being.

"Scientific, holistic and spiritual, Iridology is an assessment tool," Alex tells us.  "It reflects the condition of your kidneys, back, neck and eyes.  It tells you hereditary patterns of your genetics.  For adopted children, it can show 'unwanted pregnancy'.  It can also display the severity of that pregnancy.  It shows significant stresses on the mother when she was pregnant.  It also tells a great deal about the parents, grandparents and great grandparents.  There is much value in that."

"Dr. Ignatz Von Peczley, a young Hungarian doctor, discovered Iridology in 1861.  Finding an owl with a broken wing, Dr. Peczley took her home to nurse back to health.  In doing so, he noticed the disappearance of the black marking in her eye.  Quite mystified by this, he kept intricate records of all his patient's symptoms, throughout his life."

"Many years later Dr. Peczley went to a conference in Milan where he met Dr. Gustav. They both were following the same markings and charts.  Today we utilize the same chart, only in more detail."
"The father of modern Iridology was Bernard Jensen.  Another gentleman, Denny Ray Johnson thought 'Iridology is great, but there's something wrong here.  These people are too obsessed with the physical.  There is more to life than the physical world.'  Denny, believing the eye revealed emotion, spirit and mind, created a new system." 

"Looking at your eyes, you see a blueprint for your life.  You can see your chakras, feelings, emotional gifts you were born with, personality, blockages, family relationships,  and the physical state of all body organs." 

"Iridology is read like a map. Colours reflect the complexity and intensity of the problem.   White and yellow are warnings.  Green and orange; the condition is becoming more acute.  Each case is unique depending on the marking; red, brown and black being more chronic.  Markings (at different points ) shaped like diamonds, circles, dots, petals, jewels (specs on the eye) clarify a problem in a corresponding organ."

"Denny Ray Johnson also created the "four personalities".  We have the 'humanitarian'; devoting their lives to helping others. Often the humanitarian will not look after themselves.  In their quest to be there for others, they neglect themselves.  It's not a healthy way to live.   The next category is 'creative'; all about creativity; very visual.  Living in the moment, creatives don't respond well to timelines.  They're not as analytical and detailed as they could be.  'Analytical' are all about detail, focus and realizing goals.  They have strong leadership qualities.   The last one is a 'catalyst'.  This is a person who motivates others.  They never stop; always going.  They need to learn moderation."
"This particular eye is a combination of all the above," declares Alex.  "Whenever you see those big dots called 'jewels', that indicates strong leadership, and genius in the person's intellectual capacity.  They have some creativity, a little bit of catalyst and a little bit of humanitarian.  In their personality style, this person is very well rounded; analytical being the dominant peronality trait."

"The big rust-coloured dot near the pupil shows a significant chronic problem with the uterus (for a woman) or prostrate (for a man).  The little lines at nine o'clock show the father's nurturing qualities were poor.  Right below that, at approximately eight o'clock, we see a tiny little orange line representing the gallbladder.  The brown marking beside it is the liver.  The yellow/orange above the pupil are signs of digestive problems, system acidity, candida, and yeast infestation."   

"The enzymes in the body are not being produced; compromising digestion.  That tiny, thin line at the top edge, warns circulation is starting to close down.  There is a tremendous amount of inflamation in the body.  This person suffers from allergies; the white food groups; wheat, sugar, milk, dairy, white rice and potatoes.  Significant markings at three o'clock reveal warnings concerning the thyroid or throat in general.  Information from analysis is very indepth."

A window to the soul, Iridology alerts us to potential illness or disease prior to clinical evidence.   Life is a journey; we are the travellers.  Tapping into hidden talents; positive strengths and even weaknesses, Iridology is an actuality tool for life's emergency kit.  Don't leave home without it.
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