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Wednesday, March 28, 2012 - Spirit Portraits - See Your Spirit Guides

Tuning in, Dale Kelloway, pastels in hand, captures the wondrous beauty of spirit guides and guardian angels"We have many guides around us," shares Dale.  "I get impressions; feelings.  I start seeing things.  It all comes out on paper.  It makes lovely, soft, blendable portraits."

A teacher at Mohawk College for 21 years, Dale attributes her inner journey to Edgar Allan Poe's, "The Raven".  After reading the poem, Dale went for a walk, only to discover a student (who had set up a still life) with Edgar Allan Poe's book.  Arriving home, Dale turned on the television to The Raven"It didn't matter what I did; if I opened a map, went down a street, down a highway, saw a t-shirt, all signage said 'Raven'."

"It frightened and overwhelmed me," recalled Dale.  "Every day that month I saw a raven.  I phoned a lady in Ohsweken who said I shouldn't be frightened.  'Although caucasion people believe ravens to be evil; predicting death, they are the colours of the rainbow.  The ancestors are trying to get in touch with you; get your attention.  Until you understand what they're after, they won't quit.'"

"I've always been interested in the paranormal," confesses Dale.  "Paying more attention to what was going on around me; to the signs, is what started me on this path."
"People want to see what their guides look like.  You can't demand a certain guide to come forward.  Chief Whitefeather is a Toltec.  The lady who contacted me to do his portrait was expecting a North American Native spirit guide.  She had gone to the library to research him.  I knew she'd be surprised by Chief Whitefeather's appearance.  I called to let her know he was ready.  I waited for her to pick him up.  We connected after her trip to Prince Edward Island.  I waited again, but she never came.  After a while I heard she'd passed away.  So I thought, 'I guess he's mine.'  I think he's marvelous." 

Do spirit guides want us to see them?  Channeling loving messages with every portrait, Dale creates a personalized CD reading for her clients.  Written on every CD is the answer to this question.  "This image is your guide on the other side; waiting to be acknowledged and recognized.  These souls are prepared (when asked in meditation for help) to be guides and helpers through difficulties that lay in your path in life."

"People become very attached to their guides," Dale tells us.  "Guides can be relatives.  Many people say they see a family likeness.  Your spirit guide, I believe, stands behind your right shoulder.  I say to people, 'When you want your guide to be with you, ask them to step forward and be with you.'  For example, If you were uncomfortable asking your boss for a raise, how powerful would you feel having a Roman Soldier standing beside you?  They come through because they're energy; we're energy."
"I went the Spiritualist's Church one night," says Dale, discussing the above portrait.  "I asked her to come forward to have her portrait done.  In her hair on the left side is wheat.  Wheat, according to the 'Seven Years of Plenty' in the Bible, stands for abundance.   Woven into her braid is black horse hair; which represents 'travel'.  In respect to my life, she represents abundance and travel."  Symbolism is another way our guides communicate with us.  Sensations we feel also signify we are not alone.

"Cold shivers, hair standing on end, a touch of a hand on my face, and the feeling of sand running through my hair, are all signs that my angels are nearby," shares Dale.  "I believe if you ask them for help, angels will help you.  We always have free will.  Angels and guides help you, but will never tell you what to do.  The first angel I drew, I knew she'd have wings, yet I painted the hands in.  I knew she had flowers for me, so I had to take the hands out and replace them with a bouquet of flowers.  There's also a long key hanging; a key to open things."

Listening to our guides and angels unlocks endless possibilities.  Dale Kelloway knows, seeing isn't believing...believing is seeing.   There are angels on our shoulders, waiting to light the way.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday, March 21, 2012 - The Age of Aquarius

"This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius."  One can almost hear the HAIR cast singing in the foreground.  We sing the song, tap our toes, and hum along.  Do we contemplate it's meaning?

"We're on the threshold of moving toward the Age of Aquarius," reveals Alison Price, Professional Astrologer at Starzology.  "Raising consciousness globally; broadening our spirituality in itself is very much a part of the Age of Aquarius.  This imperative starts every 2000 years.  Coming out of the Age of Pisces, this age is about humanity. What is valuable; what isn't?"  

Religion, Alison reflects, is significant.  Defining this new cycle as a spiritual age, Alison notes changes in people's beliefs.  Which Gods should they honor?

"The Age of Pisces, in the Precession of the Equinoxes, is a period extending from about 200 B.C.  Christianity raised up with Islam and Buddhism.  Main religions followed.  Now, at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, we find people seeking alternative solutions to believing in something greater."

"There's no exact day you can say the Age of Pisces has ended, and the Age of Aquarius is moving in,"  imparts Alison.  "The Precession of the Equinox goes through the constellation.  Therefore if Aquarius is slightly wider than Pisces, it may not be 2000 years.  It may be 2600 years between cycles."  The Astrological Age, proceeding in the opposite direction to the sun signs, (the first sign being Aries, ending with Pisces), aka retrograde,  the Age of Pisces precedes the Age of Aquarius.

"Going back further to the Age of Leo, 8,000 - 10,000 BC," Alison says, "We're at the end of the last Ice Age.  The fiery Leo melted the ice.  This was a period in history when man learnt to control fire.  This changed the way they lived.  They could cook the animals they killed, warm themselves, and hopefully survive through more winters."

"Looking forward from 8000 BC to 6000 BC, we have the Age of Cancer.  Cancer is the sign pertaining to home, family, protection and preservation.  This is the time when people of Earth prayed to a Mother Goddess.  They believed.  They realized how the moon worked through the cycles.  It's the first time settlements were created.  People started banding together; having a home.  Pottery was discovered.  They created bowls to carry water from the stream; milk from the cow."

"This is how we've progressed.  The Age of Aquarius hasn't appeared out of nowhere.  It may have come into our consciousness.  It's part of our history.  When you look back, you can see the reflection in the astrology of the 'time' as well.  The different ages are, give or take 2000 years apart."

"Three weeks ago the sun was moving through Pisces. If you're not a watery sign you're going to find that could hold you back a little bit.  Yesterday, the sun moved through Aries. Suddenly the vigor, action and drive are back. Let's get out there an do things!"
"Many people believe  the invention of electricity spawned the Age of Aquarius" notes Alison, surmising the modern human couldn't exist 300 years ago.  "Electricity changed how humans lived on the earth.  Suddenly, people with candles or gas lamps can light their homes, protect their families; cook their food.  Life gets better; health improves.  In our modern day we have computers, BlogTV, cell phones and all these electronics.  This was the first inkling, from how people lived before, there was a change coming."

"This is why the Age of Aquarius is so interesting.  It's new; it's how we're living.  We're living in skyscrapers.  We couldn't have accomplished that without electricity.  All modern inventions are a creation derived from the Age of Aquarius.  People are becoming more spiritual, with more acceptance of messages coming in from people who have crossed over.  In the previous 2000 years it was strong religion; strong faith.  You had to be part of that.  It was the belief of the world at the time."

"You need to know what you want in life," reflects Alison.  "If you focus on achieving your goals; 'I'm looking for satisfaction in these areas', not just randomly saying, 'I wish my life was better', then you can move forward.  Serendipity comes into play.  Things will come to you that meet your goals."

"Tolerance, in the Age of Aquarius, allows us to be more accepting of others," concludes Alison.  "We live in a culturally diverse society.  Ultimately there will be a Global understanding of people; a freedom; different beliefs.  We need to embrace what's coming.  We're living in the Age of Aquarius.  It will serve you well; each individual to be tolerant; be accepting; live peacefully. It's raising consciousness; making more people aware of the spiritual realm.  It's something that's gradual.  It's a shift in consciousness."

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012 - Palmistry - Heavenly Influences in the Palm of Your Hand!

What is it about the word "Palmistry" that induces visions of little old gypsy ladies with wild, frizzy curls, shawls askew, hovered over a crystal ball?  Beyond the brightly coloured canopy tent you hear the glockenspiel's notes, frantic to be heard above the midway mayhem.  Be honest, you hear it, don't you?  Yet in respect to Frederiques Herel, her curly, wind-swept hair blowing in the breeze, the similarities stop there.

"Some people are exellent at predicting the future," acknowledges Frederique.  "I choose not to do that.  I can be so much more useful somewhere else.  Your hands show what is happening at a specific time.  I don't predict the 'event' or 'result' you're going to get.  You can always decide not to do something.  That's free will.  You can change your future.  I can see if you are using what you've been given."

Analyzing hands and giving palmistry-based counselling since 1989, Frederique is truly a breath of fresh air.   "Palmistry is like an onion," she tells us.  "In peeling one layer of the onion you can see so many things.  It gives you knowledge you can apply right away." 

"Palmistry is the study of the hands; not only the palms," shares Frederique.  "It's the lines, the mounts, the fingers, fingernails, and sometimes the back of the hand, including the wrist."  Originating in India over 4,000 years ago, Palmistry is an Art and a Science.

"It's something you can reproduce again and again.  With any skill you have, you must use your intutition.  The way you put things together reflects your experience.  To master Palmistry is difficult."  After 22 years and many onions later, Frederique conjects there is still much to learn.

Losing her brother and father within 3-months of each other, Frederique strived to fill the void they left behind.  "I decided to study Palmistry," she recalls.  "This increased my knowledge on life and what it is all about."  Frederique studied and studied; never looking back.

Your palm, aka Blueprint for Life is essentially a mirror to your soul.  Eager to see what their souls had to say, some of our most loyal viewers dropped by for a little hand-inking prior to our show.  As you can see, I was one of them!
Police officers and forensic scientists historically placed a suspect's hand on a fingerprint ink pad.  Although utilizing the same ink, Frederique prefers a roller technique, guaranteed to leave your hands black and sticky!  Comparative to kindergarten finger-painting, this experience was most fun, giving the adults a chance to connect with their inner child. "Look ma, no hands!"
"Rolling the ink on your hands makes them very black," outlines Frederique.  "We take the prints.  There are lots of little lines that show better on a print.  When the ink is put on your hand, how much of it is going to show on the print?  Is it going to be straight or go all around?  Are your fingers going to be spread apart or close?  All this will tell me something during the reading.  Hand prints are like an instant picture, taking a shot in time, reflecting what's happening in your life.  I keep a set of prints.  Should you return in 5 years time, we can compare.  Hands do change."
"When pressing the hand, the hand is relaxed in a natural position," continues Frederique.  "This is very significant."  Keeping the thumb and fingers open allows the lines to be easily analyzed.  The end result; a clean and clear impression.
Surmizing it's impossible to measure how indepth the information is at hand, Frederique assures us the messages brought to light are necessary at this moment in time.  "I find every reading is different depending on what the person is looking for.  Their angels brought them to me, to tell them one specific thing.  Suddenly I get a thought, and I tell the person what comes to mind.  They need to hear that.  If you do the reading with best intentions in mind, everything goes well.  When the reading is over, I'm walking on air."

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"Just as a pebble thrown into the water creates ripples, so our thoughts create similar effects on our palms."  Michael Scott's "De Philsiognomia", published in 1477.

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Wedneday, March 7, 2012 - Crystal Skulls - Archaeologists' Most Enigmatic Artifacts

Crystal skulls, although in existence over 1500 years, were popularized by the movie Indian Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  Legend tells of a collection of 13 crystal skulls, gifted to humanity; harboring secrets pertaining to our creation, purpose and eventuality.  There is speculation aliens brought this information to the Mayans, who were astronomically very knowledgable.

"The myth suggests the orginal 13 skulls represent each planet of our solar system," says Carolyn McDermott, MHT, FNLP, gatekeeper and facilitator of crystal skull energy and knowledge.  "They are supposed to contain knowledge and wisdom about our destiny and ways for us to heal our planet and humanity.  When the time is right, all 13 skulls will be coming back together again, moving us forward into evolution." 

"There are tens of thousands of skulls all over the world.  They are carved in Brazil and China.  The Black Forest, Germany has wonderful artisans that carved for many, many years.  I don't know if they still carve or not.  Apparently, these skulls were quite beautiful."

"In regards to how many Ancients are out there; two have been classified as such," Carolyn tells us.  "One is Sha Na Ra, discovered in an archeological dig in Mexico; named after a Mexican Shaman. Sha Na Ra, was tested by the British Museum who found no contempary tools used in carving that skull.  The other skull classified as a true Ancient skull is Max, having no indication of tool marks from modern technology."  (Below:  Sha Na Na, whose present guardian is Michele Nocerino Jesse.)
"The Mitchell-Hedges skull and Synergy skull are also considered Ancient," informs Carolyn.  "The Mitchell-Hedges skull had some controversy around it.  I heard they found markings from modern technology."  Considered to be one of the most popularly aclaimed and enigmatic crystal artifacts, the beautifully carved Mitchell-Hedges skull was originally believed to be unearthed in 1924 by
British explorer F. A. Mitchell-Hedges' daughter Anna, during an expedition of the ancient Mayan ruins of Lubaantun, in the British Honduras.  This story, later determined by the British Museum (having in their possession documents that verified the skull was purchased at a London auction in 1943) to be fabricated.  Although the skull's origin remains undetermined, its detail suggests a completion derived from up to 300 years of man-hours.  (Below: Anna Mitchell-Hedges in 2005.
Anna Mitchell Hedges died on 4/11/07 at age 100.)
"To date, there are approximately four or five skulls considered Ancient," continues Carolyn.  "There is also a skull who's named Compassion and is apparently the skull of sacred feminine energy.  That skull is in the United States; as is the Mitchell-Hedges and Max (who also doesn't show any tool marks).  Many are in the States.  My thoughts are there are many Indigenous people who are holding many of the Ancients, using them in their sacred ceremonies; not revealing them until the time is right."

"I've been in the presence of the Mitchell-Hedges Skull, whose present guardian is Bill Homann; and Synergy, a spectacular skull whose guardian is Sherry Whitfield Merrell."  (See below.)
"We can't really say for sure where crystal skulls come from," surmises Carolyn.  "We don't have any cold hard proof.  We can speculate.  There are many, many gifted folks who channel information from the skulls, giving us a window into that mystery and mysticism.  The crystal skull draws so much emotion."

"Where is the best place to hide information?" asks Carolyn, expressing her thoughts (from a non-scientific approach) as to why these crystals were carved into skulls.  "You hide knowledge in your subconscious mind; your skull.  The conscious mind is responsible for short-term memory, will-power, rationalization and justification.  Inside, we hide all our wisdom, knowledge; everything that makes us so incredible. We always look externally to find answers to questions; outwards to find happiness and love.  We don't look inside at this giant wellspring of love, knowledge and wisdom.  We look everywhere else, but can't find it.  Carved into a crystal skull, nobody would look in the head.  It's the very place we don't think to look."

"The brain holds the mind; the mind holds everything.  The subconscious mind holds all the information from the conception of our souls.  Everything's stored; it's a massive computer," remarks Carolyn.  "Crystal skulls are store houses; transmitters storing information that take us places we'd never think to go.  They help us through life in a way that's constantly evolving." 

Many believe the Maya calendar's completion signifies the evolution of our planet.  With euphoric wonder, humanity anticipates the discovery of the remaining Ancient skulls and secrets therein.

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