Thursday, July 26, 2012

Road Trip? Have Some Fun With Your Angels!

St. Christopher, the traveller's patron saint, is considered the ultimate "safety" companion to take on any excursion.  Archangel Michael, forever constant in my life's journey, was my angel of choice last week when visiting London, Ontario.

"Punch buggy!"  Gleefully catching my 11 year old's attention, I was already one-up on our favourite road trip game.  "M-om," Bryce responded, apparently annoyed I'd interrupted his YouTube video.  A quick glance to ensure the yellow Volkswagon existed, and back he went to his iPhone.

"Punch buggy!"  Another yellow VW bug came over the hill.

"Seriously mom?"  Hmm, now I had his full attention; a perfect opportunity to teach my son about angels!

"Oh thank you Archangel Michael, for those beautiful yellow balls of light you have sent my way!"

"Oh, come on," Bryce laughed, somewhat exasperated.

Looking off in the distance (with my 3rd eye, as I assure you the other two eyes remained on the road), I connected with Archangel Michael.  "Archangel Michael says the next bug will be a red one."  Now I had my son's full attention.  Game on!!

Over the hill came a shiny, red Volkswagon bug.

"No way!!!"  Holding his stomach, Bryce laughed until he cried.  "I don't believe it!"

"Believe it," I said.  It's no secret angels protect, guide, and comfort us.  We also know they talk to us; if only we'd listen.  Did you also know, angels have a wonderful sense of humour?  They're playful.  They're fun.  They love practical jokes. 

I've never forgotten the time I asked my husband (aka "tech guy" as many of you know him) to do something for me that required immediate action.  I don't recall his exact comment as he approached the stairs.  I know it was a somewhat off-the-cuff negative response.  Suddenly, he tripped up the stairs as though gently propelled by an unseen force. 

"I guess my angels didn't care for that response," I remarked.  Laughing, we both took it in stride.  Whether you believe in angels are not, there's something to be said for Karma. What does around definitely comes around."

For those who believe in angels, there will still be occasions when you question their loving guidance.  Even though Archangel Michael gave me an advantage score of 3 to 0, I did not divulge the fact he predicted a blue VW bug on the horizon.  Is it just me, or are there fewer blue bugs than yellow or red bugs?  When logic takes over; don't give in.  Trust with your heart; not your head. 

So began the silent argument back and forth, as Bryce returned his focus to Youtube. 

"I'm not going to tell my son about the blue Volkswagon bug.  I finally have him believing in angels.  Why would I spoil that?  What are the chances we'll see a blue bug next?"

"Tell him I said the bug will be blue,"  answered Michael.  I remained silent.  Angels, although patient, can be persistant.  "Unless you tell him it'll be blue, there will be no more bugs." 

"Michael," I replied (in my head), after 20 minutes had passed with no sign of a bug, "I don't want to tell him you said it'll be blue."  Another 20 minutes passed.

"Okay," I said aloud, "I think the next bug will be blue." 

Michael responded, "Not good enough."

Exasperated, I blurted out, 'Okay, Archangel Michael says the next Volkswagon bug will be blue.  I didn't want to tell you it would be blue, because if it's NOT blue, I don't want you not to believe in angels.  Archangel Michael said if I don't tell you HE said it would be blue, we won't see another bug for the entire trip.  So I'm telling you that Archangel Michael says it WILL be blue.  Okay?"

Bryce gave me that look, (you know, the one that says "My mom is crazy"); shaking his head sympathetically; (no doubt wondering how many years it'll be before he has to put me in a home) which quickly transpired to a wide-eyed, deer in the headlights, can't believe it's true look of wonderment.

"PUNCH BUGGY!"  Mom's doin' the happy dance; the blue bug soars by, and all is well with the world!  "Mom 4, Bryce 0".

Bryce drops his YouTube video.  "Game on!  My angel says the next VW bug will be random...that means any colour!"  And sure enough, that random green bug came cruising by, just as Archangel Michael whispered, "Well played!"

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