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Wednesday, January 25, 2012 - Soul Harmony with Crystal Healing

Gemstones and crystals are infinitely a part of our history; a component of earth's creation. 

"The crystal healing itself is an ancient modality," imparts Veronica.  "All ancient civilizations, Greek, Atlantis, and Eastern had the knowledge to place the stones on the body in order to restore its mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health."

Crystals with their metaphysical properties, were also used for spaces, attracting positive energy (Feng Shui) and tranquility.  Adorned by many, crystals were set in jewellery not only to beautify, but to empower, heal, increase vitality, and to forge connections beyond the veil.  Derived from the ancient Greek word krustallos, crystals expand our spiritual journey while enhancing other healing modalities.

"Crystals combine well with any other energy practice," explains Veronica, "Reiki, Past Life Regression, Readings, Meditation, and any other hands-on healing modality."

"Crystal meditation requires the use of crystals for grounding, concentrating your third eye energies (they need to be activated).  Any crystal or stone which has a dark colour would be beneficial for grounding, such as Tektite and Jet (lava stone). Set a lot of dark stones around the area of your body to ensure you'll be grounded during meditation."

Holding crystals in your hand during meditation can bring you to a higher frequency.  Veronica describes the fundamentals of energy transference from body to crystal, theorizing the crystal is best placed in your left hand.

"Energy comes in through the body from the left side, goes around the body and out through the right side.  The left hand is your perceiving hand; receiving energy, impressions and any information you might need.  You grab it with your left hand and throw it away with the right hand; your power hand."

"Crystal healing can do many things," Veronica tells us. "Starting with the physical level; you have a pain somewhere, you put a crystal on it, the pain is gone.  The emotional level (for example, feeling negative towards something); there are specific crystals to heal the emotional side.  The mental level; going deeper to establish why that person feels poorly all the time.  There's a mental blockage at some point; where the person thinks negative, triggering the emotional.  Beyond that is the spiritual side; healing the essence of somebody's soul.  Working with crystals is timeless.  Whether it's healing the past, present or future, it's information the person needs to know."

My visit to Phoenix Crystal Healing prior to our show gave me the opportunity to experience the wondrous energy of Veronica's crystal room.  An Energy Healing Practitioner, a Master Practitioner in Crystal Healing, a Past Life Regression Therapist (apparently I was a High Priest in Ancient Egypt), IET - Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner, also offering Rife Vibrational Technology Therapy and Healing Touch, Veronica offers a wide range of specialized healing techniques. 

Using an Aura Video Station, Veronica photgraphed my aura, giving positive insight to my aura and aura colours.  Intensity and colours of the aura, especially around and above the head have very special meanings.

"The orange and yellow signify two frequencies.  The orange belongs to your navel chakra (the sacral chakra); the yellow to your solar plexus.  You are a personality that combines creativity with joy.  You are a wonderful, energetic energy."  Just as your DNA carries genetic information, your aura is your spiritual blueprint.

Back at the studio, Veronica displays an array of crystals, such as Tiger's Eye (best used for aligning the spine and improving digestion), Amethyst (for the crown chakra), Purple Flourite (originating in Brazil, is associated with Archangel Michael), Copper, Citrine (solar plexus), Kyanite (does not require cleansing), Black Tourmaline, Selenite, Red Jasper, (resonates with the root chakra), Carnelian (best stone for emotional body; who you really are), Epidote (heart chakra), Emerald (heart chakra), Turquoise (throat chakra), Lapis Lazuli (Indigo frequency; worn by Cleopatra; best stone for 3rd eye and healing energy), Malachite (used to create organic makeup) and Phantom Crystal.
"With the Phantom Crystal, you can see a structure inside, parallel with the outer surface," notes Veronica. "The inside structure grows and stops, then grows again.  Everytime the life of the crystal stops, it starts again, like tiny phantoms.  Whoever touches it, the Phantom Crystal puts them in touch with their own evolution as a soul.  Every time you had a life, it was recorded in your energy blueprint."

"Crystals are used for everything we need," educates Veronica, "If you consider a crystal for heartache, think of a crystal that resonates with the heart chakra.  The heart chakra emits the frequency of green or pink.  It's important to seek the cause of the heartache, as it may be related to other combinations (such as grief).  There are stones that heal the emotional side (the heart) or the mental side based on the symptoms."

In choosing the perfect stone for you, Veronica recommends The Crystal Bible.  Love Is In The Earth by Melody is another favourite.  "It is more advanced, and includes techniques for crystal healing."  Crystal Prescriptions, by the same author of The Crystal Bible, is an A-Z guide to over 1,200 Symptoms and their healing crystals.

"Crystals and gemstones are tools for us to work with," concludes Veronica.  "In our lives everything is crystal or quartz based.  Without them we'd cease to exist." 

Originating from Mother Earth, crystals and humans are forever intertwined.  Therapeutic for all aspects of our lives, crystals continue to mesmerize us with their exceptional beauty and powerful healing energies.

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Click here to view our interview with Veronica Ianceoglu from Phoenix Crystal Healing.  (Video is presently unavailable.)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012 - Riding The Ascension Waves

In a world of endless committments, wars, natural disasters, chaos and unbalance, your soul may yearn for its very own Lost Horizon or Shangri-La.  Nestled beneath sun-kissed evergreens and Heaven-lit skies in the tiny town of OMPAH, you'll find The Goddess and The Green Man Crystal Earth Retreat Centre.

Riddled with vortexes, translucent quartz cystals, cascading waterfalls and sacred portals, this magical bed and breakfast retreat offers rest, relaxation, healing, and the optimal restorative spa.  A mystical place where time seems to stand still; you'll expect to see Oompa-Loompas cutting campfire wood or singing along with Allan's guitar.

Home to Cathryn and Allan Green, this magical haven of peace and tranquility promises to be the experience of a lifetime.  Lyrically described as the "Language of Light", Zenith Omega's energy work reconnects meridians between body, mind and spirit utilizing sacred geometry, colour and sound.
When working together, Cathryn and Allan offer various rejuvenating packages, such as the 5 in 1 Healing Experience:  De-Stress on Chi Machine, Ionic Foot Bath, Pampering and Reflexology Massage, Amethyst Bio Mat, Past Life and Spiritual Journeys in addition to Zenith Omega healing.

Reclaiming a true inner-self through Zenith Omega, this spiritual tranformation assures increased psychic awareness, intuition, imagination, good health and emotional balance.  By harnessing our electrical energy, this healing modality's harmonial benefits are endless!

"I support people on nutrition, healing, cancer; cancer can be very easy to go beyond with certain herbs, energy work, cleansing, and nutrient assimilation," says Cathryn, "From there I started to take courses; basic kinesiology, touch for health, reflexology, massage and reiki.  In 2007 I found Zenith Omega, one of the most amazing modalities one can imagine."

"As accupunture works on the blocks of physical meridians, it works on the blocks of all meridians; mental, emotional, physical, all lifetime's planes and dimensions," Cathryn informs us.  "When you ask the Zenith Omega guides to work with you, and the person you are working with allows the frequencies to shift, the blocks on all these levels are released."

"There are 5 levels with over 400 clearings; anything you can think of emotionally or phsyically you can address," shares Cathryn. "I teach the 5 levels of Zenith Omega.  I'm the Canadian Regional.  There is a 6th level which is light body acceleration.  It connects your DNA, bringing us back from carbon-base into crystaline-base.  Years ago we were disconnected.  Right now as the planet is moving through the galaxy we're coming into the light of frequencies and we're mutating as a species.  The DNA that is 2-strand is now coming back to 12; double strand or 14 for some people.  The crystaline energies are coming back in."

"We're here right now to clear all lifetimes on the planet.  We are eternal, immortal, universal and infinite.  There is no death; no separation.  As the planet is coming into lighter frequencies we're finding that we're able to connect to other dimensions with more ease.  A lot of people are having ascension symptoms where they don't know where they've been, they feel lost and are walking around like zombies because these dimensions are coming in and out.  Zenith Omega can balance people in these areas.  We're moving the frequencies of the planet into Heaven on earth." 

Cathryn herself is a little bit of Heaven on earth.  A hug from Cathryn emanates such unconditional love, perception, warmth and compassion, it's understandable she empowers anyone she touches spiritually, physically and mentally.  Amidst whimsical fairies, wondrous wildlife and dazzling waterways, Cathryn awaits your journey.

Whether visiting for a day or week, The Goddess and The Green Man Crystal Earth Retreat Centrepromises to ground, heal, nuture and keep you afloat, as you ride the ascension waves!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012 - Empower and Heal Your Life - Past Lives and Spiritual Journeys

Thirty years and 19,000 personal journeys later, Allan Green, Master Past Life and Spiritual Journey Facilitator, shares his experiences on past life journeys, spirit guides, and the dearly departed.            

"There's no reason to do past life regression unless you understand it's practical and available to what's happening in your life now," advises Allan.  "If you're having a conflict with somebody, it may have started in a past life.  If you go back to the past life and see what that conflict was, and clear it up then, there's a strong possibility you can clear it up now.  Karmically and spiritually, even if that person's at the other end of the world, when you go back to find out about that person, their spirit is obligated to go with you."  Subsequently, both participants heal at the same time.

Unlike the circular movie screen from a near-death experience where many different scenes appear as a hologram flashing by at tremendous speeds, your past life review is no different than watching a movie in remote viewing.

"It's fascinating; I learn something new every time," Allan reflects, "Often couples come together for a past life reading.  If some revelation, major change or healing happens, it's better they experience it together.  One particular lady had a problem all her life where she wasn't able to hug around her neck.   When her mother tried to hug her as a child she'd scream in terror.  Her brothers, sisters, father, cousins; nobody could hug her around the neck.  She married a beautiful man.  He couldn't hug her around her neck.  Her children couldn't hug her around her neck.  She believed she was hung or strangled in a past life."  As the story unfolds, Allan demonstrates how past life journeys can repair a present situation

"She found herself on a big steamship headed towards the New World," recalls Allan, who simultaneously experienced the journey.  "She was an Irish immigrant coming to North America.  We confirmed the ship wasn't the Titanic."  (During past life regressions, Allan has seen 14 people who were on the Titanic.)  "Her husband had gone across to New York for a job, giving him money to bring her over.  She was in economy class with other women, sleeping in bunks in the basement.  She'd never been on a ship, so she was very seasick all the time.  On her way to get something to eat, she tried to walk along and not look at the ocean, but the rolling of the ship made her sick. 

For three weeks they had to feed her food in her cabin.  Finally she'd had enough, and at three in the morning decided to get up and get some fresh air.  She put on the long corset and dress, both which fit up to her neck, along with her big, heavy coat.  She opens up the door to the North Atlantic and I feel this 'woosh' of cold that hit me.  Looking up at the full moon she puts her hands on the railing. I could feel the elation in her; she's going to meet her man and start off in a New World.  Excited, she's looking at the moon and everything is perfect.  Then she looks at the ocean and the rolling waves.  Heaving, she's sick and falls over the railing.  The weight of the water and her heavy dress pulls her to the bottom."

Without fear of cold water or drowning in this lifetime, Allan surmises the woman's clothing rose up and suffocated her at the neck.  She passed out and was gone before she reached the bottom.  In the present, Allan instructed the woman to place her hands on her neck.  Her husband placed his hands on her hands.  With Allan's hands on the husband's hands, they worked together at healing her neck; repairing broken bones, torn muscles and tissues.  Following more past life regression where she met some of her guides, and after 37 years of marriage, the woman was able to accept a hug (around the neck) from her husband. 

Allan attributes his 95% success rate to spirit guides and a higher self' who work behind the scenes.  "The guides have already planned what's going to happen when we come together.  When a person comes to me they're already primed and ready to work."

"When you meet your spirit guides, you can talk to people who have passed over.  If a person died of cancer and were heavily drugged at the time, chances are they won't realize they have died.  They'll be trapped between here and Heaven.  When we realize their energy is not very high; if they feel sad or angry and haven't crossed over, we send them into the light."   (Allan often works together with his wife Cathryn, offering healings from their log cabin home in Ompah, ON.) 
Assisting souls in crossing over isn't restricted to humans.  Animals sometimes need a little help too.  A large African Bush Elephant named Jumbo (1861 - September 15, 1885) found himself trapped between worlds. 

"Jumbo was a huge elephant; massive.  Living in England, he could take a teeny peanut out of a child's hand.  Kids fell in love with this elephant.  Barnum and Bailey took him all around the world.  They took him to St. Thomas, Ontario for a show.  They went to put him on the train and took him down the wrong ramp.  A train coming the other way killed him.  A shockwave was felt all around the world."

Travelling to St. Thomas for the first time, Allan experienced a weighted sensation while driving under the railway tracks where Jumbo died.  Turning to his wife, he said, "Cathryn, I'm feeling so much weight and pressure right now. I have a talk tonight and I don't think I can give the talk.  I don't know what it is, depression?" 

Allan took Cathryn to visit Jumbo's Monument, a three-ton memorial celebrating the pachyderm's life.  Being very intuitive Cathryn said, "Has he crossed?  Allan, you need to free that spirit to the light."  Allan attributed the heaviness he was feeling to heaviness of the elephant.  "I closed my eyes and pictured him beside the momument," recalled Allan, "Then I called on the bright light you go to when you cross over.  All of a sudden there was a trumpeting sound, and he went right into the light!"  After 120 years, Jumbo was finally at rest.

With drumming circles, past lives and sing-a-longs, Allan entertained a group of twelve people at the Journey Within Retreat in Nellie Lake.  Placing a red and white fishing float and weight on a string, he created necklaces for everybody.  When asked what they were for, Allan replied, "Everytime you're talking about somebody, think, are you uplifting them and helping them float, or are you dragging them down and sinking them to the bottom with the weight?" 

"There are three gateways," continues Allan, "Before making a decision or saying something to someone, ask yourself, is it true, is it necessary, is it kind?  If you can pass those three gateways, then say them.  If not, be silent."

Live each day empowering and healing not only your life, but the lives of those around you.  Embrace this wonderful journey called life, for it holds the key to all your dreams, aspirations and knowledge.  No matter which road you're on, or where our paths cross, at journey's end, together we'll discover Heaven on earth!

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Wednesday, January 4, 2011 - Dream A Little Dream with Me!

Cozy in our blankets and ready for a night of profound interpretation, viewers listened intently as Alex Gellman, PhD., Doctorate in Natural Medicine, Practitioner of Homeopathy, Iridologist and Grief Facilitator from the Universal Oneness Spiritual Center gave dream analysis a metaphysical spin. 

"Everything in the dream is a reflection of the body; a mirror image." remarks Alex.  "I have a dream that somebody steals my purse.  What part of me is the thief?  A purse carries a woman's identity, her keys, her money; all valuable to a woman.   If I'm the thief, what am I not doing to support myself?  Am I not taking care of myself with food?  Am I not getting enough rest?  Am I abusing myself in any fashion? Am I sabotaging my dreams or sense of self-worth? Everything in the dream is about the individual."  

"People can dream up to twelve dreams per night," states Alex.  "I've worked with patients that can record eight or nine dreams."  Attributing their success to being centred and present, Alex conceives,  "When we're not present, how can we remember our dreams?"

"We have dreams directly resulting from everyday life.  It's an overflow of the day's activities, resonating to chakra one (base/root chakra) and  chakra two (sacrel chakra).  Indulgences such as food, alcohol, in addition to harmonal fluxuations in woman, such as PMS and Menopause", can manifest involuntary cryptic images and sensations during sleep."

Symbolism is another type of dream created by our subconscious.  "It is a message to be interpreted.  It is coded, for those who don't want to know the truth." theorizes Alex. "We were all born with a divine, spiritual plan and life mission.  When we go off the road, the dreams are to get us back on track.  If we don't, the intensity of the dream increases."

"Visionary or Prophecy Dreams; the intervention of our higher self, our universe, God, nature, higher powers, intervenes with messages of prophecy about our lives or the lives of others."

"Lucid Dreams are an advanced form of dreaming known as dream control," notes Alex, viewing lucid dreaming as reenacting and correctional therapy.  Changing the outcome of your dream can be as effective as the Law of Attraction.  However, Alex cautions us not to "escape" or lose ourselves in a dream.
"There are many people in life who have become spectators," Alex says, "They are not participants.  Regarding the Avatar movement; it's a wonderful concept.  If they feel they are too skinny, they create an image that they're strong or sexy.  They need to carry it forward into real life."

Astral-travel or out of body experiences are attainable through lucid dreaming," informs Alex.  "As an advanced dreamer you can create the story you want; 'I'm going to go to Mars, Jupiter or Hawaii.'  When you dream you can travel." 

"You can use lucid dreams to correct past emotional trauma and stimulate creativity. The story of Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde; that was a dream."  Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson (13 November 1850 – 3 December 1894) "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", based on a dream was written and in print within 10 weeks.

Whether it's Jekyll, Hyde, the Bogey-man, monsters or death chasing us at night, re-occurring nightmares can be erased by lucid dreaming.

Tonight, when you are cozy in your blanket, have no fear!  Remember, you CAN take control.  Find meaning in your dreams.  Together, we'll continue to explore the magical world of dreams.  I welcome dream a little dream with me!

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