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Wednesday, January 18, 2012 - Riding The Ascension Waves

In a world of endless committments, wars, natural disasters, chaos and unbalance, your soul may yearn for its very own Lost Horizon or Shangri-La.  Nestled beneath sun-kissed evergreens and Heaven-lit skies in the tiny town of OMPAH, you'll find The Goddess and The Green Man Crystal Earth Retreat Centre.

Riddled with vortexes, translucent quartz cystals, cascading waterfalls and sacred portals, this magical bed and breakfast retreat offers rest, relaxation, healing, and the optimal restorative spa.  A mystical place where time seems to stand still; you'll expect to see Oompa-Loompas cutting campfire wood or singing along with Allan's guitar.

Home to Cathryn and Allan Green, this magical haven of peace and tranquility promises to be the experience of a lifetime.  Lyrically described as the "Language of Light", Zenith Omega's energy work reconnects meridians between body, mind and spirit utilizing sacred geometry, colour and sound.
When working together, Cathryn and Allan offer various rejuvenating packages, such as the 5 in 1 Healing Experience:  De-Stress on Chi Machine, Ionic Foot Bath, Pampering and Reflexology Massage, Amethyst Bio Mat, Past Life and Spiritual Journeys in addition to Zenith Omega healing.

Reclaiming a true inner-self through Zenith Omega, this spiritual tranformation assures increased psychic awareness, intuition, imagination, good health and emotional balance.  By harnessing our electrical energy, this healing modality's harmonial benefits are endless!

"I support people on nutrition, healing, cancer; cancer can be very easy to go beyond with certain herbs, energy work, cleansing, and nutrient assimilation," says Cathryn, "From there I started to take courses; basic kinesiology, touch for health, reflexology, massage and reiki.  In 2007 I found Zenith Omega, one of the most amazing modalities one can imagine."

"As accupunture works on the blocks of physical meridians, it works on the blocks of all meridians; mental, emotional, physical, all lifetime's planes and dimensions," Cathryn informs us.  "When you ask the Zenith Omega guides to work with you, and the person you are working with allows the frequencies to shift, the blocks on all these levels are released."

"There are 5 levels with over 400 clearings; anything you can think of emotionally or phsyically you can address," shares Cathryn. "I teach the 5 levels of Zenith Omega.  I'm the Canadian Regional.  There is a 6th level which is light body acceleration.  It connects your DNA, bringing us back from carbon-base into crystaline-base.  Years ago we were disconnected.  Right now as the planet is moving through the galaxy we're coming into the light of frequencies and we're mutating as a species.  The DNA that is 2-strand is now coming back to 12; double strand or 14 for some people.  The crystaline energies are coming back in."

"We're here right now to clear all lifetimes on the planet.  We are eternal, immortal, universal and infinite.  There is no death; no separation.  As the planet is coming into lighter frequencies we're finding that we're able to connect to other dimensions with more ease.  A lot of people are having ascension symptoms where they don't know where they've been, they feel lost and are walking around like zombies because these dimensions are coming in and out.  Zenith Omega can balance people in these areas.  We're moving the frequencies of the planet into Heaven on earth." 

Cathryn herself is a little bit of Heaven on earth.  A hug from Cathryn emanates such unconditional love, perception, warmth and compassion, it's understandable she empowers anyone she touches spiritually, physically and mentally.  Amidst whimsical fairies, wondrous wildlife and dazzling waterways, Cathryn awaits your journey.

Whether visiting for a day or week, The Goddess and The Green Man Crystal Earth Retreat Centrepromises to ground, heal, nuture and keep you afloat, as you ride the ascension waves!

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  1. What an incredible two weeks with Allan and Cathryn. I could almost feel myself at their retreat in the woods. When you add the land, the energy, the water falls and the crystal underground to the magic of these two gifted people you are bound to have an incredible experience at their retreat in Ompah. They offer a wealth of information and a beautiful blend of modalities that will help us move forward in the coming times. Blessings, Cris Ann


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