Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Glimpses of Angels - Alise's Journey

It's no secret there are angels among us.  Alise Senkevics Cole is one of them.  Wings gently tucked away, she is earthbound.  How fortunate for us.  How often do we glimpse an angel?  Believing is seeing.

Exhilerated, I drove to Alise's home in Byron, Ontario to give her an angel reading.  It was Thursday, July 19, 2012.  To say this was our first meeting would be false.  I was reconnecting with a soul from a past life.  Of this I was certain.

Nestled beside the pool, under a gazebo in Alise's backyard, I drink in the tranquil scene around us.  A lily-pad drenched pond, clearly a labour of love, was the focal point.  Chipmunks scurried by, oblivious to an overzealous mole peeking from beneath the garden shed.

"We named him 'Moley, Moley, Moley,'" Alise discloses, "Referenced from the movie; Austin Powers Goldmember. I know it's silly."  No, it's positively endearing; as is everything about Alise.  Sitting on the edge of her lounge chair, hair reflecting recent chemo treatments, Alise radiates a beauty far beyond her physical appearance.

Pulling out an assortment of angel cards, we choose those which resonate.  I sense a team effort; feeling guided by heavenly angels, and the earth angel beside me.  In-between card readings, we chat about everything, including Alise's diagnosis. 

"I have a brain tumor," shares Alise.  It was no shock to hear Alise has cancer.  I didn't need psychic abilities to see the challenges Alise faces.  Intuitively I felt the prognosis with clarity.  Words unspoken, I place my right hand on Alise's head, applying Reiki.
"I can feel the heat," she said.  I pray to Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael to help heal Alise.  I draw on all the power within me; holding my hand in place until I feel the heat subside.  Trusting my angels, I am content; believing something miraculous is taking place.

Stage 3 Anaplastic Astrocytoma.  Psychologically damaging, the terminology utilized by Western medicine incurs fear and uncertainty.  "I have a brain tumor".  Five little words; simplistic; non-threatening, leaves one to conclude anything is possible!
Spending that afternoon with Alise was a blessing.  I drove back to Burlington feeling homesick for my new friend. 
I've lost two close friends to cancer.  Kay Quinn, mother of two young boys, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1984.  Given only 6 months to live, Kay was determined to live until her boys were at an age when they could remember their mom.  6 years later, cancer throughout her body, Kay passed away.  Her strength and will to survive sends a strong message - never give up!  Heartbroken; I'd lost my best friend. 
Many years later I met Karen Blackburn.  Oddly enough, her maiden name was Kay.  For seven years, I watched helplessly as she battled Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  A succession of angel readings concluded she would beat the cancer.  In the end, Karen succumbed to a lung fungus.  Ironically, she was in complete remission.
Keeping a promise to  return and "give me a sign" she was okay, Karen arrived late one night.  Preceeding this visit I spent the day on cloud 9, knowing I would hear from her that evening.  When she didn't materialize, I sat in the darkness and cried, "Karen, I was so certain I'd hear from you today.  Why haven't you come?"  I felt an atmospheric shift; a thickening of air around me.  I sensed Karen's presence.  The bathroom nightlight suddenly flicked on then off; several times.  Logic took over.  "There must be a short," I surmised.  The light went out.  I wasn't alone.  Suspended in time I sat, immobile;, arm hairs standing on end.  A minute later, the nightlight lit up.  It never flickered again.  I thanked Karen for her message.
Keeping open communication is necessary when speaking to loved ones on the other side.  Still, it doesn't replace the warmth of a hand in yours, or a friend's eyes illuminating laughter over a shared joke.  It's never easy letting go.  Would it not be simpler to hang on?

Once home, I emailed my holistic network requesting healing energy for Alise.  
Within each of us is a radiant light.  Some lights shine bright.  Some are more subdued, depending on our circumstances.  Each light holds the power to heal.  United, we create a healing illuminescence so great, it defies convention.  United, we tap into God's power.  That's when miracles occur.

"I am humbled and completely touched to the pit of my soul with love and gratitude.  Countless folks checking on me throughout my ordeal; sending me their prayers and healing powers will not be forgotten for a moment," expresses Alise.  "It is such a powerful experience!"
I too am proud and honoured to share in this wonderful circle of intuitive healers:

"I am sending Alise distance reiki."  Julia Wooster

"I just put Alise on my healing list (with another 14 people), and I will send her Universal Energy every day.   While the energy I send is not always received by the patient, I have had some excellent results in the past.   Every little bit helps!"   Frédérique Herel

"I will do some work on her.   Her guides are being cautiously optmistic at the minute.   Cancer is insidious and strikes at anyone with no regard to age.  We all have an interesting path to walk.  Many Blessings."   Ann Ragobar

"We are sending healing energies to her with the intention of a clearing and calming her mind. She has had problems balancing her mind and Heart, the confusion and inability to foresee her life and actions and trust life’s process contributed to the situation. Opening to the Heart and spirit would help, blessings."  Allan & Cathryn Green

"My reiki distant healing group has been notified. We’ll do our best for Alise.  Peace."  Yvonne Noriko Kato, Shihan

"I have worked with client's with cancer at my clinic (I have had many great success stories) as they have journeyed with us at the clinic. If she is open to distant sessions knowing that the healing for each and everyone is unique and the results as well, Let me know.  Please pass along my information to her and we will allow her to contact me when she is ready and I will then be able to share with her "how I work" and also pass along a name of a client who is very passionate about sharing her story/journey with Cancer.  In my humble experience and with the client's I have worked with "cancer has a component of something the client may or may not be aware of that they are holding in their cells that they haven't addressed/healed/released/forgiveness/acknowleged/let go of, etc.  The energy of it "eats away at them over time.  Sending her my love and prayer for her return to optimal health and wellbeing."  Michelle LeRoy

"I will definitely send along healing energies and share her name with a few people who will willingly do the same."  Cris Ann Mulreed

"I will definitely send healing to her and give the word to my friends. One of the things that we used to do in healing circle was, I used to send healing to a student of mine in Hamilton.  I would sit in the center of the circle and be the surrogate for him and the others around would perfom a healing of "me". I could feel the energy and it does work."  Dale Kelloway

"I will send healing to your new friend, and reiki too. When I get up in the morning I will check my affirmations files and see if I can come up with some to send to Alise."  Pat

"Get her on Essiac of Floressence Tea as soon as possible.  Many blessings." Terry Atkinson

"I will add Alice to my healing grid which will send distance healing to her on a continous basis.  Keep the faith!  Love heals!!"  Rita Bonnici

"I was able to offer her healing energy last night and to ask for guidance for her. The one thing that came to me was an on line replay of a call that I listened to last week. It was only available for 24 hours, so I don't have access to it any more. The speaker mentioned a lady with a brain tumor and she was doing her best to visualize the tumor being gone. As this was difficult for her to be congruent with, they broke it down into small steps starting with visualizing it being slightly smaller for a week or so. Once that became something she could truly believe, then it would change to visualizing it smaller, repeating it as many times as necessary. 
The other thing that I have heard, which sounds totally strange at first, is to actually love the tumor/cancer. To speak out loud or in your head "I love and accept the tumor/cancer. I thank the tumor/cancer it for the lessons it has helped me to learn and now fully release it as it no longer serves me." Or whatever words resonate with the person to feel congruent. This way the person is no longer 'fighting' it, which goes along with the belief that what we resist persists.  I just 'got' an image of her looking at a photo of herself prior to the tumor. Focusing on this and the belief that she is now completely healthy. What happened about 6 or 9 months ago? I feel she needs to release some feelings around this situation (6 to 9 months prior to diagnosis).   I will continue to offer healing energy whenever I am able."  Elaine Turner
"May sacred hands of the purest universal energies minister to embrace  Alise with love; making her whole in the name of divine order."   Humbly, Rev. Mudra

Cristina Toro connected with me by phone, offering her healing gifts to Alise.  "Cristina sends me affirmations, and tells me she sends her reiki healing," Alise tells me.  "She is a darling!"

In Lily Dale, NY, the World's Largest Spiritualistic Community, healing services are performed in the healing temple. Outside of the temple is a prayer tree, covered with prayer ribbons.  My dear friend Linda Roan, who visited Lily Dale this past weekend, added a special ribbon for Alise.
"Today I was in Lilydale, N.Y. where they pray twice a day in the Healing Temple for those unnamed and then ribbons in everyone's honour are taken to a secret, sacred place where they receive blessing until infinity,"  shares Linda.  "May Alise be included in their prayers.  Lilydale residents believe to think of a person is to contact their energy.  If Alise thinks of Lilydale she will connect to its healing energy." 
Together, we've created a powerful source of healing energy so great, that on August 24, 2012, (a week following Alise's MRI), Alise rejoiced in a 50% tumor reduction!

Thrilled to hear the wonderful news, I was equally happy to find this photo on my facebook timeline, along with a special message from Alise.  "Thanks Christine; I know your intervention has helped: This is me: :)"
Alise's journey is far from over.  The road ahead, with its twists and turns will be bumpy.  There will be days when that mountain top will seem unreachable; too hard to climb.  Yet I know, in these moments, those wings, gently tucked away, will unfold.  Embracing all her heavenly beauty, Alise Senkevics Cole will soar!  In flight, our earth angel will continue to inspire and endure!  Follow her journey and watch a miracle transpire!


  1. Words canot even express how humbled and blessed I feel to have you in my life- this is the most beautiful tribute I've ever read.. Thank you. It doesn't seem to be enough- God Bless you; and may you continue to be a beacon of light, love and healing to those in need. Much Love;
    Alise Cole

    1. I would do anything for you Alise. I feel so blessed to have you in my life! I'm so looking forward to that day when you can visit my backyard and soak up some rays with me! Much love, Christine

  2. From Fiona Senkevics:
    This is the most beautiful, uplifting, inspiring message I have ever seen from anyone - for anyone!
    What can I say!  WOW!!

  3. Thank you so much for the kind words Fiona. xox


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