Monday, September 10, 2012

Another Angel in Heaven - Our Little Animal Whisperer

It was only few days ago I asked the question, "How does a mother survive the death of her child?"  For my friend facing the greatest challenge of her life, the question remains unanswered.
My first meeting with Noah took my breath away.  A very old soul, he projected a tender tranquility and wiseness beyond his 6 years.  It's no wonder animals were drawn to him.  "Spikey", his pet bearded dragon, more often was found hanging from the front of Noah's t-shirt as the little boy went about his business.  Such trust and devotion was inspirational.  Beyond a doubt, I was in the presence of a great animal whisperer.
Like his namesake, Noah could lead the animals anywhere, be it on an ark in the midst of a rainstorm, or calm, shallow waters off a sandy beach.  "Love at Fish Sight" reflects the true beauty between father, son and their new-finned friend.  Animals sense a kindred spirit.  Perhaps it was Noah's whisper compelling deer to follow and snakes to rest quietly in his little hand?  A true respect for all things wild, Noah protected his animal friends from harm.
Isn't that what we do; protect the ones we love?  Sometimes, even with the best intentions, this isn't possible.  Tragedy can strike quickly leaving those behind shattered, grieving, and falling into a dark, black abyss from which they may never return. 
On Saturday, September 9, 2012, after what seemed like a typical day at play, Noah, the great animal whisperer, took his last breath.  Those of us whose lives he touched, will never be the same.  We'll feel every emotion, disbelief, anger, outrage, sympathy, fear, remorse, grief; all individually dealing with our own pain; silently or verbally.  United, we'll support, comfort, reflect, heal, and find strength in each other to continue our personal journeys, wherever they may take us.  With the highest intentions for a positive outcome, forgiveness, peace, understanding, and unconditional love for all, may we put the pieces strewn across our hearts and minds back together. 
Inevitably, there will always be a piece missing.  The only place we'll find that piece is in our hearts; held there forever; cherished and protected for all eternity.
RIP Noah Kosalka
For his mother Tanya:
Two Souls; Forever Connected
 In so much pain; my little friend died.
I’ve seen him cross on the other side.
Although it gives some peace of mind
How do we survive; the ones left behind?
Innocence lost; a lifetime to heal
Please, someone tell me it isn’t real.
To love so much, yet take life away
My confusion builds with each new day.
A mother distraught; words unspoken
Can you mend a heart completely broken?
I pray for her strength to continue on.
It’s too late to right this terrible wrong.
Yet a glimpse of an angel from heaven above
Reflects there’s no end to undying love.
A mother and son; forever they’ll stay
For NO ONE has the power to take that away!

To my friend Voy,
Together you've experienced all the wonders of earth.
May you continue your journey together, discovering all the magic of Heaven!
RIP Voytek Wojciech Kosalka

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Glimpses of Angels - Alise's Journey

It's no secret there are angels among us.  Alise Senkevics Cole is one of them.  Wings gently tucked away, she is earthbound.  How fortunate for us.  How often do we glimpse an angel?  Believing is seeing.

Exhilerated, I drove to Alise's home in Byron, Ontario to give her an angel reading.  It was Thursday, July 19, 2012.  To say this was our first meeting would be false.  I was reconnecting with a soul from a past life.  Of this I was certain.

Nestled beside the pool, under a gazebo in Alise's backyard, I drink in the tranquil scene around us.  A lily-pad drenched pond, clearly a labour of love, was the focal point.  Chipmunks scurried by, oblivious to an overzealous mole peeking from beneath the garden shed.

"We named him 'Moley, Moley, Moley,'" Alise discloses, "Referenced from the movie; Austin Powers Goldmember. I know it's silly."  No, it's positively endearing; as is everything about Alise.  Sitting on the edge of her lounge chair, hair reflecting recent chemo treatments, Alise radiates a beauty far beyond her physical appearance.

Pulling out an assortment of angel cards, we choose those which resonate.  I sense a team effort; feeling guided by heavenly angels, and the earth angel beside me.  In-between card readings, we chat about everything, including Alise's diagnosis. 

"I have a brain tumor," shares Alise.  It was no shock to hear Alise has cancer.  I didn't need psychic abilities to see the challenges Alise faces.  Intuitively I felt the prognosis with clarity.  Words unspoken, I place my right hand on Alise's head, applying Reiki.
"I can feel the heat," she said.  I pray to Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael to help heal Alise.  I draw on all the power within me; holding my hand in place until I feel the heat subside.  Trusting my angels, I am content; believing something miraculous is taking place.

Stage 3 Anaplastic Astrocytoma.  Psychologically damaging, the terminology utilized by Western medicine incurs fear and uncertainty.  "I have a brain tumor".  Five little words; simplistic; non-threatening, leaves one to conclude anything is possible!
Spending that afternoon with Alise was a blessing.  I drove back to Burlington feeling homesick for my new friend. 
I've lost two close friends to cancer.  Kay Quinn, mother of two young boys, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1984.  Given only 6 months to live, Kay was determined to live until her boys were at an age when they could remember their mom.  6 years later, cancer throughout her body, Kay passed away.  Her strength and will to survive sends a strong message - never give up!  Heartbroken; I'd lost my best friend. 
Many years later I met Karen Blackburn.  Oddly enough, her maiden name was Kay.  For seven years, I watched helplessly as she battled Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  A succession of angel readings concluded she would beat the cancer.  In the end, Karen succumbed to a lung fungus.  Ironically, she was in complete remission.
Keeping a promise to  return and "give me a sign" she was okay, Karen arrived late one night.  Preceeding this visit I spent the day on cloud 9, knowing I would hear from her that evening.  When she didn't materialize, I sat in the darkness and cried, "Karen, I was so certain I'd hear from you today.  Why haven't you come?"  I felt an atmospheric shift; a thickening of air around me.  I sensed Karen's presence.  The bathroom nightlight suddenly flicked on then off; several times.  Logic took over.  "There must be a short," I surmised.  The light went out.  I wasn't alone.  Suspended in time I sat, immobile;, arm hairs standing on end.  A minute later, the nightlight lit up.  It never flickered again.  I thanked Karen for her message.
Keeping open communication is necessary when speaking to loved ones on the other side.  Still, it doesn't replace the warmth of a hand in yours, or a friend's eyes illuminating laughter over a shared joke.  It's never easy letting go.  Would it not be simpler to hang on?

Once home, I emailed my holistic network requesting healing energy for Alise.  
Within each of us is a radiant light.  Some lights shine bright.  Some are more subdued, depending on our circumstances.  Each light holds the power to heal.  United, we create a healing illuminescence so great, it defies convention.  United, we tap into God's power.  That's when miracles occur.

"I am humbled and completely touched to the pit of my soul with love and gratitude.  Countless folks checking on me throughout my ordeal; sending me their prayers and healing powers will not be forgotten for a moment," expresses Alise.  "It is such a powerful experience!"
I too am proud and honoured to share in this wonderful circle of intuitive healers:

"I am sending Alise distance reiki."  Julia Wooster

"I just put Alise on my healing list (with another 14 people), and I will send her Universal Energy every day.   While the energy I send is not always received by the patient, I have had some excellent results in the past.   Every little bit helps!"   Frédérique Herel

"I will do some work on her.   Her guides are being cautiously optmistic at the minute.   Cancer is insidious and strikes at anyone with no regard to age.  We all have an interesting path to walk.  Many Blessings."   Ann Ragobar

"We are sending healing energies to her with the intention of a clearing and calming her mind. She has had problems balancing her mind and Heart, the confusion and inability to foresee her life and actions and trust life’s process contributed to the situation. Opening to the Heart and spirit would help, blessings."  Allan & Cathryn Green

"My reiki distant healing group has been notified. We’ll do our best for Alise.  Peace."  Yvonne Noriko Kato, Shihan

"I have worked with client's with cancer at my clinic (I have had many great success stories) as they have journeyed with us at the clinic. If she is open to distant sessions knowing that the healing for each and everyone is unique and the results as well, Let me know.  Please pass along my information to her and we will allow her to contact me when she is ready and I will then be able to share with her "how I work" and also pass along a name of a client who is very passionate about sharing her story/journey with Cancer.  In my humble experience and with the client's I have worked with "cancer has a component of something the client may or may not be aware of that they are holding in their cells that they haven't addressed/healed/released/forgiveness/acknowleged/let go of, etc.  The energy of it "eats away at them over time.  Sending her my love and prayer for her return to optimal health and wellbeing."  Michelle LeRoy

"I will definitely send along healing energies and share her name with a few people who will willingly do the same."  Cris Ann Mulreed

"I will definitely send healing to her and give the word to my friends. One of the things that we used to do in healing circle was, I used to send healing to a student of mine in Hamilton.  I would sit in the center of the circle and be the surrogate for him and the others around would perfom a healing of "me". I could feel the energy and it does work."  Dale Kelloway

"I will send healing to your new friend, and reiki too. When I get up in the morning I will check my affirmations files and see if I can come up with some to send to Alise."  Pat

"Get her on Essiac of Floressence Tea as soon as possible.  Many blessings." Terry Atkinson

"I will add Alice to my healing grid which will send distance healing to her on a continous basis.  Keep the faith!  Love heals!!"  Rita Bonnici

"I was able to offer her healing energy last night and to ask for guidance for her. The one thing that came to me was an on line replay of a call that I listened to last week. It was only available for 24 hours, so I don't have access to it any more. The speaker mentioned a lady with a brain tumor and she was doing her best to visualize the tumor being gone. As this was difficult for her to be congruent with, they broke it down into small steps starting with visualizing it being slightly smaller for a week or so. Once that became something she could truly believe, then it would change to visualizing it smaller, repeating it as many times as necessary. 
The other thing that I have heard, which sounds totally strange at first, is to actually love the tumor/cancer. To speak out loud or in your head "I love and accept the tumor/cancer. I thank the tumor/cancer it for the lessons it has helped me to learn and now fully release it as it no longer serves me." Or whatever words resonate with the person to feel congruent. This way the person is no longer 'fighting' it, which goes along with the belief that what we resist persists.  I just 'got' an image of her looking at a photo of herself prior to the tumor. Focusing on this and the belief that she is now completely healthy. What happened about 6 or 9 months ago? I feel she needs to release some feelings around this situation (6 to 9 months prior to diagnosis).   I will continue to offer healing energy whenever I am able."  Elaine Turner
"May sacred hands of the purest universal energies minister to embrace  Alise with love; making her whole in the name of divine order."   Humbly, Rev. Mudra

Cristina Toro connected with me by phone, offering her healing gifts to Alise.  "Cristina sends me affirmations, and tells me she sends her reiki healing," Alise tells me.  "She is a darling!"

In Lily Dale, NY, the World's Largest Spiritualistic Community, healing services are performed in the healing temple. Outside of the temple is a prayer tree, covered with prayer ribbons.  My dear friend Linda Roan, who visited Lily Dale this past weekend, added a special ribbon for Alise.
"Today I was in Lilydale, N.Y. where they pray twice a day in the Healing Temple for those unnamed and then ribbons in everyone's honour are taken to a secret, sacred place where they receive blessing until infinity,"  shares Linda.  "May Alise be included in their prayers.  Lilydale residents believe to think of a person is to contact their energy.  If Alise thinks of Lilydale she will connect to its healing energy." 
Together, we've created a powerful source of healing energy so great, that on August 24, 2012, (a week following Alise's MRI), Alise rejoiced in a 50% tumor reduction!

Thrilled to hear the wonderful news, I was equally happy to find this photo on my facebook timeline, along with a special message from Alise.  "Thanks Christine; I know your intervention has helped: This is me: :)"
Alise's journey is far from over.  The road ahead, with its twists and turns will be bumpy.  There will be days when that mountain top will seem unreachable; too hard to climb.  Yet I know, in these moments, those wings, gently tucked away, will unfold.  Embracing all her heavenly beauty, Alise Senkevics Cole will soar!  In flight, our earth angel will continue to inspire and endure!  Follow her journey and watch a miracle transpire!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Your Path - Keep Positive with a New Perspective!

"Boat" and "Land"; two little words defining Perspective.  Is the illustrator intuitively innocent; wise beyond their years?  Or did it take decades of knowledge and wisdom to come to this conclusion?  Young or old, people with this mindset are brilliant!  They get it!

Changing your perspective allows you to take responsibility for your life.  It also creates opportunities.  If you knew you signed a contract prior to this lifetime, would you view challenges in the same light?  As a spiritual being living the human experience, your purpose for being present is to advance your soul.  It's an education process.  Breezing through life; having everything handed to you on a silver platter won't bring value.  Where is the lesson?  We must meet obstacles head on. Find strategic solutions for crossing barriers.  The results; positive, rewarding achievements.  If we are here for our souls to learn, aren't these hurdles blessings in disguise

By signing a contract pre-carnation, you're creating a strong foundation for success.  In every setback there's knowledge and understanding.  Therefore, you can't fail.  From a human perspective you may feel unproductive; yet spiritually you have opportunity.  Ask yourself, "What did I gain from this situation?  Where is the blessing?"  Life's journey is also about helping others find success.  Contracts between souls create a support circle.  If they feel their presence is beneficial, soulmates return with us.

Many believe a soulmate is our "significant other". Mate translates to friend; a travelling companion. A soul twin (aka Twin Flame) is our defining half; separated from us eons and eons ago. Twin Flames are an equal balance of masculine and feminine energy. Together, they make the perfect whole. Some of us devote our lives searching for the one who'll complete us. Until we find them, we experience separation anxiety; feeling completely and utterly alone.  You are never alone!   You always have your angels!

A Guardian Angel, assigned to you at birth, is your new BFF; best friend forever! From the moment you take your first breath, until the time you revisit the spiritual realm, this Divine being is at your side. Angel specialists come into your life for a short time, or long time, depending on your needs. No matter which path you choose, your angels and soulmates are always near.   

With this vast support network on your team, how can you lose?  It's all perspective.  Instead of blaming God or someone else for your lot in life, take responsibility.  YOU chose this path.  Even if you didn't consciously choose it; everything happens for a reason.  It's the domino effect.  Every action generates a consequence.  At present, you're right where you need to be.  There's a lesson in everything!

Look back on all the challenges in your life.  Did you suffer a loss?  Were you abused as a child or adult?  At present, can you help others in similar circumstances?  Can a person feel compassion, if they haven't experienced pain or suffering?  When you see a bully, do you condemn them?  Or do you look beyond their appearance to reflect why they hurt others?  Everyone has a story.  Don't pass judgement.  We are all on a life-changing expedition.

Hell is a manufactured illusion.  We, as inventors, share the incredible ability to create Heaven on earth.  Take responsibility for your life!  You are not a victim; do not live your life as one!  CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE!  Manifest your dreams!  Instead of focusing on negativity; wars, pain, heartache, loss; view the world positively.  See the wonder around you.  Honour nature.  Embrace miracles; big or small.  Be thankful.  Trust your Divine purpose.  Accept others. 

With every step we gain insight into ourselves, the world, and those around us.  Perspectively, we are all in school, striving for straight "A"'s.  Reviewing your journey as "sheer hell"?  Congratulations! You've graduated!

By changing how you view life, you can greet each day with euphoria.  Cheer up!  You never know what's coming just around the bend.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Road Trip? Have Some Fun With Your Angels!

St. Christopher, the traveller's patron saint, is considered the ultimate "safety" companion to take on any excursion.  Archangel Michael, forever constant in my life's journey, was my angel of choice last week when visiting London, Ontario.

"Punch buggy!"  Gleefully catching my 11 year old's attention, I was already one-up on our favourite road trip game.  "M-om," Bryce responded, apparently annoyed I'd interrupted his YouTube video.  A quick glance to ensure the yellow Volkswagon existed, and back he went to his iPhone.

"Punch buggy!"  Another yellow VW bug came over the hill.

"Seriously mom?"  Hmm, now I had his full attention; a perfect opportunity to teach my son about angels!

"Oh thank you Archangel Michael, for those beautiful yellow balls of light you have sent my way!"

"Oh, come on," Bryce laughed, somewhat exasperated.

Looking off in the distance (with my 3rd eye, as I assure you the other two eyes remained on the road), I connected with Archangel Michael.  "Archangel Michael says the next bug will be a red one."  Now I had my son's full attention.  Game on!!

Over the hill came a shiny, red Volkswagon bug.

"No way!!!"  Holding his stomach, Bryce laughed until he cried.  "I don't believe it!"

"Believe it," I said.  It's no secret angels protect, guide, and comfort us.  We also know they talk to us; if only we'd listen.  Did you also know, angels have a wonderful sense of humour?  They're playful.  They're fun.  They love practical jokes. 

I've never forgotten the time I asked my husband (aka "tech guy" as many of you know him) to do something for me that required immediate action.  I don't recall his exact comment as he approached the stairs.  I know it was a somewhat off-the-cuff negative response.  Suddenly, he tripped up the stairs as though gently propelled by an unseen force. 

"I guess my angels didn't care for that response," I remarked.  Laughing, we both took it in stride.  Whether you believe in angels are not, there's something to be said for Karma. What does around definitely comes around."

For those who believe in angels, there will still be occasions when you question their loving guidance.  Even though Archangel Michael gave me an advantage score of 3 to 0, I did not divulge the fact he predicted a blue VW bug on the horizon.  Is it just me, or are there fewer blue bugs than yellow or red bugs?  When logic takes over; don't give in.  Trust with your heart; not your head. 

So began the silent argument back and forth, as Bryce returned his focus to Youtube. 

"I'm not going to tell my son about the blue Volkswagon bug.  I finally have him believing in angels.  Why would I spoil that?  What are the chances we'll see a blue bug next?"

"Tell him I said the bug will be blue,"  answered Michael.  I remained silent.  Angels, although patient, can be persistant.  "Unless you tell him it'll be blue, there will be no more bugs." 

"Michael," I replied (in my head), after 20 minutes had passed with no sign of a bug, "I don't want to tell him you said it'll be blue."  Another 20 minutes passed.

"Okay," I said aloud, "I think the next bug will be blue." 

Michael responded, "Not good enough."

Exasperated, I blurted out, 'Okay, Archangel Michael says the next Volkswagon bug will be blue.  I didn't want to tell you it would be blue, because if it's NOT blue, I don't want you not to believe in angels.  Archangel Michael said if I don't tell you HE said it would be blue, we won't see another bug for the entire trip.  So I'm telling you that Archangel Michael says it WILL be blue.  Okay?"

Bryce gave me that look, (you know, the one that says "My mom is crazy"); shaking his head sympathetically; (no doubt wondering how many years it'll be before he has to put me in a home) which quickly transpired to a wide-eyed, deer in the headlights, can't believe it's true look of wonderment.

"PUNCH BUGGY!"  Mom's doin' the happy dance; the blue bug soars by, and all is well with the world!  "Mom 4, Bryce 0".

Bryce drops his YouTube video.  "Game on!  My angel says the next VW bug will be random...that means any colour!"  And sure enough, that random green bug came cruising by, just as Archangel Michael whispered, "Well played!"

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wednesday, July 25, 2012 - Goodbye for Now; Not Forever

Someone once told me, "We hold the key to our own happiness, but Angels guide us to the right doors."  It's never easy to say goodbye to something you love, especially when there are people involved - that's you, our viewers!  The world is experiencing a major shift; we're waking up!  Following our hearts and intuition, understanding what is truly important in this world, and coming together as a whole is just the beginning!  Our angels are talking more than ever...and we're finally listening!

My angels are guiding me in another direction.  There's a new door opening.  To see it, I must close another door; walking away from my BlogTV show.  I'd like to bring you all along with me on my new adventure.  Whether you join the Ask Your Angels Talk Show on Facebook, subscribe to us on YouTube, follow us on Twitter, subsribe to BlogSpot, or contact us by email, we hope you'll continue to be our companions on this wonderful journey!

We'll continue to add new shows to YouTube.  Though sporatic, we guarantee they'll carry all the attributes of our Wednesday night show - fun, insightful, and entertaining!  We'd like to take the show on the road; travel to Ompah to see Cathryn and Allen's retreat and other Holistic hideaways.  This is just one of the many ideas we have for the future.  For now, we're living in the present; trusting our angels to guide us in the right direction.

Thank you dear listeners for faithfully joining us and chatting in each week; inviting us into your lives.  Ascended Master and Twin Flame, like Dorothy said to the Scarecrow "I think I'll miss you most of all!"  Thank you so much for assisting Tech Guy, and watching over us as earth angels do.  If I had but one wish, it would be to meet you both in person; along with Shira who will always hold a special place in our hearts. 

To the wonderful guests who appeared on our show, thank you for sharing your healing energies and exceptional knowledge on a vast array of topics.  Your loving messages will continue to empower and inspire.  You arrived as guests and left as friends; souls forever connected.

We say goodbye for now; not forever.  Sad to see the door close; yet happy to see the light up ahead, just beyond the open door.
"Christine, the work/labor of love ~ you and Brett have done getting the show together and on the air week after week will benefit people long after you stop creating new shows. The archives you have established are a wealth of information introducing those of us in the field to a diverse blend of modalities and fascinating subjects for over a year. Following your inner guidance is key! Many of us rely too much on the Internet and forget about the Inner-net. I AM sure you will continue to touch many lives as you continue your journey through life. Thanks for all you have done already and what you will continue to do in the days ahead! Blessings & Light!"  Cris Ann Mulreed

"Hi Christine, I am sorry to hear this episode is coming to an end however I am sure where you are going is exactly where you will excel and touch more people." Tawlia Chickalo

"Hi Christine, good for you! You have done a wonderful job hosting the Ask Your Angels Talk Show. I trust that you will take these talents along with you toward your new direction. It has been such a pleasure being a guest on your show. You have a natural way of putting your guest at ease right away…and it was such fun too!"  Mary Ann Matthews

“Chris, your path is lit by the angels, you are guided and blessed. Things will unfold the way they are meant to.” Ann Ragobar

“Hi Christine, your angels know best! It was an amazing experience to be on your show with The Greater Good. Best of luck with your new direction; I know it will work well for you. We will definitely stay connected! Much love and appreciation! Be well!” Rita Bonnici

“Hello Christine, much love and blessings on your journey and know that we are always guided and supported. Munay!” Heidi McBratney

“You must follow your heart! When your path is laid out before you, you must take it and see where Spirit brings you! Congrats on your new venture!”  Michelle Desrochers

"I wish you all the best in your new journey, you will do absolute great, I know many people will get the benefit of being around you! With love and gratitude,” Cristina Toro

“Good luck with everything Christine. Best things in life unfold when we follow our heart.” Daniela Szasz

“Hello, congrats on your new venture! Just wanted to say that right now things are working out just the way they should. You deserve it! Great job! Keep it up! Remember, You’re one of God’s many talented creations, Angel!!!” Stephanie Saad

“It's been a slice. Thanks for a great show and the inspiration.” Franco Minatel

“May your new "path" be filled with joy!” LOVE, Beverly

"Hi Christine, I wanted to send you a quick note wishing you all the best in your future show projects. I will miss watching you each and every Wednesday night - your shows have been quite inspirational and I wanted to thank you for sharing your gifts to the world. :)” Roxx Ann

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday, May 9, 2012 – The Great White Spirit

Uncovering a mysterious black leather envelope in a old chest belonging to his mother, Derrick Whiteskycloud; Psychic, Medium, Spiritual Healer, Paranormal Investigator, U.F.O. expert, writer, teacher and director of the Michif Historical and Cultrual Preservation Society, discovered documents validating his descendancy to Pocahontas (baptised Rebecca in 1613).

"Pocohontas is related to me on my grandfather Robert Henry Rolfe's side," acknowledges Derrick.  "I didn't know anything about this prior to finding the information.  That's where it all started." 

Beaten at school for having native blood, Derrick reflects, "When you're in a white society back in the 60's, you weren't accepted.  Dating back thousands of years; generation to generation; Native American Indians had much shame placed upon them.  We were told it's wrong to be Indian.  Those teased used to hide who they were, saying, 'I'm French; I'm Scottish; I'm Ukranian.'  Much has changed, yet there are still so many children today who carry that shame because their parents told them to.  We're trying to teach them to jump up to the plate and appreciate who they are."
"Really good people live on the reserve," declares Derrick, illustrating reservation life as a very strong, supportive community where few are against one another.    "A small village; we live in houses.  Nobody lives in a teepee anymore unless they are camping.  That's a luxury for us.  The lifestyle is laid back.  There's traditional hunting and fishing; survival skills.  I try to help communities whenever they need me.  I travel to Northern Alberta, working on the reserve in different places such as Sucker Creek, Drift Pile, Slave Lake.  I'm usually there for 5 to 7 days per month working as a counsellor; helping them to heal from something they're struggling with. 

"Living in a small little town, not everyone has cable t.v., a satellite dish or radio.  Some live the old pioneer ways; hunting, fishing.  That's their way of life.  Even as a kid I enjoyed the traditions," reminisces Derrick. "Teepees, where people lived many generations ago, were made from a variety of spruce (depending on the territory) or tree cover; even buffalo hides.  The men would hunt and bring back the food; the women would put up the teepee.  If you ever go camping, and come across high winds, a teepee can withstand 125 mile an hour winds."
"Muscrat, Beaver Tail, Moose Nose, Bear, Deer and Elk", Derrick tells us, is the most frequently foraged meat.  "Considered 'survival foods', beans and corn are easily grown, and are a staple that can survive the whole winter.  You don't have to freeze them.  Dry them out; dehydrate them; they last for months.  It's the same for salmon.  After fishing, you can dry out your salmon by hanging it in the sun.  We make Pemmican by mixing drytec meat with berries; drying it out and using it as a source of food.  Salt Pack is a mixture of crushed meat with a lump of salt, made very dry.  If you need to chew on something nutritional, you can use that to survive in the bush."

"In the late 1600's/early 1700's, when the French first set ashore on Native American land, they saw red okra-covered indians," imparts Derrick.  "Wearing red okra clay wasn't just their identity; it was a way to protect them from the red hot sun.  Believing the colour red represented the devil, the French considered the natives evil."
"Growing up in Manitoba, I witnessed my first pow wow (a celebration of life) at 5 years of age.  One of the elders walked up to my mom and said, 'Your son will do great things when he grows up to be a young man.  In his 30's, 40's, he will lead the people.'  I didn't pay much attention to it.  I wanted to dance.  A priest came up, calling me the 'heathen child'.  "Stop this devil-worshipping dancing.  This is evil."  The RCMP sent everyone back to their homes." 

"That's the problem in our religious society.  People misconceive we're bad because we don't pray to God.  A priest came to town one day as a bunch of us were loading supplies in our vehicle.  He didn't like the idea we were working on Sunday.  'Sunday is a day of rest; not to work.  It's a day to thank our creator,' he said.  'You're supposed to be out there praying.  Why are you working on Sunday?'  I replied, 'We pray every day; not just on Sunday.'  His mouth dropped open.  Exasperated, he walked away saying, 'Oh you people!'"
"Brother, you say there is but one way to worship and serve the Great Spirit.  If there is but one religion, why do you white people differ so much about it?  Why not all agree, as you can all read the Book?"  

"The Great Spirit is in all things.  He is in the air we breathe.  The Great Spirit is our Father, but the Earth is our mother.  She nourishes us, that which we put into the ground she returns to us..."
Big Thunder (Bedagi) Wabanaki Algonquin

 "The Great White Spirit is the creator of all living things; everything around us including the spirit world.  It's not based on religion.  We are loved every day by our creator."  With so much love around us; in all that we see and do, why do people continue to live their lives in fear?  "People are so worried about what can happen next in this world.  My mom taught me, 'never worry what comes in front of you, or what's placed before you.  If you worry about that all the time you won't have a life.  You have to take chances.'" 

"There are people in this world that depend on psychics all the time," observes Derrick, who devotes his life to helping others through spiritual healings, paranormal investigations and mediumship.  "I don't expect people to depend on me all the time.  They have to depend on themselves.  We're here to give guidance.  You need to push yourself to make it work.  We all have to make mistakes.  These are considered 'learning lessons'."

Calling on the Great White Spirit for guidance is not limited to Native American Indians.  "Seeing an eagle fly above us, we give prayer.  We ask the eagle spirit to send a message to the creater.  We see the Eagle fly as high as it can, leaving the Earth's atmosphere; transforming to an angel; a messenger.  The animals relate to us as messengers, to show us our path of where we're going. 

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday, April 25, 2012 - Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children

"It is important we go way beyond assessing labels or categories to these special children," imparts Mojan, an internationally renowned spiritual healer, psychic and medium empath.  "Reflecting where we are currently, the Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children mirror the greatest possibility of the whole; the collective consciousness.  It's a great way for us to focus on relating to each other in an open, honest and sincere way.  If we use the 'labels' to separate us, it defeats the whole purpose of why these children are here; to unite us!"

"From other planes of existence, planets, realms and higher dimensions, Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children most often come voluntarily to usher in a new, higher vibrational frequency or energy.  Their goal is to awaken the masses, evolve our consciousness and prepare us for a new phase of life.  Some people call them the 'Bringers of the Light'.  It's a very exciting time!  They come at a perfect time; we need them more than ever.  Healers of the earth, their light shines upon us so we can remember who we are!"

"You don't need to believe in Crystal, Rainbow, Indigo children to know something different is going on.  You can feel it!  Many people are going through things.  People who never had access to their emotional being are starting to tap into it.  It can be very challenging for certain people.  The intention is completely benevolent!"

What can Mojan tell us about Indigo Children?

"In my third eye, I see warriors.  Very strong; simultaneously they have much vulnerability.  To be in a third dimensional body is a challenge.  Their consciousness is of a fifth dimension.  It's very difficult to squeeze in all that knowledge, wisdom and understanding in this tiny little body.  The challenges, as difficult as they appear, are hurdles.  By going over these hurdles we get to jump up, raise our vibration and do great things.  The pain is not in vain.  Many have worked through it, or are in the midst of working through it as we speak.  Highly sensitive and psychic; they experience this emotional turbulent healing."

"Looking at these hurdles visually; you're on a trampoline," illustrates Mojan.  "Before you jump high, find your rhythm.  Jump a foot.  Once you find your balance, rhythm and get a little wind under your sails, you soar higher and higher.  Relating it as something to help you move higher, while in the moment, may be difficult.  Keep trying, jumping and reaching.  Create ways; back flips, forward flips with confidence and support.  Indigos need a lot of love.  Sometimes they have to create it within themselves, which is very rewarding."

"Opalescent purple auras; in photos, the purples just burst out of Indigos.  Extremely strong-willed and highly energetic, Indigos will reject authority.  Setting the stage for a new beginning, they're here to clean slate.  They have a deep desire to help the world in a big way."
"Born in the early 1990's; incarnating in the late 2000's, Crystal children are here to clean the energy of our souls and planet, dispersing negative energy; recycling it into a more positive, balanced energy.  Highly sensitive, Crystal children need lots of love; to be held, nurtured, and supported in music and artistic endeavours.  Extremely empathetic, they are very in tune with others' emotions.  Of all the Star children, they are the most sensitive to food and chemicals.  Crystals are like plants; they absorb and give energy."

"Rainbow children have no Karma.  They don't feel anger," expresses Mojan with amazement.  "Incarnating for the past 4 to 5 years, the Rainbow Children are our hope; our beacon of light.  Their being, energy, existence, and evolution are exactly what we aspire to be.  Representing where we are headed, what we're evolving to, and what our possibilities are, these children are here to help us save ourselves.  It's good news they're coming in NOW.  Rainbows correlate with our chakra systems."

"I think of them as Care Bears; inspired by colours of the rainbow, bringing joy and harmony to their families.  The happiest children incarnated in a very long time, Rainbow's enthusiasm is contageous!  These children can reach up to the nineth dimension of consciousness, which is all purity.  Sending out specific gifts with their heart chakras, Rainbow children will help us align with our highest self. If we can tap into their energy and help them hone in to their natural gifts, there will be a chakra cleaning.  We can live from our hearts!"

"There is a sense of being different; unique.  It's beyond the label," Mojan surmises.  "At the age of 7, they understand society's material third dimensional energy.  Without the balance of knowing where they came from, something shuts down.  Dialogue is extremely important."

"For parents who have Rainbow, Crystal, or Indigo children, it's beautiful to invoke their soul memory.  'Do you remember who you were before you came to mommy?  Do you remember what you were doing?'  These kind of questions and dialogue gives the child a deeper understanding of who they are, allowing them to tap in to their true selves."

Children diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, ASD and Aspergers, under the spectrum in a RAINBOW (one must note the irony); may in fact be Star children"Just because these children are untraditional, doesn't mean there's something wrong with them," advises Mojan.  "These children are helping us align into this state. We must be very gentle, kind and nourishing. Labelling supresses them and makes things worse.  They don't respond to aggressive methods.  There are more holistic options; readily available to us if we're willing to use them." 

"The Indigos are ground-breakers; tearing down the barriers and old patterns. Having the hardest job, they cleared the way for the Crystals to come in; who then cleared the energy and foundation of what the Indigos broke down; leading the Rainbows, who continue to build a high vibrational plane of existence on top of what the Crystals cleared."  
Stars of hope, Rainbow, Crystal and Indigo Children light the way to a New Earth.  

"Our perception will be different.  We're all going to tap into what is inately our birthright.  We'll realize how much unconditional love has remained here; dormant.  There's a shift that can't be denied.  We need to let and assist these children in helping us. We also have the ability and power to help ourselves.  Ultimately, we need to remember we are all one.  Collectively, we and the new Earth children, are the answer to our prayers."

The Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children show is dedicated to a little boy (diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder) in efforts to raise $24,500.00 /year  in tuition costs to send Dorian to Missing Links, a special needs school in Burlington, ON.  (Donations accepted from 2012 to 2017.) 

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