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Wednesday, February 29, 2012 - Shamanism - Spiritual Realms, Misguided Souls, and Mother Earth

W. O. Mitchell's classic novel of life and death, asks the question, "Who Has Seen The Wind?"  I imagine Heidi has not sees it, she's embraces it.  No stranger to spirits of nature; rocks, trees, plants, and everything we know as Mother Earth, Heidi McBratney emulates tranquility and charm. 

"Everything is alive and vital," reveals Heidi.  "Knowing the right time to plant seeds or to go on hunts; Shamans are in constant communication with everything.  The oldest profession on earth, Shamans guide people.  They look into unseen realms.  They've always been a key part in the villages; knowing when to host celebrations or organize the village in a certain way.  So it continues, but not in the same way.  Our cultures are very different now.  We're much larger.  The Shamans are now the Medicine People who bring healing, support and organization to the communities."

"Many religions originate from Shamanism," Heidi reflects, ranging as far back as 40,000 years, generation to generation. "It's often like a priest's calling; they just know.  I remember (as far back as fthe age of four), adults saying to me, I shouldn't know the things I know.  As I became a little older, some of the things I did created a lot of puzzlement for people.  I received the message to pull back a bit.  I spent the first half of my life running.  I couldn't run anymore.  It was either 'answer the call or your life ends here.'"

Travelling to different realms and spaces, Shamans reach higher frequencies, often described as trans-mode"In that heightened vibration,  known as ecstacy, you're ONE with everything.  There's no difference between anything; you and I are the same.  It's a very special place.  You don't want to come back."

Astral travel, aka astral projection, is a regular occurence.  "Friends of mine in South America will email me saying, 'Heidi, I just saw you in the Plaza de Armas.  Email me; we'll get together for a tea.'  I say, 'That's great, you saw a part of me, but my physical body's in Canada.'"  Many of us love the idea of astral projection; having no limits to what we can do!  Yet even on an earthly plane, we can achieve great heights!

"In our energy field, soul, spirit and essence, there is a template," Heidi tells us, "Our DNA informs what colour hair, eye colour we'll have; illnesses we are prone to based on our genetics.  We believed that to be static; unchangeable.  Now, we know different.  For example, if you're prone to diabetes, you eat differently; exercise.  You can change the physical self, moving the diabetes out of the genetics.  The soul, spirit, is the same way.  It has a template much like a computer or desktop with icons.  You accidently hit one of those icons, and a whole new program is running.  It takes you amiss.  People can live a positive life, doing everything right.  They'll question, 'What am I doing wrong?'  Usually there's a program set off in their energy field or soul that's guiding their soul.    No matter what they're doing; no matter how many affirmations, they're still going to be hitting that wall."

"When you're hitting those blocks, usually you can't see it and don't know what to do. You need someone who can see it for you.  The best advice I can give for those wishing to help themselves; see your life as a movie.  See yourself in the chair as though you're a witness.  Be objective.  When we witness what's happening, we see patterns (that which keeps happening over and over).  People often describe it to me as going 5 steps forward; going 7 steps back.  They recount numerous times that happened in their lives.  That's an indicator there's a program running that's guiding their soul; that needs to get cleaned up.  Much like a computer, we need to remove that program."  In your movie, you are the director.  Take control of your life.

"It's important in life to learn; it helps get us to that higher vibration," Heidi acknowledges.  "Yet, we must realize we already know everything.  Your soul, your spirit; everyone of us knows everything.  We're in the process of remembering that."

"We are awakening.  The world is in repair," Heidi reassures us.  We need to change direction, starting with love.  When you love what's in here (from within), you love what's out there (the world).  Even though things seem difficult and challenging, you start to love and appreciate them." 

Shamans may visit other spiritual realms and dimensions to bring direction to misguided souls, otherwise known as soul retrieval"Sometimes in this lifetime, or in other lifetimes where traumatic things happen, part of your wholeness, believing it's not safe to be here, breaks away.  Sometimes it goes far, far away where there's no gravity.  Once in a while it floats back, hitting us in the head.  We feel a moment of enlightenment; then it's off again.  Sometimes it goes so far away, we don't know how to access it."

"Soul retrieval means to 'go and get it; bring it back.'  It's like walking around without one of your body parts.  This is why people feel lost.  People feel like something is missing.  They may go to different countries searching for something, without knowing what it is.  'I'm looking for a teacher.  I'm looking for a purpose.'  Often we look outside ourselves.  When we have that terminology, it's because something is missing inside. It's not to be seen as a fault, or bad.  It's something that needed to happen to preserve the essence at that moment in time.  When we do soul retrieval, we go and look for that part of the wholeness needing to come back to that person."

In respect to "other lifetimes', Heidi compares reincarnation to nature's transitional journey.  "Energy transitions all the time.  I describe it as a leaf on a tree.  It grows; in the autumn it falls.  It gives us beautiful colours before it hits the ground.  We think it's dead now, but it's not.  It transitions into food and nutrients that feed the ground, plants and other trees around us."

Preserving the continuity of life for Mother Earth and its inhabitants, a Shaman's greatest contribution is the gift of insight.  As you follow Heidi on her Shamanic journey, be sure to note loving messages etched delicately in stepping stones along the way - Spiritual Growth, Conscious Awareness, Enlightenment, Love, Oneness and Appreciation for Life.  Should you lose your way, Heidi ensures a safe return.

Click here to view our interview with Heidi McBratney.

Heidi will be in Africa for the month of April fulfilling a vision received three years ago; work that she was asked (by spirit) to do.  Collecting waters from around the world, Heidi will work with the waters in ceremony, bringing them together as one.  In the Kalahari Desert, in ceremony, these waters will feed the earth and humanity; as Heidi works towards uniting mankind once again. 

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012 - We're Evolving - Homonoeticus is Here!

Humanity is forever evolving; mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Releasing fear, negativity, doubt and habitual worry, we embrace life with a new perspective.

On this journey of self-discovery, returning guest Allan Green aspires us to leave our physical limitations behind.  Guided by spirits, dreams, intuition, sensations, imagination and meditation, our internal compass directs us to a realm where all things are possible...the era of Homonoeticus

"Multisensory beings, being able to by-locate (being in different places on the planet or in the universe) is something we're evolving into," reveals Allan, "Part of our spirit can also go into the future or back to the past.  It's another part of us.  We're here, but we're also somewhere else."

"Most of my spiritual life is spent in different dimensions and realms.  In 1973 I was working at Fern Resort in Orillia.  Driving along Rama Road, (by the red barn outside Casino Rama), I noticed a white car in front of me; a black car ahead of the white car.  A motorcycle came out from the side.  Hit by the black car, flying over it's roof, the motorcycle landed in front of the white car.  As the white car ran over the motorcycle I slammed on my brakes.  Thinking I was going to be hit from behind, I cringed.  Looking in the rear view mirror, I didn't see anybody for miles.  The cars in front drove away. There was nothing there."  A lack of evidence would suggest an over-active imagination, yet Allan's vivid recall of the event left him shaking by the side of the road. 

"I mentioned the experience to the resort owner, who reiterated to a guy whose wife happend to be a police officer," Allan recalls.  "I told him the story.  He started smiling.  When I asked why he was smiling, the guy asked what time the accident took place.  It was 11:25 that morning."  Surprised to hear the accident he'd witnessed occurred precisely at 11:25 a.m., one street over from Rama Road, Allan recognized the tangibility; he could be in two places at the same time.

"That was the beginning; realizing spiritual things are much more than a Christian or Buddhist concept.  There is a spiritual nature to people and we're all connected.  People can project themselves through you, to see what you're seeing.  I'm on the phone, talking to a person; looking at a picture.  They say, 'Tell me what it looks like.'  I'll start telling them.  They say, 'No, wait a minute.  Just look at it.  I'll look at it with you.'  They tell me what the picture looks like." 

Sharing another scenerio, Allan explores Déjà vu.  "Thinking of buying a house, you walk into a building and announce, 'This is it!' "  In respect to time travel, having moved to the home six months later, Allan suggests memory recall as the reason behind the declaration. 

"You buy a car.  You walk in and say, 'This is the car for me!' even though thousands of cars look the same.  I remember the first little Toyota Rav I bought; I wanted a green one.  I walked in and said, 'This whole place is full of angels.  Today I'm going to get a car!  I didn't know if they were going to turn me down or whatever, but it was smooth as silk."  Travelling forward to the moment he signed for the car, Allan's glimpse into the future predicted a positive outcome.

"Presently on the planet, we're joining the divine masculine and feminine together," Allan tells us.  "If you're a single person, the left-hand side is your feminine side.  The right-hand side is your masculine side.  As individuals we're trying to integrate the two of them into one.  In relationships, we're not only merging the masculine/feminine within ourselves, but also with each other."

"Last November, I was meditating downstairs when I felt this beautiful feminine presence on my left-hand side.  Talking to the spirit, I said, 'Hello.'  The spirit said, 'Hello.'  I replied, 'Who are you?'  She said, 'I'm your angel!'  I said, 'Okay, but who are you?'  She said, 'It's me!'  It was the voice of Cathryn."  (On January 18, 2012, Cathryn Green appeared on the Ask Your Angels Talk Show.  To review Cathryn's interview, see Riding the Ascension Waves.) 

"She totally integrated into my left-hand side.  We'd agreed, even before getting married, that we were going to help the planet by joining the divine masculine and feminine together.  An hour later Cathryn comes downstairs.  I say, 'Catherine, do you notice any difference between your left and right-hand side?  She said, 'For the last two weeks I've had no energy in my right-hand side; I'm not really feeling too much other than this really powerful male presence now.'"  The presence to which Cathryn refers is Allan, who is now integrated into Cathryn's right-hand side. 

"Being two individuals; powerful personalities, you have to give up a lot to do that; to surrender to that," Allan surmises, explaining how they often mirror each other's distinguishing characteristics.  "Whenever I'm concentrating, I'll scratch my head to figure out something.  Cathryn's never done that.  She does it all the time now.  Cathryn always puts her keys in her purse.  She never, ever puts them anywhere else.  Looking for her keys she dumps her purse out; can't find the keys anywhere.  She stops and thinks, 'Where would Allan put his keys?' and with that analogy, finds the keys in her pocket."

By definition, a soulmate "is a romantic partner, with the implication of an exclusive life-long bond."  Yet, in any relationship, whether integrating or not, there's work to be done.  Allan and Cathryn, in discovering the implications of their own evolution, continue to share their knowledge, love and support. 
Omnipresent, Homonoeticus is hereConscious awakening, exploring and astral travelling is only the beginning.  Overcoming earthly confines, our souls break free, soaring into new realms of endless possibilities!

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Click here to view our interview with Allan Green. 

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012 - Handwriting Analysis - Your Scrawl Tells All!

Handwriting Analysis, aka Graphology (coined by Jean Hyppolyte Michon in 1875) can be traced back as far as 2000 BC. A signature to the soul; each word, graphic movement, stroke, baseline and letter depicts something about the writer's personality. 

"I love compatibility issues!  We are all unique," observes Mary Ann Matthews, a certified handwriting analyst since 1994.  "We have different modalities of who we are, who we think we are, and how we are perceived."  Self-awareness, Mary Ann tells us, is the number one reason a person wants their handwriting analyzed.  For personality conflicts, Graphology can give insight as to why you may not get along with certain individuals.

Twin Flame, a regular viewer and friend of the Ask Your Angels Talk Show, sent his/her signature for Mary Ann to examin.
"I want to call your attention to that short "T".  It's not very tall at all.  I'm not talking about the T bar, I'm talking about the height of the T.  This is a person who is very independent.  This is a particularily interesting trait because the person who has this independent spirit, doesn't like to be part of the teamNot liking anyone breathing down their neck, you'll often hear them say, 'Don't micromanage me!' or 'Just leave me alone; get out of my kitchen; I'll do it myself!'  That's the independent person.  What is really quite remarkable, is it has such good importance if you're hiring somebody.  Let's say it's 'team this'; 'team that'; 'team everything'.  That's the culture of the corporation.  Here we have an independent person; if they're leading the team that's okay.  Being a player all the time may not be their favorite thing to do.  As that T was short and some were taller, this person can be part of the team at times, but is mainly an independent thinker."

"This person is very thoughtful in terms of thinking style.  This is an interesting point of view; a compatibility issue I enjoy.  Some people are very methodical thinkers.  They take in information, a piece at a time, always going for accuracy.  They're not the first person to come to a conclusion, but when they do, they have all the facts and are accurate.  Here's a perception, they'll say, 'Leave it with me.  I need to think about this for a moment.'  People will say, 'Come on, make up your mind.'  Yet they're going for accuracy.  They're the ones who, when asked the time, will tell you how to build the watch.  It's a great, great partnership, but they'll drive each other crazy.  One needs to speed things up; one processes very quickly.  The other is going to be very thorough."
"I would be very surprised if either of these two samples (seen above) are the actual size of the handwriting," notes Mary Ann . "I think it's been done much larger than normal as one doesn't write at this height.  We acquire information from the size of the handwriting and the pressure.  How hard do you push on your pen?  We all do it differently; it's where you start, stop, the size, the shape.  Some people will write very small.  When I talk about size, I'm talking about the height of middle letters.  Not the height of the "T" that I talked about earlier, or if the "g" or "y" goes down.  It's the height of the middle letters.  Some have a zone; a very large middle zone; others have a smaller one." 

"People with a very large middle zone are often times accused of having eyes in the back of their head.  They take in everything going on around them.  Those that are very small have a good ability to focus.  Sometimes they can't see the forest for the trees.  You can see where there could be a compatibility issue, if for example you had somebody with large writing sitting across the table from somebody with very small writing.  The person with large writing; taking everything in, was probably asked as a child, 'Can't you pay attention for two seconds?  Your eyes are darting everywhere!'  So they learn this laser-like eye contact.  They're constantly looking all over, being distracted.  The person who writes very small thinks, 'You're disrespecting me.  You're not even looking at me when I talk to you.'  They're from two different worlds."

"None of us write dead straight in that middle zone," surmises Mary Ann, going back to the signature at hand.  "This has a lot of 'up' and 'down'; different sizes and shapes of the middle zone.  It has a forward right-hand slant.  People often say, 'You must be right-handed because that's a right slant; you must be left-handed; that's a left-hand slant.'  This is not so.  The slant signifies how we respond emotionally to external stimuli.  This person is going to react quite strongly, very emotional, quite spontaneous, perhaps impulsive at times.  I'm not talking so much about the external.  Sometimes they keep a real poker face, but inside they're reacting, and it's reflected in their writing."
 "Shira, you're putting some control on yourself.  There's a behavioural trait that you want to change, eliminate or improve upon.  I have no idea what it is nor where it is in the personality.  Some people might say, 'Shira, you don't have to do anything about that.'  I'm talking about how we make New Year's Resolutions; 'I'm going to lose weight, quit smoking, be on time, control my temper;' something like that.  I don't know that it's consuming her because I don't have enough graphic movement.  She's certainly putting some control on herself; in other words, pressure.  Some people may think it's just fine, but she's determined, 'I'm going to do something about this,' whatever this is."

Purusing many handwriting styles throughout the evening, it's evident Mary Ann Matthews knows her stuff!  This self-affirming experience, felt by many of our participating viewers, rates one of our most favourite shows to date!  With amazing insight and accuracy, Mary Ann will continue to captivate all who seek a new understanding of themselves, and those they hold dear. 

Mary Ann will return, to delight and enthral; as she once again proves, "your scrawl tells all!"

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Click here to view our interview with Mary Ann Matthews.  (Video is presently unavailable.)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012 - Aromatherapy - It Just Makes Scents!

Naturally extracting essential oils from plants and trees, Aromatherapy ensures a harmonious healing of mind, body and spirit, with increased vitality and an overall sense of well-being. 

"Aromatherapy's a branch of herbal medicine," explains Marianne Bogoslowski, CAHP, "It is a science in respect to the distillation process (extraction from the plant), and an art due to the "blending".  This is where you become creative.  If you want something calming, you can blend together Roman Chamomile (1 drop), Lavender (2 drops) and Sweet Orange (5 drops) with carrier oil (10 ml) to form an aromatherapy massage."

"As far back as the Egyptian times, essential oils were used for ritualistic and ceremonial events;  anointing statues of Gods as offerings of gratitude."  Myrrh, sandalwood and lotus oils were widely used in ancient Egyptian embalming and purificication rituals.  "The Egyptians strongly believed in the afterlife and preservation of the body.  Stuffing the head of the body with plant material and essential oils, the Egyptians had their own primitive distillation process." 

"There are many Bible references for essential oils," says Marianne, acknowledging the anointment of Jesus for example.  All four Gospels record Mary of Bethany anointing Jesus with alabastron, an exorbitant ointment.

In addition to their healing properties, essential oils activate memory, recall and concentration.  "When you inhale a scent, whether it's incense or essential oils, it invokes memory and takes you back in time."

"When taking essential oils internally, medical supervision is imperative," advises Marianne.  "If you abuse essential oils internally or on your skin, it can be dangerous."  On the road to continuing education, Marianne schooled in Provence under the tutelage of Dr. Daniel Penoel, a leading specialist in Aromatic Medicine and the internal use of essential oils.  "Although used in France, the use of essential oils is not permissible in Canada."

"If you're not using essential oils properly, they can be toxic," warns Marianne.  "Research is key; there is a list of oils that are toxic to your skin.  You can find beautiful, wonderful aromatherapists on the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists website.  See somebody who knows what they are talking about." 

Working at Long Term Care facilities for the past eight years, Marianne shares her gift, travelling to 5 different homes offering massage to the elderly.  "They love it because of the loneliness and isolation they encounter.  The company, pleasant smells, therapy, the listening, the touch; it's all very healing for them.  Decreasing the aches and pains they have (depending on where the pain is), I'd use an anti-inflammatory oil blend, massaging it into the area of concern."

"Essential oils are safe for pregnancy, such as Tangerine and Neroli," suggests Marianne.  "It's beautifully scented and good for preventing stretch marks.  Use them with a nice carrier oil, such as sweet almond, avacado, grape seed or olive oil."

"For depression, anxiety, PMS, menopausal symptoms, sleep disorder, and insomnia, I would create a blend of clary sage and lavender."
"A relax mixture of lavender, mandarin, geranium (the leaves of the geranium and not the petals; wonderful for balancing hormones and the adrenals), and patchouli," comments Marianne, displaying a vial of essential oil, "Is a great blend, if you're stressed out; always running!"

"Lemon balm is a beautiful plant for depression. The oil extracts are calming and soothing.  Citronella keeps away predators, such as mosquitos.  With any plant you can rub the leaves to benefit from their healing qualities.  Essential oils and plants are vibrational.  They are a life force; the essential oils being the blood that keeps them alive."

When seeking the essential oil that is right for you, Marianne recommends finding the botanical name on the label, and the origin.  "Jasmine would be jasmine officinalus. Tea tree oil comes from Australia; sandalwood from India; birch (uplifting energy & decreasing muscular pain) from Canada.

With Valentine's on the horizon, Marianne suggests essential oils for your sweetheart.  A healing aromic massage not only makes scents, it's the best way to say "I love you!"

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Click here to view our interview with Marianne Bogoslowski. 

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012 - Reflexology - Your Steps to Health

"An ancient art since the dawn of time, some of the first depicted pictures of reflexology were found in the pyramids of Egypt," Chris Carrothers tells us.  "This hieroglyphic was found in the physician's tomb around the time of 2500 BC."
"What we believe to be New Age now is not so New Age.  China has their own perspective on reflexology, having practised it for a long time.  They have a different twist on how to work on the points of the feet.  Reflexology can work on the hands or the feet.  It's based on the prinicipal there is a "mini-map" of the body on the foot or hands."

"This is a reflexogy chart," Chris demonstrates (see below), "You can see it really is a road map.  Like the lattitude and longitude we see on the globe of the Earth, our hands and feet are divided by zones.  We have five zones on each foot and each hand.   On the hand, the zones come down between the thumb and the index finger; the index finger and the third finger; the third finger and the fourth finger; the fourth finger and the fifth finger.  Each of those pathways is considered to be a zone.  Imagining that on the foot is one of the ways we come to determine what's within our body."
"As these zones pass through the body from our head to our toes, they pass through different organs; moving from our head to our pelvis, through the chest, and through the stomach.  Through each channel we're going to find a kidney, a lung, or something that falls within what's inside our body.  We can also add another dimension to determining this by adding our longitude or transfer zones.  They go across the body.  Some go across the shoulder line; another one goes underneath where our diaphragm would be, and another one where our pelvic line or pelvis would be." 

"As we take a look at what's inside the body, we can look at things above the neck and shoulder line.  Anything related to the head corresponds with our fingers and toes.  As we work our way down, going from the neck and shoulder line to the diaphragm line (under our ribs), we have everything that lives in our chest area; our lungs; our heart.   The chest area corresponds with the ball of the hand or ball of the foot.  As we move down below the diaphragm to the pelvic line we're getting to the stomach; everything within our digestive system; belonging to our intenstines.  This corresponds with the instep or palm of the hand."

"If we're to look at the illustration of the hand, it's a smaller version of the foot," instructs Chris, "Whatever we see on the feet, we will also find on the hands."  Determining size doesn't matter, Chris acknowledges, the hand in comparison to the foot is more "squished" .  Therefore, the bigger the feet, the longer the process as there is more ground to cover.  "With eight or nine inches on a foot; you have more space to work."

"Between those longitudinal zones and transfer zones, or the lattitude and longitude, we can determine where all these areas or reflexes fall on the foot," explains Chris, "As we begin a reflexology session we're working those reflexes to send a message or electrical impulse up through those zones to balance the reflex corresponding to the body part; body system."  These pathways are not to be confused with meridians.

In comparison to meridians, Chris notes, "Zones are equally spaced throughout the body, whereas meridians zig-zag, following different pathways through the bodies, having different end points.  If you're practicing a method that focuses on traditional Chinese medicine and the meridians, reflexology would have a direct correlation to it.  It's a different style of practice to the reflexology most people practice."

Assisting clients, naturally, along their pathyway to wellness for over 14 years, Chris Carrothers, a Registered Reflexology Practitioner and Certified Aromatherapy Health Professional ensures a unique experience combining the healing benefits of reflexology with relaxation, all in a spa-like setting.

"When someone comes in for a reflexology session, we offer a comfortable and private atmosphere.  We can either do a nice foot soak, or my favorite way of cleansing the feet; steam towels.  As an aromatherapist I coat the feet with a nice aromatic blend of peppermint, frankincense and rosemary, wrapping them in a steamed towel similar to a lovely warm blanket.  Resting comfortably for three to five minutes. the stress they arrived with is depleted."

For deep tranquil relaxation, stress-reduction and holistic healing for all areas of your body, consider reflexology.  Click here to contact Chris Carrothers.

Click here to view our interview with Chris Carrothers.  (Video presently unavailable.)

"Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen."   ~Shakti Gawain