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Wednesday, February 29, 2012 - Shamanism - Spiritual Realms, Misguided Souls, and Mother Earth

W. O. Mitchell's classic novel of life and death, asks the question, "Who Has Seen The Wind?"  I imagine Heidi has not sees it, she's embraces it.  No stranger to spirits of nature; rocks, trees, plants, and everything we know as Mother Earth, Heidi McBratney emulates tranquility and charm. 

"Everything is alive and vital," reveals Heidi.  "Knowing the right time to plant seeds or to go on hunts; Shamans are in constant communication with everything.  The oldest profession on earth, Shamans guide people.  They look into unseen realms.  They've always been a key part in the villages; knowing when to host celebrations or organize the village in a certain way.  So it continues, but not in the same way.  Our cultures are very different now.  We're much larger.  The Shamans are now the Medicine People who bring healing, support and organization to the communities."

"Many religions originate from Shamanism," Heidi reflects, ranging as far back as 40,000 years, generation to generation. "It's often like a priest's calling; they just know.  I remember (as far back as fthe age of four), adults saying to me, I shouldn't know the things I know.  As I became a little older, some of the things I did created a lot of puzzlement for people.  I received the message to pull back a bit.  I spent the first half of my life running.  I couldn't run anymore.  It was either 'answer the call or your life ends here.'"

Travelling to different realms and spaces, Shamans reach higher frequencies, often described as trans-mode"In that heightened vibration,  known as ecstacy, you're ONE with everything.  There's no difference between anything; you and I are the same.  It's a very special place.  You don't want to come back."

Astral travel, aka astral projection, is a regular occurence.  "Friends of mine in South America will email me saying, 'Heidi, I just saw you in the Plaza de Armas.  Email me; we'll get together for a tea.'  I say, 'That's great, you saw a part of me, but my physical body's in Canada.'"  Many of us love the idea of astral projection; having no limits to what we can do!  Yet even on an earthly plane, we can achieve great heights!

"In our energy field, soul, spirit and essence, there is a template," Heidi tells us, "Our DNA informs what colour hair, eye colour we'll have; illnesses we are prone to based on our genetics.  We believed that to be static; unchangeable.  Now, we know different.  For example, if you're prone to diabetes, you eat differently; exercise.  You can change the physical self, moving the diabetes out of the genetics.  The soul, spirit, is the same way.  It has a template much like a computer or desktop with icons.  You accidently hit one of those icons, and a whole new program is running.  It takes you amiss.  People can live a positive life, doing everything right.  They'll question, 'What am I doing wrong?'  Usually there's a program set off in their energy field or soul that's guiding their soul.    No matter what they're doing; no matter how many affirmations, they're still going to be hitting that wall."

"When you're hitting those blocks, usually you can't see it and don't know what to do. You need someone who can see it for you.  The best advice I can give for those wishing to help themselves; see your life as a movie.  See yourself in the chair as though you're a witness.  Be objective.  When we witness what's happening, we see patterns (that which keeps happening over and over).  People often describe it to me as going 5 steps forward; going 7 steps back.  They recount numerous times that happened in their lives.  That's an indicator there's a program running that's guiding their soul; that needs to get cleaned up.  Much like a computer, we need to remove that program."  In your movie, you are the director.  Take control of your life.

"It's important in life to learn; it helps get us to that higher vibration," Heidi acknowledges.  "Yet, we must realize we already know everything.  Your soul, your spirit; everyone of us knows everything.  We're in the process of remembering that."

"We are awakening.  The world is in repair," Heidi reassures us.  We need to change direction, starting with love.  When you love what's in here (from within), you love what's out there (the world).  Even though things seem difficult and challenging, you start to love and appreciate them." 

Shamans may visit other spiritual realms and dimensions to bring direction to misguided souls, otherwise known as soul retrieval"Sometimes in this lifetime, or in other lifetimes where traumatic things happen, part of your wholeness, believing it's not safe to be here, breaks away.  Sometimes it goes far, far away where there's no gravity.  Once in a while it floats back, hitting us in the head.  We feel a moment of enlightenment; then it's off again.  Sometimes it goes so far away, we don't know how to access it."

"Soul retrieval means to 'go and get it; bring it back.'  It's like walking around without one of your body parts.  This is why people feel lost.  People feel like something is missing.  They may go to different countries searching for something, without knowing what it is.  'I'm looking for a teacher.  I'm looking for a purpose.'  Often we look outside ourselves.  When we have that terminology, it's because something is missing inside. It's not to be seen as a fault, or bad.  It's something that needed to happen to preserve the essence at that moment in time.  When we do soul retrieval, we go and look for that part of the wholeness needing to come back to that person."

In respect to "other lifetimes', Heidi compares reincarnation to nature's transitional journey.  "Energy transitions all the time.  I describe it as a leaf on a tree.  It grows; in the autumn it falls.  It gives us beautiful colours before it hits the ground.  We think it's dead now, but it's not.  It transitions into food and nutrients that feed the ground, plants and other trees around us."

Preserving the continuity of life for Mother Earth and its inhabitants, a Shaman's greatest contribution is the gift of insight.  As you follow Heidi on her Shamanic journey, be sure to note loving messages etched delicately in stepping stones along the way - Spiritual Growth, Conscious Awareness, Enlightenment, Love, Oneness and Appreciation for Life.  Should you lose your way, Heidi ensures a safe return.

Click here to view our interview with Heidi McBratney.

Heidi will be in Africa for the month of April fulfilling a vision received three years ago; work that she was asked (by spirit) to do.  Collecting waters from around the world, Heidi will work with the waters in ceremony, bringing them together as one.  In the Kalahari Desert, in ceremony, these waters will feed the earth and humanity; as Heidi works towards uniting mankind once again. 

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