Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012 - We're Evolving - Homonoeticus is Here!

Humanity is forever evolving; mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Releasing fear, negativity, doubt and habitual worry, we embrace life with a new perspective.

On this journey of self-discovery, returning guest Allan Green aspires us to leave our physical limitations behind.  Guided by spirits, dreams, intuition, sensations, imagination and meditation, our internal compass directs us to a realm where all things are possible...the era of Homonoeticus

"Multisensory beings, being able to by-locate (being in different places on the planet or in the universe) is something we're evolving into," reveals Allan, "Part of our spirit can also go into the future or back to the past.  It's another part of us.  We're here, but we're also somewhere else."

"Most of my spiritual life is spent in different dimensions and realms.  In 1973 I was working at Fern Resort in Orillia.  Driving along Rama Road, (by the red barn outside Casino Rama), I noticed a white car in front of me; a black car ahead of the white car.  A motorcycle came out from the side.  Hit by the black car, flying over it's roof, the motorcycle landed in front of the white car.  As the white car ran over the motorcycle I slammed on my brakes.  Thinking I was going to be hit from behind, I cringed.  Looking in the rear view mirror, I didn't see anybody for miles.  The cars in front drove away. There was nothing there."  A lack of evidence would suggest an over-active imagination, yet Allan's vivid recall of the event left him shaking by the side of the road. 

"I mentioned the experience to the resort owner, who reiterated to a guy whose wife happend to be a police officer," Allan recalls.  "I told him the story.  He started smiling.  When I asked why he was smiling, the guy asked what time the accident took place.  It was 11:25 that morning."  Surprised to hear the accident he'd witnessed occurred precisely at 11:25 a.m., one street over from Rama Road, Allan recognized the tangibility; he could be in two places at the same time.

"That was the beginning; realizing spiritual things are much more than a Christian or Buddhist concept.  There is a spiritual nature to people and we're all connected.  People can project themselves through you, to see what you're seeing.  I'm on the phone, talking to a person; looking at a picture.  They say, 'Tell me what it looks like.'  I'll start telling them.  They say, 'No, wait a minute.  Just look at it.  I'll look at it with you.'  They tell me what the picture looks like." 

Sharing another scenerio, Allan explores Déjà vu.  "Thinking of buying a house, you walk into a building and announce, 'This is it!' "  In respect to time travel, having moved to the home six months later, Allan suggests memory recall as the reason behind the declaration. 

"You buy a car.  You walk in and say, 'This is the car for me!' even though thousands of cars look the same.  I remember the first little Toyota Rav I bought; I wanted a green one.  I walked in and said, 'This whole place is full of angels.  Today I'm going to get a car!  I didn't know if they were going to turn me down or whatever, but it was smooth as silk."  Travelling forward to the moment he signed for the car, Allan's glimpse into the future predicted a positive outcome.

"Presently on the planet, we're joining the divine masculine and feminine together," Allan tells us.  "If you're a single person, the left-hand side is your feminine side.  The right-hand side is your masculine side.  As individuals we're trying to integrate the two of them into one.  In relationships, we're not only merging the masculine/feminine within ourselves, but also with each other."

"Last November, I was meditating downstairs when I felt this beautiful feminine presence on my left-hand side.  Talking to the spirit, I said, 'Hello.'  The spirit said, 'Hello.'  I replied, 'Who are you?'  She said, 'I'm your angel!'  I said, 'Okay, but who are you?'  She said, 'It's me!'  It was the voice of Cathryn."  (On January 18, 2012, Cathryn Green appeared on the Ask Your Angels Talk Show.  To review Cathryn's interview, see Riding the Ascension Waves.) 

"She totally integrated into my left-hand side.  We'd agreed, even before getting married, that we were going to help the planet by joining the divine masculine and feminine together.  An hour later Cathryn comes downstairs.  I say, 'Catherine, do you notice any difference between your left and right-hand side?  She said, 'For the last two weeks I've had no energy in my right-hand side; I'm not really feeling too much other than this really powerful male presence now.'"  The presence to which Cathryn refers is Allan, who is now integrated into Cathryn's right-hand side. 

"Being two individuals; powerful personalities, you have to give up a lot to do that; to surrender to that," Allan surmises, explaining how they often mirror each other's distinguishing characteristics.  "Whenever I'm concentrating, I'll scratch my head to figure out something.  Cathryn's never done that.  She does it all the time now.  Cathryn always puts her keys in her purse.  She never, ever puts them anywhere else.  Looking for her keys she dumps her purse out; can't find the keys anywhere.  She stops and thinks, 'Where would Allan put his keys?' and with that analogy, finds the keys in her pocket."

By definition, a soulmate "is a romantic partner, with the implication of an exclusive life-long bond."  Yet, in any relationship, whether integrating or not, there's work to be done.  Allan and Cathryn, in discovering the implications of their own evolution, continue to share their knowledge, love and support. 
Omnipresent, Homonoeticus is hereConscious awakening, exploring and astral travelling is only the beginning.  Overcoming earthly confines, our souls break free, soaring into new realms of endless possibilities!

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