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Wednesday, March 28, 2012 - Spirit Portraits - See Your Spirit Guides

Tuning in, Dale Kelloway, pastels in hand, captures the wondrous beauty of spirit guides and guardian angels"We have many guides around us," shares Dale.  "I get impressions; feelings.  I start seeing things.  It all comes out on paper.  It makes lovely, soft, blendable portraits."

A teacher at Mohawk College for 21 years, Dale attributes her inner journey to Edgar Allan Poe's, "The Raven".  After reading the poem, Dale went for a walk, only to discover a student (who had set up a still life) with Edgar Allan Poe's book.  Arriving home, Dale turned on the television to The Raven"It didn't matter what I did; if I opened a map, went down a street, down a highway, saw a t-shirt, all signage said 'Raven'."

"It frightened and overwhelmed me," recalled Dale.  "Every day that month I saw a raven.  I phoned a lady in Ohsweken who said I shouldn't be frightened.  'Although caucasion people believe ravens to be evil; predicting death, they are the colours of the rainbow.  The ancestors are trying to get in touch with you; get your attention.  Until you understand what they're after, they won't quit.'"

"I've always been interested in the paranormal," confesses Dale.  "Paying more attention to what was going on around me; to the signs, is what started me on this path."
"People want to see what their guides look like.  You can't demand a certain guide to come forward.  Chief Whitefeather is a Toltec.  The lady who contacted me to do his portrait was expecting a North American Native spirit guide.  She had gone to the library to research him.  I knew she'd be surprised by Chief Whitefeather's appearance.  I called to let her know he was ready.  I waited for her to pick him up.  We connected after her trip to Prince Edward Island.  I waited again, but she never came.  After a while I heard she'd passed away.  So I thought, 'I guess he's mine.'  I think he's marvelous." 

Do spirit guides want us to see them?  Channeling loving messages with every portrait, Dale creates a personalized CD reading for her clients.  Written on every CD is the answer to this question.  "This image is your guide on the other side; waiting to be acknowledged and recognized.  These souls are prepared (when asked in meditation for help) to be guides and helpers through difficulties that lay in your path in life."

"People become very attached to their guides," Dale tells us.  "Guides can be relatives.  Many people say they see a family likeness.  Your spirit guide, I believe, stands behind your right shoulder.  I say to people, 'When you want your guide to be with you, ask them to step forward and be with you.'  For example, If you were uncomfortable asking your boss for a raise, how powerful would you feel having a Roman Soldier standing beside you?  They come through because they're energy; we're energy."
"I went the Spiritualist's Church one night," says Dale, discussing the above portrait.  "I asked her to come forward to have her portrait done.  In her hair on the left side is wheat.  Wheat, according to the 'Seven Years of Plenty' in the Bible, stands for abundance.   Woven into her braid is black horse hair; which represents 'travel'.  In respect to my life, she represents abundance and travel."  Symbolism is another way our guides communicate with us.  Sensations we feel also signify we are not alone.

"Cold shivers, hair standing on end, a touch of a hand on my face, and the feeling of sand running through my hair, are all signs that my angels are nearby," shares Dale.  "I believe if you ask them for help, angels will help you.  We always have free will.  Angels and guides help you, but will never tell you what to do.  The first angel I drew, I knew she'd have wings, yet I painted the hands in.  I knew she had flowers for me, so I had to take the hands out and replace them with a bouquet of flowers.  There's also a long key hanging; a key to open things."

Listening to our guides and angels unlocks endless possibilities.  Dale Kelloway knows, seeing isn't believing...believing is seeing.   There are angels on our shoulders, waiting to light the way.

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