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Wednesday, March 14, 2012 - Palmistry - Heavenly Influences in the Palm of Your Hand!

What is it about the word "Palmistry" that induces visions of little old gypsy ladies with wild, frizzy curls, shawls askew, hovered over a crystal ball?  Beyond the brightly coloured canopy tent you hear the glockenspiel's notes, frantic to be heard above the midway mayhem.  Be honest, you hear it, don't you?  Yet in respect to Frederiques Herel, her curly, wind-swept hair blowing in the breeze, the similarities stop there.

"Some people are exellent at predicting the future," acknowledges Frederique.  "I choose not to do that.  I can be so much more useful somewhere else.  Your hands show what is happening at a specific time.  I don't predict the 'event' or 'result' you're going to get.  You can always decide not to do something.  That's free will.  You can change your future.  I can see if you are using what you've been given."

Analyzing hands and giving palmistry-based counselling since 1989, Frederique is truly a breath of fresh air.   "Palmistry is like an onion," she tells us.  "In peeling one layer of the onion you can see so many things.  It gives you knowledge you can apply right away." 

"Palmistry is the study of the hands; not only the palms," shares Frederique.  "It's the lines, the mounts, the fingers, fingernails, and sometimes the back of the hand, including the wrist."  Originating in India over 4,000 years ago, Palmistry is an Art and a Science.

"It's something you can reproduce again and again.  With any skill you have, you must use your intutition.  The way you put things together reflects your experience.  To master Palmistry is difficult."  After 22 years and many onions later, Frederique conjects there is still much to learn.

Losing her brother and father within 3-months of each other, Frederique strived to fill the void they left behind.  "I decided to study Palmistry," she recalls.  "This increased my knowledge on life and what it is all about."  Frederique studied and studied; never looking back.

Your palm, aka Blueprint for Life is essentially a mirror to your soul.  Eager to see what their souls had to say, some of our most loyal viewers dropped by for a little hand-inking prior to our show.  As you can see, I was one of them!
Police officers and forensic scientists historically placed a suspect's hand on a fingerprint ink pad.  Although utilizing the same ink, Frederique prefers a roller technique, guaranteed to leave your hands black and sticky!  Comparative to kindergarten finger-painting, this experience was most fun, giving the adults a chance to connect with their inner child. "Look ma, no hands!"
"Rolling the ink on your hands makes them very black," outlines Frederique.  "We take the prints.  There are lots of little lines that show better on a print.  When the ink is put on your hand, how much of it is going to show on the print?  Is it going to be straight or go all around?  Are your fingers going to be spread apart or close?  All this will tell me something during the reading.  Hand prints are like an instant picture, taking a shot in time, reflecting what's happening in your life.  I keep a set of prints.  Should you return in 5 years time, we can compare.  Hands do change."
"When pressing the hand, the hand is relaxed in a natural position," continues Frederique.  "This is very significant."  Keeping the thumb and fingers open allows the lines to be easily analyzed.  The end result; a clean and clear impression.
Surmizing it's impossible to measure how indepth the information is at hand, Frederique assures us the messages brought to light are necessary at this moment in time.  "I find every reading is different depending on what the person is looking for.  Their angels brought them to me, to tell them one specific thing.  Suddenly I get a thought, and I tell the person what comes to mind.  They need to hear that.  If you do the reading with best intentions in mind, everything goes well.  When the reading is over, I'm walking on air."

Click here to view our interview with Frederique Herel, and to learn more about the various "lines" ("heart line", "life line", etc.) and "mounts" (or bumps) of the hand.

Click here to contact Frederique Herel.

"Just as a pebble thrown into the water creates ripples, so our thoughts create similar effects on our palms."  Michael Scott's "De Philsiognomia", published in 1477.

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