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Wednesday, December 28, 2011 - Angelic Awakenings

Angels are with us throughout our lives, offering unconditional love, guidance and protection. At a young age, Jill Michelle's inner voice gave her cause for reflection.  "Do you hear voices telling you where to go to be safe?" she asked her mom.  "Yes, everybody has those," Jill's mom confirmed.  Yet over time it became clear to Jill, in respect to voices in our heads, many of us simply aren't listening.

How many of us conceive our child's imaginary friend to be nothing more than an overactive imagination?  Playing hide and seek, Jill's innocence allowed her to trust her unseen companion who suggested ideal hiding spots.  "Angels would tell me to hide behind a tree," she reminisces.  "It was such an obvious place; in plain view.  I was certain this person would find me.  They never did."

Whether hidden by branches, or a feathery cloak of invisibility, Jill surmises angels are always nearby offering guidance and protection.  "As early as I remember I heard angels," she tells us. "They've helped me a lot through my life."

Awakenings, aka state of consciousness, occur for many reasons:  heightened awareness, transitioning into new energy, traumatic experiences, miracles, spiritual enlightenment, and quite simply put, touched by an angel. 

In 2001, Jill experienced her own Angelic Awakening.  "I was riding a horse during a jump lession, having just gone over a jump.  The jumps weren't spaced properly.  We were going at a fast pace.  The horse, galloping along, tried to take off.  Caught up in the jump, her hind legs sent poles flying.  I landed, lying immobile, flat on the ground with my arms pinned under me.  I thought I'd be crushed.  The horse was going to land on me.  I didn't know if I'd die.  I knew I'd probably be maimed for life from the weight of an 1100 lb animal. 

As I lay there I felt invisible hands (similar to a hover craft touching my shoulders) pulling me out of the way; moving me forward.  I heard the horse fall to the ground.  I felt her breath on the back of my neck; her legs in front clawing at the sand.  She got up.  I got up.  We were both fine," sighed Jill.  "That was a really strange experience.  I thanked whoever helped me." 

Saint Jerome said it best, "How great the dignity of the soul, since each one has from his birth an angel commissioned to guard it."  It's reassuring; no matter where we go, or what we do, our guardian angels remain close. 

It is not known how many angels visit our earthly plane, yet I imagine, just as their love is limitless, so are their quantities.  Communicating through dreams, signs, sound, light, colours, and animals, angels have a lot to say.  They are very social; not to imply they like hanging out at parties.  Dull conversations and obvious pick-up lines aside, angelic messages are enlightening, entertaining, and more often extremely benefiical!  Don't knock the guy smiling at you from the bar.  In their efforts to engage, angels also appear in physical form.

Should you be searching for your "dream guy", may I suggest Archangel Michael? An angel for every occasion, Archangel Michael offers safety, encouragement, inspiration, unconditional love, understanding, patience, security, hope, support and courage.  Describing Michael as a "real heart throb", Jill notes, "He comes to me in beautiful blue clothing; he's just gorgeous!" 

Often seen carrying a sword and shield, Michael is considered a protector, cutting unwanted cords; healing old wounds; sheltering us from danger. "There was someone attempting to harm one of my kids," recalls Jill.  "I saw Archangel Michael leading him away.  He protects everyone." 

Sharing our consciousness, angels listen to our thoughts.  "Angelophany" is the art of perceiving angels.   Deep relaxation enhances ESP and psychic abilities.  Jill recommends meditation for being "quiet within yourself".  Grounding is also important. 

"Clear your mind, focus on your inner-being; your soul.  Information flows.  Night time during sleep is best as you're not focused on everything that happened in the day."

"Frère Jacques", a lullaby sung by children around the globe, may resonate spiritually, and for good reason.  Estimated to be set in the mid-nineteenth century, "Frère" translating to "Friar" is a song about a religious monk named Jacques.  "Frère Jacques, frère Jacques, Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous?"

How conscious are you?  Are you awake, or sleepingDormez-vous?

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