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Wednesday, November 30, 2011 - REIKI, Your Spirit Life Force

Registered Reiki Master Teacher, Kerri Fargo, B.A., RT-CRA from Waterdown's Circle of Light Reiki Centre joined us this evening to discuss a Japanese healing form of alternate medicine.

"Reiki is a two-part word, the rei meaning universal life force and the ki is energy," defined by Kerri as our energy, and the life energy flowing in all things.

In the latter half of the 19th century, Mikao Usui developed Reiki during a 21-day practice on Mount Kurama (Kushu Shinren).

"This enlightening experience, Usui wanted to share with other people," Kerri explains, "Resulting in the Usui form of Reiki."

A busy mom, Kerri encourages Reiki on the Go. "I tell my students, you don't need the massage table, the music, the candles and that hour to yourself to enjoy the benefits of Reiki." Giving herself ten-minute Reiki healings throughout the day, Kerri informs us, "There's no such thing as too much Reiki."

From bee stings to weak immune systems, skate-boarding accidents, behavioural issues or sleep disorders, Reiki is an effective alternate for healing children. "My son was stung by some bees while playing outside," recalls Kerri. "It's the first time I reikied someone other than myself. I held him by the hands. His eyes were getting so big; my hands were getting so hot. Then he tried to pull away because he was fine and wanted to go play. All that remained were three little red dots from where he was stung."

Performing Reiki on others is safe, without risk of draining your personal energy reserve. Kerri describes this as "plumbing".

"You're the tube the energy comes out," she explains, "Consequently people feel better after performing Reiki because the energy runs through them first, giving them a boost." Kerri assures us Reiki transference is completely safe as you can't absorb anyone's illness.

Being empathic, Kerri admits experiencing pain from those she's treating. "At first I didn't understand it until a few years later when I met another empath. She assured me this was normal for those who are sensitive." Seeing the value in Reiki, Kerri reasons, "It's a wonderful tool for everyone to practice on themselves. If we all feel better, and our energy is better, we're going to give more to the people in our lives who need us."

Did Jesus perform Reiki? Kerri surmises, "He was operating at a very high frequency. He could lay his hands on someone and they'd have an instantaneous healing. Most Reiki practitioners would like to get to that point where they can guarantee healing with other people. However, Reiki doesn't interfere with anyone's free will. People heal at their own pace." Subsequently Reiki doesn't interfere with other remedies, treatments or medications. "Reiki, though very gentle, is also strong and powerful."

Comparing Reiki's many developmental degrees to Ice Cream Sundaes, Kerri advises, start with vanilla icecream before adding whipped cream and sprinkles. Building a solid foundation is key in becoming a Reiki Master.

For more information, please click here to view our BlogTV interview with Kerri. (At this time, our video is being processed and will be available for viewing shortly.) We welcome you to visit Kerri's website at

* Kerri will be joining us again in the Summer of 2012 to discuss her exciting trip to Glastonbury, England*

Kerri's Itinerary:

'Return to The Heart' Retreat
Glastonbury England ~ Summer 2012

Dates: July 1st-11th 2012
Glastonbury is a very special and sacred place. It is considered the HEART CHAKRA of the earth!
JULY 1st: Pick up from Gatwick. Transport to Glastonbury. Evening Group Dinner.

JULY 2nd: Tour of Glastonbury.  (The Abbey, Chalice Well, The Tor, Holy Thorn Tree, Gog and Magog)

JULY 3rd: Day off in Glastonbury to enjoy the shops and many healing centres, or to revisit the Abbey, or any other sites you want to spend more time in.

JULY 4th:  Tour of Avebury and Crop Circles and Merlin's Mound at Malborough

JULY 5th: Tour of Tintagel.Day tour to Tintagel, to include hermits Cell, Merlin’s cave and Arthurs Castle plus a visit to The Hurlers Stone circle
and the Chessewring. Overnight in Cornwall.  

JULY 6th: St Michaels Mount, Lands End,  Meno tol stone circle.

JULY 7th: Tour of Stonehenge with private access into Stonehenge after hours( we will be alone inside the stone circle and able to experience the healing energy of this place(it is normally roped off to the public).  Woodhenge.  Salisbury, plus any crop circles.

JULY 8th:  Tour of Wells, Bath and Stoney Littleton Long Barrow. Bath Spa (optional-extra cost)

JULY 9th:  Day off in Glastonbury to enjoy the shops and many healing centres, or to revisit the Abbey, or any other sites you want to spend more time in.

JULY 10th: Day off in Glastonbury. Evening Group Dinner.

JULY 11TH: Return to Gatwick.

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