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Wednesday, December 14, 2011 - Vibrational Harmony and Loving the Game of Life!

On the cusp of the Millenium, doomsayers feared the end of the world, while new age positive thinkers practised Laws of Attraction. Beverly Nadler, a dynamic speaker, reprogramming coach, and author discusses her newest books, Vibrational Harmony and Loving the Game of Life!

Inspired by those who couldn't comprehend the power of metaphysical energy, Beverly Nadler, in the year 2000, envisioned Vibrational Harmony.

"There are specific Laws of Energy we are subject to while living in the 3rd dimension," Beverly remarks, "Vibrational Harmony teaches those laws in addition to reprogramming our subconscious."

"In life, we must be in harmony and resonance with what we wish to attract to ourselves," notes Beverly. "It's based on the Law of Attraction, but there's so much more involved. There's the Law of Cause and Effect, (also known as Causality), and the Law of Polarity, also known as Law of Duality, which often confuses people. Polarity tells us this is a dual-dimension. With every negative there's a positive. With every up, there's a down. With every joy there's also unhappiness. This is what exists in our universe. We need to learn how to participate knowing these laws exist."

The Law of Rhythm, Beverly defines as cycles. Things are good (being what we want) and things are bad (being what we don't want). Sometimes we're healthy, sometimes we're ill. Finances are better, or at times, worse. Relationships thrive; relationships fail.

"There's the Law of Relativity," Beverly adds, "We look at things and say 'that's terrible', but when we compare it to something else perhaps it's not terrible at all. Maybe it's actually good compared to something else. We may look at something and think it's big, yet compared to something else it's really quite small."

Beverly explains, these laws are "very important ways of looking at the world. This is explained very clearly in my book, Vibrational Harmony."

"As we evolve and expand our levels of consciousness, we have more mastery over our emotions. Even though some things cause us to feel disturbed, depressed or fearful, we're able to control that, release the negativity and move on."

"Everything is energy.  We are conditioned to  believe in the Material Model, which means everything (including life itself) is hard and unyielding, and things usually cannot be changed no matter what we do,"  teaches Beverly. "Creating and attracting our life has to do with energy fields, vibrations and frequencies, all of which can be changed.  Therefore, we need to replace our belief in the Material Model with the Energy Model."

"When we learn how to better use our mind, we can change our energy and shift things that appear to be negative. Some amazing things happen even though outside circumstances remain just as they are. When we embrace that, without being frightened by it or angry, something happens in our outer environment that supports us in a very different way."

With a sense of urgency, Beverly implores us to contribute positively to the world. "What we do, what we think, how we behave has a tremendous affect on the entire planet. We must learn to manage our emotions. It is up to us to determine how we respond to life."

Understanding negative emotions send negative energy to the entire universe, Beverly reasons, "Some people are in such a state of fear, anxiety and resentment, when we're around them we can feel it. What separates us from being aligned with our spiritual self, are negative emotions." This conjectural wall interferes with communication between our physical being and divine self. Only when these negative emotions are released, can we accomplish what we want in life. "Life changes dramatically."

A transcendent journey, Loving the Game of Life validates we are spiritual beings living the human experience. Trusting evidence from metaphysics, physics, quantum physics, philosophy, psychology, ancient and spiritual teachings, Beverly notes, "People will understand they are infinite and eternal with no separation from them and the power that created the universe."

"Every human being has come from the state of spirit, not in their physical form." Beverly believes we choose certain experiences that ensure spiritual growth. "It is important that when we awaken we ask questions, 'What do I really want in this life?' 'How can I bring my vibrations into the highest possible frequency so I can attract what I want and in the process support the universe and help it evolve?'"

Beverly assures us the universe is evolving. Are you ready? Shouldn't we all be loving the game of life?

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Beverly is a weekly guest on "Joyce Barrie & Friends" radio show, airing Monday-Friday at 11:00AM Eastern time. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/joycebarrie. Beginning in January, Beverly will be on every Thursday. All previous shows are in the archives.

Beverly teaches a variety of subjects, including Universal and Mental Laws based on the laws of energy, Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind, Holistic Health and Expansion of Consciousness. To read about and order her books see below.

Read about Vibrational Harmony at Beverly Nadler book and testimonials at Book testimonials.  Due to technical issues, please contact Beverly to order the ebook. 

Here's what Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of New York Times Best Seller series, Chicken Soup for the Soul says about Vibrational Harmony:  "If you're ready to effortlessly achieve your heart's desires, read Beverly's brilliant, insightful and easy to do book.  Do what it says and get it all!"

Read about and order Loving the Game of Life at the website. (Be sure to read what others have to say about this life-transforming book!)

Beverly’s website is beverlynadler@optonline.net. Contact her from her site or beverlynadler@optonline.net. Please let her know that you heard her on Ask your Angels. 

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