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Wednesday, September 21, 2011 - Achieving a Higher Frequency

It was such an honour to be joined by Dr. John Stewart (Biophysica); specializing in Biophysics, Metaphysics and so much more. Dr. John asks "What is Metaphysics; Areas of Science where we are not able to do repetitive studies; often they are anecdotal meaning they are just a bunch of stories, but if people saw UFO's and enough people saw them and described the same thing, that would build up a body of evidence that would be on the probability so it would be more likely to be more believable if a thousand people independently saw the same thing. Although it's antecdotal it's still Science because it's collaborated and not just one person's view of something." A past student of Glasgow University, Dr. John likes to believe in the Lock Ness Monster, yet reflects for all anomalies we need a preponderance of probability. "They've spent millions of pounds looking for proof of Nessy but they aren't there yet." Other anomalies covered; Crop Circles, Orbs and Extra-Terrestrials. Dr. John reflects we are in fact the visitors from other planets due to time-space continuum and parallel universes.

What is a soul? "A soul is energy, but then we really don't know what energy is," responds Dr. John, "If you ask a physicist what energy is they can't explain it because energy has so many different manifestations. There's sound energy, heat energy, light energy, and in these higher dimensions there are soul, spiritual or metaphysical energies. It seems they fall into hierarchies, and from my reading and understanding work in natural, clinical sciences a lot of it is to do with frequency. Frequency is very important. Over and over again we're being told we have to raise our vibrational frequency. You and I talked about the 9th insight of The Celestine Prophecy. That's a book that influenced me many years ago. I was impressed by these insights. The number 9 was the formation of conscious groups to jointly raise our vibrational frequency. So that is one of the great priorities for us humans and humanoids on this planet. We have to raise our vibrational frequency using all the gifts of nature that have been given to us including music, dance, aroma, flowers. Light turns out to be one of the most imporant vehicles to increase our vibrational frequency."

Dr. John brought along a little device he'd created which activates a crystal. When you activate a crystal with light and magnetic fields it can help to activate a higher frequency in different body parts, particularily when it is pulsed by variant frequencies. Both the pineal gland and third eye respond well to 32 Hertz, however the frequencies can go up and down. "This won't only activate a crystal; it will also activate a light pen. If I plug a light pen (not laser, but an intense bright light) or wand into one of these devices (you can use red, green or blue) they will be pulsed at the appropriate biological frequencies, corresponding to the brain waves. Theta wave is around 7 or 8 Hertz, an alpha frequency is around 10 and 12 Hertz. Although we want to get into a theta state which is the state used in reincarnation and regression work, generally speaking we are vibrating at higher frequencies so we have to feed that higher frequency; feed our souls. Our soul radiates higher frequencies. When we have two or more souls combined we have an interferential benefit of multiple souls interacting positively and synergistically together to give rise to a higher order so that we pump each other up to higher and higher frequencies." (To see a visual of this, I highly recommend you view The Celestine Prophecy on DVD.) Dr. John reminds us not to forget that we are part of an energy cycle that feeds us, and that we feed. Our purpose is not only to learn, but to experience. When we find joy through music or dance for example, this radiates up to the highest dimensions, feeding the angels, feeding our spirit. "Spirit delights in joyful experiences. In life we should cultivate an attitude of positive joy which transmutes to excitement and satisfaction, resulting in a higher frequency."

Touching on past life regression, Dr. John spoke of past life memory through dreams and regression. Sometimes the vision a soul remembers may not be past life experience, but merely imprints given to those of less experience - souls who have come to earth for the first time. We can have many soul mates in one lifetime. Most often we travel in the same group although our roles may change. Karma plays an important factor in our past, present and future. Live your life honestly; with integrity. Care for others and find ways of bringing peace to this planet. Our future depends on it.

Dr. John brought a world of wisdom to our show. To write about everything we covered would take far too long, so I encourage you to view our video recording (once it is available - we're working on this, and videos of past shows) or contact Dr. John Stewart directly at

Click here to view Dr. John Stewart's appearance on the Ask Your Angels Talk Show.

To view the books Dr. John referenced (on a multitude of topics) please see the list of books and authors below:

PARALLEL UNIVERSES, The Search for Other Worlds - Fred Alan Wolf
ENDING OF TIME - J. Krishnamurti & Dr. David Bohm
THE TAO OF PHYSICS - Fritjof Capra
DMT Spirit Molecule - Rick Strassman M.D.
WHAT on EARTH, Inside the Crop Circle Mystery - Suzanne Taylor
POWER vs FORCE - David R. Hawkins, M.D., PH.D.
THE CONVOLUTED UNIVERSE Book Three - Dolores Cannon
JOURNEY OF SOULS, Case Studies of Life Between Lives - Michael Newton, PH.D.
THETA HEALING - Vianna Stibal
THE TIME TRAVEL HANDBOOK - David Hatcher Childress
VIBRATIONAL MEDICINE, New Choices for Healing Ourselves - Richard Gerber, M.D.
THE AGING CLOCK, The Pineal Gland and Other Pacemakers in the Progression of Aging and Carcinogenesis : Third Stromboli Conference on Aging and Cancer - William Regelson
LIFE BETWEEN LIFE - Joel Whitten and Joe Fisher
MEGA BRAIN POWER - Michael Hutchinson
CROP CIRCLES of the 21st CENTURY (DVD) - Stuart Dike and Julian

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