Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011 - Past Life Regression, Clairvoyance and Angelic Channelling with Terry (Florence Dwelling)

This week's show was full of surprises! Joined by my favorite psychic, Terry aka T.K. Atkinson (formerly of Gifts For The Soul) it was no wonder the energies were flowing. Terry noted there was a "vortex" in the room, no doubt remnants of past guests' spiritual energy. Being under the weather but of the mindset the show must go on I was very moved by Terry and Maryanne's gift (Maryanne, sharing ownership of Florence Dwelling with Terry, sat in our studio audience) of a lovely green apophyllite and Stilbite Crystal. We learnt the apophyllite was a Reiki Crystal used for meditation, dream recall and Angelic communication. The Stilbite guides the subconscious mind to higher realms, and amplifies the Apophyllite. Terry also explained the crystal would help with my lung congestion, which it did.

Breaking into song, Terry gave us food for thought. How fitting that a Nightingale work at Florence Dwelling? Before suffering injuries to her head and jaw, Terry was a singer of the opera circuit. As in all challenges life brings us, there's an opportunity to embrace change and understand that everything happens for a reason. Whether spoken or sung, Terry's words continue to touch many lives, everyday.

Another topic of the evening; Clairvoyance, otherwise known as the sixth sense or ESP is the art of seeing beyond the five senses. Utilizing our third eye we can see beyond this realm. Whether it be auras, symbols, colours, shapes, pictures, angels or loved ones who have passed, all may bring loving messages from another frequency. Exercise your psychic ability. You may be surprised by what you see. At a young age, children are especially gifted. Untouched by society's prejudices, most will remember or see glimpses of their past lives.

In high regard of Edgar Cayce, Terry and I share Cayce's belief that past lives are imprinted in our DNA. Most likely we are our ancestors. One viewer asked how many times a soul can return to human form. Terry suggested sixteen based on Cayce's reflections.

Terry and Maryanne provide Past Life Regression, Angelic Channelling, Crystal Healing, Meditation and various workshops. Their 143 Locke Street location in Hamilton offers wonderful gifts items too.

However, the best gift you'll find at Florence Dwelling is Terry's gift - her natural warmth, compassion, insight and healing techniques will help light the way when you find yourself lost or uncertain of what lies ahead. To book a personal reading with Terry, look for Florence Dwelling on Facebook at!/pages/Florence-Dwelling/197796996930401 or phone 289-230-0160.

Click here to view our interview with T.K. Atkinson - Past Life Regression, Clairvoyance and Angelic Channelling.

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