Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011 - Past Life Regression - How One Generation Affects the Other

This week's guest was Deborah Skye King, North America's #1 Soul Therapist.  Our topic was Past Life Regression Therapy.  Through hypnosis, Deborah Skye guides you through past lives to discover the core of the issue affecting your present life.  Since the age of 6 Deborah Skye's ability to see her past lives came naturally.  One of the benefits of Past Life Regression (PLR) is to find the true you.  Once you embrace who you are, peace and tranquility will follow.  Altering our present lives for good makes PLR such a beneficial therapy.

We all hold the memory of our past lives somewhere deep inside our subconscious minds. It is indeed a part of our everyday life. The memories are there, and with a little encouragement, you can remember these events from the past.

Learning of past lives can alter how you respond or treat people in this life.  For instance, if you were cruel or hurtful in a past life, recognizing this may alter how you treat people in this life.  If you believe in Karma, you'll agree what goes around comes around.  Tying in with the Law of Attraction, if you are kind and respectful of others, you will attract like personalities to your life.

When asked who would benefit from Past Life Regression, Deborah Skye's response was everyone.  Whether you believe in Reincarnation or not, regression can clear away blockages affecting your health, success, spirit, self-worth and creativity.

Releasing your past can change your future!

To request Past Life Regression Therapy, please visit Deborah Skye's website at or book a phone session at 1.800.478.7990.

Click here to view our interview on Past Life Regression with Deborah Skye King.

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