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Wednesday, August 31, 2011 - Spiritual Peacemaking, Prayers and The Beloved Community

This week on Ask Your Angels Talk Show we were joined by Reverend Christine, the visionary and co-founder of the Reiki Centre - Spiritual Education & Networking Facility in Alliston, ON. Christine holds the office of Guardian for the Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking Program and is current President of the Beloved Community Canada Ministries.

Discussion Highlights:

The Emissary Wheel retrieved in 1995 by James Twyman from a group called The Emissaries of Light (in Bosnia) - within its Sacred Geometry lies the secrets of the formed universe. The Outer Circle represents creation. The inner circle represents Unity and Oneness. Each spoke represents a prayer; there are 12 in all. In 1986 Pope John Paul II invited the world's religious leaders to Assisi, Italy to pray for peace. James Twyman will be joining them this October for the 25th anniversary of this historical event.

Universal Life Energy is a natural healing channeled through the facilitator to the willing recipient. The Reiki symbol Kanji loosely translates into The Power of God. Reiki is the energy in all creation - it is God in Action.

The Reiki Centre offers an safe and supportive environment for those seeking spiritual growth and inner peace. Sometimes on our human journey we lose sight of our true spirit and our connection to God. Through various methods we can practice the process of awakening. The Magic Room (a meditation sanctuary), where one can walk upon the Emissary Wheel, is a journey in itself, one I plan to take in the near future.

Some examples of Divine Feminine Energies are reclaiming a feminine balance; rediscovering your Joy, standing up for what you believe in, giving up preconceived limitations, and finding your balance from within.

Rev. Christine arrived with many gifts; one being a signed copy of her recently published book A Woman's Path to Peace. (I look forward to reading this with great anticipation.) However, the best gift of all was Rev. Christine's healing energy, humour, empathic nature and divine love, creating a Magic Room for all of us sharing the evening.

A special thanks to Rev. Christine (we look forward to your next visit), Laura Kolouch (Reiki Master - The Reiki Centre) who joined our studio audience (with no heckling), and Diane Wenz-Stewart (Shrubs and More, Collingwood) who graciously allowed us to film this week's show from her location.
The Reiki Centre is a not-for-profit ministerial extension of the Beloved Community Canada.

Click here to view our interview with Rev. Christine - Spiritual Peacemaking, Prayers and The Beloved Community.

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