Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011 - Canada's Most Haunted

Tonight's show definitely had an eerie edge compliments of local tornado warnings and our very special guest Michelle Derochers from Canada's Most Haunted and Burlington Ghost Walks. Thunder, lightening and flickering lights set the stage for a night of surprises and a metaphorical trip to the other side.

Back from her trip to Lily Dale, (a small spiritual community 60 miles south of Buffalo), Michelle spoke of a quiet, dreamy town eminating peace and tranquility. "Lily Dale is the largest spiritual community in the world where time has stood still. It's all about being in touch with nature. Their mediums have to be registered. Each year they are tested by the Assembly based on client feedback from personal experiences. It's a great place to begin your spiritual journey, meeting like-minded individuals along the way. Be sure to stop by Inspiration Stump located in Leolyn Woods to receive your personal message from one of Lily Dale's very own mediums."

We learnt that "Ghost-Busting" is a very old term that went out with Dan Acroyd. Michelle prefers spirit research when sharing stories from Burlington's Ghost Walk. In preparation for tonight's show I joined Michelle outside Emma's Back Porch last Saturday night where friends of the paranormal joined together for an evening of good old-fashioned hair standing up on the back of your neck fun. Patrick Cross (who called in to our show) mesmerized the crowd with tales of ghostly happenings derived from a year's worth of research. Many found the tour successful with sightings of spirit children who once played within the town's downtown core. (Visit for courtyard photo captured on last year's tour.) One clairalience experience brought the sweet smell of pipe waffing through the cemetary. (Burlington Ghost Walks run from May to December with year-round private group tours of 10 or more.)

Other topics were astro-travel/out of body experiences, case files, guardian angels & guides, past lives and various devices such as the ever popular, yet contraversial ghost box AKA Telephone To The Dead. Michelle will be joining us again on October 19th, treating us to some of her photographs and voice recordings captured from the spirit world (some said to be demonic). Although we can't see you, we suggest you dress in your finest Halloween attire to get in the groove for this ghostly gathering.

Click here to view our interview with Michelle Desrochers from Canada's Most Haunted.

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