Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wednesday, August 17, 2011 - A Little SOULBODY for the Soul

Our best show to date, Ask Your Angels skyrocketed from 50 viewers at one given time to over 740! Many thanks to Franco Minatel from Soulbody. Specializing in Energy Work, Numerology, Runes, Tarot and Astrology, Franco mesmerized our audience with startling historical facts and valuable insight. Theorizing stereotype witches with green, disfigured faces and noses derived from bloody persecutions at a time when many were condemned as practitioners of "witchcraft", Franco suggested more likely these women were victims - targets of convenience and opportunity. It's a tragic example of how those greedy with power achieved this by controlling the masses through terrorism and fear. Sadly, this form of control continues even today.

We discussed Tarot Readings & Runes. Runes should always be carved. Utilizing Norse mythology, one interprets the futhark to deliver magical messages. The futhark originally consisted of 24 letters, best to be picked up and scattered, preferably on a dark cloth (to absorb negative energy). Vikings poured mead in a hand-carved drinking horn. After drinking the mead, the runes would be placed inside the horn in preparation for readings. Franco's runes were constructed from deer antlers. One listener appeared satisfied to learn he could create runes with chicken bones. We're not judging.

It was evident Franco's passion is Astrology. An astrology chart is a picture of the heavens for a given place and time. Each chart or "horoscope" shows the positions of the planets and signs in 12 divisions called houses. There are many key factors in giving an accurate astrological reading - calculating the birth time, the houses, and the planetary positions. To request your astrological reading, please contact Franco at

Of course our show wouldn't be complete without connecting to our Guardian Angels! Angel Sightings and Angel Astrology were part of our venue, including several angel readings.

The evening was a great success and lots of fun! We hope you'll join us for next week's show.

Click here to view Franco's guest appearance on the Ask Your Angels Talk Show.

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