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Wednesday, September 28, 2011 - Hypnosis for Health, Happiness and Healing

The eyes are the mirror to the soul.  Monica Jain's eyes reflect peace, love, empathy and a generous helping of kindness.  Specialzing in esoteric and healing sciences at the Boyle House Wellness Centre in Brampton, Monica joined us, continuing our discussion on Past Life Regression.  More importantly, Monica shared the hypnosis process, putting any trepidation or misguided fear to rest.  Are we in control?  The misconception that we are helpless during hypnosis is unfounded. 

"The complete opposite is true," assures Monica.  "In a relaxed state, you are very focused and concentrated.  You are completely aware of everything around you.  All the senses are heightened. You are very much in control.  You would not do anything under hypnosis that you would not do otherwise."

Recalling last week's self-hypnotic regression at Florence Dwelling's Meditation Class, the feeling of utter relaxation was akin to paralization.  Although conscious of my surroundings, I had little desire to move. 

"If you're not hypnotized and a fly lands on your nose, what are you going to do?" Monica asks.  "You would swat the fly away.  Under hypnosis you'll be very aware there's a fly on your nose, but most likely you will leave the fly to go away on its own." 

"We are not asleep during hypnosis; it's just a different brain wave," Monica said, comparing the brain waves to those we produce just prior to falling asleep.  If you were to try self-hypnosis this would be the ideal time to connect with your subconscious mind.

Acting as facilitator Monica assures us a safe hypnotic experience that suits our individual needs.  Absorbing information by various methods, Monica understands some people are auditory while others are visual

"If you are a visual person, the hypnotist would assist you in a visual manner - using visual words; creating images for you. You're going to relate, making it very easy to slip into hypnosis.  Everybody is hypnotizable, as long as they are able to focus and have self-concentration.  If the hypnotist can talk to the person in their own language, the way they intake information and in a way they can understand then there's no problem, if the person wants to be hypnotized."

Why hypnosis - what are the benefits?   "Hypnosis is about working together; co-creating change.  That's how it works," summarizes Monica, "It's very safe.  Usually in a past life regression you will find something that will help you in a current life." 

At the Boyle House Wellness Centre hypnosis can assist in many areas such as overcoming fears and phobias, enhancing self-esteem, making habit changes, refined goal-setting and reducing stress. On the Boyle House Wellness Centre's website ( Monica admits, "I am grateful for the insights I have gained by facilitating spiritual regressions, both Past Life & Life between Lives for those who seek enlightenment about their spiritual life. This helps in fostering self-discovery."

Accepting Monica's generous invitation I am thrilled to be visiting the Boyle House Wellness Centre in October for a complimentary session. 
Toward the end of our show, Monica shared clearing and healing techniques for energy, home, office, chakras and auras.  Presented with a book on Pranic Healing, I was touched by Monica's thoughtfulness.  It was a lovely evening, one that I hope to repeat in the New Year should Monica accept my invitation to visit us again.

A special thanks to Monica Jain of the Boyle House Wellness Centre and our devoted viewers; especially Ascended_Master and Twin_Flame who, like angels on earth, are our BlogTV guardians!

Click here to view our interview on Hypnosis for Health with Monica Jain.

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