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Tuesday, October 26, 2011 - Chi Kung - The Art of Effortless Power

For those of you familiar with Chi Kung, it may come as no surprise this form of effortless power can save lives!  Diagnosed with cancer at the age of 21 and given only 8 to 9 months to live, Irina Beniot, of Lasting Change Hypnosis, looked to Chi Kung as a possible cure.  In the Communist Regime of Moscow, under the tutelage of a Chinese Medicine local practitioner, Irina practised Chi Kung exercises daily in efforts to restore her health.  Instead of a death sentence, within 6 to 9 months Irina's blood levels were back to normal.

"Chi Kung most likely originated long before traditional Chinese medicine", Irina reveals.  "In China they found clay tablets with pictures of people practising Chi Kung.  They did research and found these to be 8,000 to 10,000 years old.  It appears Chi Kung came long before the traditional Chinese medicine.  Chi Kung translates to working with the chi which is life force energy, also known as qui, hara and prana.  It is the same life force that surrounds us, know as the breath of life.  It is the art of breathing, deep relaxation, focused awareness and meditation." 
Irina explains Chi Kung utilizes "very slow movements, focusing our awareness inward.  We're training the mind to stay in certain parts of the body.  In traditional Chinese medicine they call them Tai Chuangs or Cauldrans; three major energy centres."  We learnt the Lower Tai Chuang is the stomach, the Middle Tai Chuang is the heart, and the Upper Tai Chuang is the Third Eye.  Being the most vital centres in the body, they regulate all the energy between the organs and systems; the nervous system, the cranial system, hormones, all relationships within the body.

Chi Kung's main focus is the Lower Tai Chuang.  "When we are babies," states Irina, "We are connected to our mothers by the umbilical cord."  Comparing the belly button area (believed to be the energy that was given to us by our parents) as a "million dollars in our bank account" Irina surmises every organ, and all energy needed goes to the bank to make a withdrawl.  "We are born with that energy, that million dollar account, yet we're wasting (spending) it by way of foods we eat, water we drink, toxic emotions/thoughts and lifestyle.  Attributing this to lack of communication, Irina reasons, "No one taught us how to deal with our negative thoughts and feelings."  Chinese medicine, Chi Kung, can help us preserve the energy within our body by opening blocked pathways (Meridians).  "With the Chi Kung, you learn how to bring the energy in and feed your organs with that abundance of energy.  This helps your immune system to recover; to turn on the self-healing mechanism."

"I believe Chi Kung is a natural gift we must use", Irina says, noting there's a reason why it's been practised for centuries.  "I've trained over 1000 people who claim Chi Kung has saved their lives."

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