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Wednesday, October 5, 2011 - Mind, Body and Soul - Your Journey to Wellness

With only a day to go before our next blog show I was quite concerned over who would be joining us for the evening.  The phone rang.  Dr. John Stewart, a previous guest on Ask Your Angels called to see how the "tech guy" and I were getting along. 

"I've yet to find anyone for tomorrow night's show John," I replied.  John asked if I'd called Nicole Dunn.  (John highly recommended Nicole a few weeks prior, however it slipped my mind.) 

They say "God works in mysterious ways."  I can see why some would take this view.  However, when it comes to Angels, they are quite obvious.  Watch for signs.  Angels are great networkers.  Answering a silent cry for help my angel spoke to John's angel.  Perhaps John felt a whisper of wings near his ear or a flutter in his heart; no matter.  The message was sent and John called.

I felt an instant connection to Nicole who suggested a discussion on Acupuncture, Reiki and Bowan Therapy.  With a meditation class just prior she'd need to fly out the door to be here by 8:20 p.m.

True to her promise Nicole arrived on time, despite a client fainting toward the end of meditation class.  "That's a little more relaxed than you want them to get," I surmised.  Nicole agreed, explaining the meditation works wonders in dispelling toxins.  Feeling the stress of the day melting away the woman in question experienced extreme heat which lead to lightheadednessOnce revived, she assured Nicole the experience was very positive.  Nicole invited our viewers to her upcoming Meditation Class.

New to Bowan Therapy, I was intriqued.  To quote Nicole's website, "The Bowen Technique is a gentle, deeply relaxing, non-invasive physical therapy that frees the body to attain its natural balance and healing. Effective as a structural treatment for specific pain, Bowen therapy addresses the body as a whole. Its embrace often extends beyond the presenting symptom to the healing of underlying physical, chemical, emotional and mental causes of chronic illnesses."

The Bowan method is gentle and non-invasive.  Stress, when absorbed by the body, leads to many physical aiments in addition to emotional set-backs.  Targeting a specific problem, Bowan Therapy offers recovery and pain relief by eliminating stress build-up in muscles and soft tissues.

Acupuncture is another effective method for balancing internal organs.  Barely coping with pain from an ear infection, Nicole's son found relief from acupuncture minutes following treatment.  One listener on pins and needles asked "How painful is the procedure?"  Placing a small, hair-thin, sterilized stainless steel pin in the dermis, Nicole demonstrated.  Following, she exhibited an uncut, pain-free hand.

Another caller asked, "Can infertility be cured by acupuncture?"  Explaining that meridians (energy channels) run throughout our bodies, Nicole offered an example of how a disfunctional flow can affect our bodies.  "Picture a circuit board," she suggested.  By visualizing lines going from one tissue to the other, all lit up, we recognize the body in perfect working order.  Now visualize some of those lines burnt out, or blinking.  Something is amiss.  Acupuncture can assist in reconnecting those points, resulting in overall well-being and increased energy.  In this state, anything is possible!

Acupuncture Ear Therapy is the new craze.  With over 200 points around our ears representing various parts of our anatomy, treatments can be as easy as placing a stud on your ear; periodically tapping it for results.  However, Nicole conjects that many teenage ear piercings could lead to underlying internal issues.  Food for thought.

Having recently graduated Reiki - Level 1, I was happy to share Nicole's thoughts on energy healing.  (Please note, whereas I have graduated Reiki I, Nicole is a Reiki Master.)  Reiki symbols are sacred, handed down from Master to Master.  Reiki (Universal Life Energy) is the art of directing energy to the patient.  Spiritual in nature, Reiki is not a religion.  One must not give Reiki without permission.  Reiki will balance mind, body and soul.

Our discussion quickly moved to Iridology.  Excluded from the line-up, this topic proved to be most fascinating of all!  Dating back to 1861, Iridology offers a window view (through the iris) of our internal organs and exposed nerve endings. Sharing the story of Nils Liljequist who found an owl with a broken leg (it's suggested the young Swedish boy broke the owl's leg) Nicole takes us on a journey of wonder.

Observing a black stripe in the owl's iris following the breakage, Nils took note.  After nursing the owl back to health Niles aknowledged the disappearance of the black stripe.  Now replaced by fine, jagged white lines similar to stitches, Niles appreciated the body's ability to heal itself.

Years passed, and Niles became a doctor specializing in Iridology.  (Hopefully we can entice Nicole back to our show to discuss Iridology in detail.)

In the meantime, we welcome you to contact Nicole at or by phoning 905-407-0210. 

A special thank you to Nicole for joining us on such short notice!  I'm sure you'll agree, the evening was a great success!

Click here to view the video for Mind, Body and Soul - Your Journey to Wellness.

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