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Wednesday, November 16, 2011 - Paranormal Activity

Unexplained manifestations unmeasurable by Science, aka paranormal activity continue to induce screaming, running, fear, panic, excitement, curiosity, and questions; lots of questions.  Do ghosts exist?  Why are they here?  How do I eliminate an unwanted presence?  Can investigations increase activity?

Returning guest Michelle Desrochers, (Canada's Most Haunted/Burlington Ghost Walks) believes ghosts "are definitely out there, judging by everything we've captured in regards to spirits; photographs, voice recordings..." Michelle continues, "We ask the questions, and they (the ghosts) are actually answering us.  This is known as intellegent hauntings."  Some spirits mimic the researchers.

"We have recordings that are residual energy.  They keep playing leftover sounds, over and over again; with no one answering back," concludes Michelle, "There's no rhyme or reason as to why they are there."

"There's a theory we tend to leave imprints of ourselves wherever we go," reflects Michelle, attributing this to our individual life source and the energy in everything around us.  "It definitely raises the question, are ghosts there or not, and why are they there?  It definitely warrants further research. That's what paranormal is all about - continuing to decipher things that can't be explained."

Are ghosts trapped here?  Do they have unfinished business?  Michelle suggests a number of reasons as to why spirits seem earthbound.  "It's all hypothetical.  I don't think we'll ever definitively have all the answers.  Spirits on average can be here because they are trapped.  Maybe they love the place so much they choose to stay there?  Perhaps they're afraid to cross over so they stay behind.  Those who have died suddenly, whether it be a car accident or murder, who don't realize they've passed on, may need to be told."  No doubt you've heard of cases where couples die within minutes, days, weeks or months of each other.  "Sometimes they're waiting for the one left behind."  Michelle attributes this to twin souls who most likely can't survive the trauma of losing one another to death.

Do you believe in ghosts?

Celebrating 10 years of paranormal research, Burlington Ghost Walks is hosted by Michelle Desrochers and Patrick Cross.  Patrick called into our show to give insights to paranormal activity observed during tours of Emma's Back Porch.  Before Burlington Ghost Walks, Patrick visited Emma's to investigate a number of reported hauntings.  Inviting CTV for media coverage, Patrick says, "We found a lot of activity.  After that, half the Burlington community jumped in with reports of ghost activity."  Supported by City of Burlington, Patrick gathered folklore from local residents and built a tour around it.  Investigations into Burlington and Halton Region's Most Haunted Places and it's Ghosts, Burlington Ghost Walks was established in 1999.   Michelle and Patrick are also the current Paranormal Representatives for Casa Loma.

Active in TV and Media, Michelle also organizes large paranormal events in CA and the US.

Amateur Ghost Researchers are advised to stay away from old, potentially unsafe buildings as many deaths have resulted from carelessness or faulty structures.  Joining a reputable ghost walk ensures the best results!  Bring along a camera, flashlight, comfortable walking shoes and any prefered ghost hunting equipment such as a dowsing rod, digital recorder, EMF detector and so forth.

"A dowsing rod, going back decades, is used to find water sources," explains Michelle.  "You can make them out of wire hangers or buy them. Whenever you hit water or spirit energy (cold spot) the wires will cross.  I'm a bit skeptical but many people swear by them."

"EMF Detectors will measure the electromagnetic field," says Michelle, prefering this method. "Whereas some detectors will blink and make all kinds of racket, these will speak."  Accrediting the EMF dectector and its 2000 word vocabulary to much of their success, Michelle shares their findings when collaborating with the Toronto Star.  In the stables of Casa Loma, the EMF detector spoke to Michelle.

EMF:        "No children.  Quarantine.  Up."
Michelle:   "Were the children sick?"
EMF:        "Yes." 

Further research concluded in 1919 there was an outbreak of influenza.  In quarantine, the children resided upstairs.  6000 Torontonians died.

Spirit Orbs captured by camera enthusists on the Ghost Walk are described as a "ball of energy".  Michelle clarifies how these globes can be misinterpreted. "Scientifically, so many things can portray an orb; dust, pollen, moisture, dander, dirt and particles.  Insects, sometimes captured in the camera lens and lighting (at the right angle) will appear as a glow of light."  Orbs can reflect patterns, faces and various colours, yet "most times they can easily be explained away.  In research you have to find that fine line, take a step back and view things logically.  It's a process of elimination, and what you have left with is what you work with."

It's evident Michelle enjoys researching paranormal activity, both intuitively and scientifically.  If there's a ghost of a chance there's something out there, Michelle will find it.  ;)

Click here to view our interview with Michelle Desrochers.

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